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11-19-2002, 03:41 PM
I leave for work at 7:25AM to be there at 8.

There are two routes that seem to be about equal, Route A and Route B.

Out of the last 10 times I've taken Route A, I've been early/on-time 70% of the time.

Of the last 5 times I've taken Route B, I've been early/on-time 80% of the time.

How sure should I be that Route B is faster? Anybody want to suggest how many more of each Route I should do? (Keeping in mind I don't want to be late that much /forums/images/icons/wink.gif)

11-19-2002, 03:47 PM
I would suggest that you leave at 7:15 each morning and alternate routes to avoid falling into a rut. Then, take the time that you would have used to consider the answer this problem to play poker and/or consume alcohol...

Yes, I know I did not answer your question. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do so. Never fear, though. Bruce will be along soon to assist you...

-- Homer

11-19-2002, 03:53 PM
Consume alcohol, eh? Not a bad idea at all!

(I'll admit that I don't really keep track of how often I'm early etc. It just hit me today that the better of my two routes probably has a statistical solution, and being a math dork at heart, I'm curious to see it /forums/images/icons/wink.gif)

11-21-2002, 07:57 AM
i too question the trip to work.

aside from 2 different exits from the highway, however, there really isn't more than 1 route to work.

the problem is, i work approx. 54 miles from home. in good traffic i can drive between 75-90mph. this gets me there in 45-55 minutes.

in rush hour it has taken me over 2 hours to get to work.

the thing is, i CAN'T be late to work. if im late even a minute, my boss (who is my step-grandfather...) will become passively angry, and i don't have too many more times being late before i am fired. (its been a couple months since i was late. but the last time i was 1.5 hours late. and i called in about 5 minutes before i was supposed to be there. i drive for a transportation company that does runs to the airport mostly, as well as charter trips all over chicago. the boss staffs pretty lean, so if you don't come in on time, things get screwed up.)

i just wonder, i guess, what the margin of error is in moderate-to-good traffic for me arriving to work. it has taken me everywhere from 40 minutes to 1.25 hours in decent traffic. all depends on how fast i am able to weave through everybody. i usually just leave an hour before i have to be there. and i push it the whole way. and am usually decently early. however sometimes i do everything i can, and end up stuck behind a truck, or stuck behind an old lady, or stuck behind a cop who decided to be a pace car, or stuck perpetually in the slowest lane. the thing that sucks is that, sincei live so dang far away, the margin of error IS so high that i have to leave so early just to be sure i am on time in the worst-case scenario. this means i am as much as 30 - 45 minutes EARLY sometimes. i would rather sleep those minutes that sit and wait to clock in.