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08-26-2001, 03:56 AM
Whats up man? How did the surgery go? I havent seen you in the room or posting on here, So i just wanted to make sure you made it!

08-26-2001, 08:20 AM
What up Prisoner!!

Yeah, I made it through ok - thanks for your concern. Just been laying in bed crossed eyed and drooling for a week.

No need to worry though, all you have to do is keep games going for another few weeks (mayber not even that long) and I will be back in room. Just tell everyone I will be back soon and not to worry that Action Sucker Mike D will be there to put food on the table, buy DVD and Surround sound systems, and pay the mortages on the summer lake homes, etc, etc, etc.

Have any games at all gotten off while I have been away? Or has the room just taken a hiatus as MUSH Mike D has stopped feeding the game?

Atcually may try to make it out this week sometime. Kinda tired of playing online. Been playing 2 tables on Paradise and one on Planet while on the painkillers - really not good for the online bankroll!!

Had a great combo though a few days ago - Was playing simultaneous 10-20 on Paradise and 20-40 on Planet. Kinda had some difficulty with my screens for a second and clicked wrong button on each game! Had nut flush draw on Paradise and missed and raised the river instead of folding. At the same exact time, was playing AA on Planet, flopped a set and made Aces full on river and got bet into and merely called. Strong play here oh yeah.

As it turned out, I stole pot on Paradise as bettor folded. Opponent on Planet shows Sevens full, sees my Acces full, mucks, and politely types in "Nice hand Sir, Well Played"!! Whole table started laughing. Aces full - just call. How bad is that. Oh well - kinda had to change my computer screen setup to avoid that mistake again!!

Ok - tell all I said hello and cya soon.

Just some thoughts...

Michael D. (Soccer/Sucker Mike D.)

08-28-2001, 12:52 AM
Hope your doing good Mike, see you soon so I can pay some bills for you.