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05-05-2005, 06:30 PM
Page 107 Probability: Introduction 107

I am having a hard time understanding what this table means.
For instance - 9 wins (flush draw) 35.0%
- 15 wins (str flush draw) 54.1%
What does this mean, if i have two pocket cards of the same suit and i flop 2 more of the suit there is 9 more cards remaining of the same suit, are my odds of making the hand 35% and if they are how can my odds of making a straight flush be 54.1 % even if i am drawing for an open straight flush there is only two chances to get one of two cards out of a remaining 47 unseen cards. I am sorry if this is a stupid question but i could use a little help here. Thank You.

05-05-2005, 07:07 PM
A straight flush draw makes a pat hand (but not necessarily a straight flush) 54% of the time - the breakdown is 8.4% SF, 26.6% flush, 19.1% straight.

You have 2 outs to a SF: 8.4% chance.

Your usual 9 outs to a flush (35.0%) include the 8.4% straight flushes, leaving 26.6% plain flushes.

Your usual 8 outs to a straight (31.4%) include the 8.4% straight flushes and the 3.9% hands where you catch both a straight card and a flush card but not the SF.