View Full Version : BILOXI

08-28-2001, 07:33 AM
Any 15/30 or 20/40 Holdem or Stud action? Which days, what casino?

08-28-2001, 10:47 AM
yes, most days Grand Casino only poker room ther that counts also see grand in near-by town of Gulfport--approx 30 mi west

both are right on the coast both are nice w/good games

Biloxi is larger all sorts of motels nearby, or get poker rate at Grand (go thru cardroom) approx $80 if I remember right

08-28-2001, 12:44 PM
There's a 20-40 stud that goes almost all the time (evenings) at the Grand Biloxi, and there's always a 10-20 holdem. Big weekends I've seen 15-30 HE, and 30-60 omaha, and interest lists for PL HE.