View Full Version : books on passive income investing?

04-29-2005, 05:11 AM
im currently 20 years old. i would like to get into a field which produces passive income within a few years. the range of what field i would like to enter is rather broad however. real estate is at the top, but franchising, business and network marketing are all possibilities. i would like to spend 30 hours a week over the next 12-24 months reading and studying passive income, and am not quite sure what the best route to begin with is.

when entering the field, i should have a good 100k net worth and would like to put as little money down on properties as possible, while paying off mortgages through positive cash flow, or minimal negative cash flow. the goal of investing for me would be to semiretire within the shortest length of time taking in at least 30k/yr through passive income while continuing to amass networth through future investments.

among other books, ive read the entire kiyosaki series and a few works by robert g allen. my understanding of passive income is rather lacking when considering the intricacies of investing. however, i have a pretty good grasp on the what vehicles are available for me to build wealth.

my understanding of mortgages, laws, taxes, locations, market trends and creative financing are rather limited. i would like to expand my knowledge to a great deal on these subjects.

do any of you have a list of book recommendations that i should follow in order, or books on seperate topics that i could read simultaneously to avert my attention for my alloted 30 hours?

are there any other methods, websites or online forums that would help accelerate my learning curve, rather than simply be glued to books all day?

thanks in advance.