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+ rs [rssyf] resin systems is a stock you must to do your dd on,i see it giving a good % return over the next year, resin systems rssyf and rs.v has the only voc free [styrene/pollution free] resin in the world and is patented,i also like this company because the resin product is the main ingredient used in making plastic or fibreglass products, this is called the composite industry and in north america alone is a 20 billion dollar industry,rs.v and rssyf otc:bb are the symbols, resin ststems has the only voc free patented resin in the world [this means no pollution or styrenes when making any plastic or fibreglass products and resin is the key ingredient in these products] profit margins will be high off of the get go, this product is used in the $20 billion annual pultrusion and composites industry, management is focused and down to earth and has the proper players onboard to get the job done, product is huge, the money is in the bank , check it out do the dd thing,but take a serious look at this investment as there are lots of eyes watching it because of this revolutionary product . Here is some interesting links and headlines with great info out there on rs:
++rs makes hockey sticks , power poles [big $ coming on this product] and many other neat products with their patented resin as well as selling the raw resin itself.
+++headlines:- Resin Systems Signs Long-term Composite Pole Distribution Agreement
-Resin products to be distributed by Hesco Electric
- EDMONTON, ALBERTA, Mar 25, 2004 (CCNMatthews via COMTEX) --
Resin Systems Inc. (RSI) (RS-TSX Venture / RSSYF - OTCBB) and its operating division, RS Technologies (RS) today announced that its Ontario market distributor Harwell Hesco Electric Supply Company Ltd.('Hesco') has provided RS with an initial order in edw
xcess of $6 million of composite utility poles and cross-arms.
++++t/a for resin systems:
http://www.americanbulls.com/StockPage.asp?CompanyTicker=RS&MarketTicker=VSE&Ty p=S

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News!!!!!!!!!!!!!The momo for revenues and stock appreciation has begun, resin systems is gonna be hot hot hot in 2005/06.....

Resin rolls into multimillion-dollar Version order

2005-04-26 10:13 ET - News Release

Mr. Greg Pendura reports


Resin Systems Inc., through its operating division, RS Technologies, has received a multiyear, multimillion-dollar order from Inline Fiberglass Ltd. (IFL) of Toronto, Ont., to supply Version resin for the manufacture of industrial conveyor system rollers. IFL will use a pultrusion process to manufacture the rollers, applying technologies and dies jointly developed by IFL and RS. Regular full container shipments of Version resin are scheduled to commence in early July, 2005, and continue for a minimum of three years. The frequency of shipments will be a minimum of one full container of Version resin per month and will increase to meet production and schedule requirements.

Large industrial conveyor systems are commonplace in open pit mining operations or where large volumes of earth and/or rock are moved great distances. Historically, the majority of heavy industrial conveyor rollers have been manufactured with high-quality steel pipe. Management of RS believes that rollers made from its Version resin composite material will gradually replace the steel pipe used in the manufacturing process as end-users will enjoy an immediate and significant reduction in conveyor operating costs as a result of the conversion, including (i) operating cost savings resulting from using less energy to operate the significantly lighter Version resin rollers as compared with steel rollers, and (ii) reduced maintenance cost savings resulting from Version resin being maintenance free and not impacted by the natural elements such as rain, snow, moisture, temperature etc. The conversion from traditional steel rollers is only possible because of the unique superior strength and impact resistance properties of RSI's proprietary Version resin.

The end-user of the composite rollers to be made by IFL is KWB SA Kopalnia Wegla Brunatnegro located in Betchatow, Poland, the largest open pit mine in the European Union. KWB mines in excess of 35 million tonnes of coal annually, all of which is used as a source of energy for an adjacent 4,000-megawatt thermal power plant. KWB is the largest member of a multicoal mine industry group in Poland and is known to be a leader in new mining process applications. Currently, the KWB mine alone operates in excess of 90 kilometres (56 miles) of industrial conveyors which require more than 600,000 rollers. The manufacture of each composite roller requires approximately four kilograms (nine pounds) of Version resin. KWB has initiated a conversion program which will see the existing steel rollers replaced with rollers made from Version resin over the next three-year period. Due to KWB's desire to begin the conversion program immediately, initial manufacturing will commence in IFL's existing facilities in Toronto and will continue in Poland as soon as local facilities are commissioned.

IFL is a major global composite materials pultrusion fabrication company, specializing in thin wall pultrusion manufacturing. IFL is continuing to actively integrate Version resin into its comprehensive range of composite building and industrial products. IFL is headquartered in Toronto, Ont., and provides the global marketplace with composite material products.

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lol player you are way off base i have posted on this stock play for years , back when it was a .30 stock, you will evewntually see that this is a legit play and that i will not disapper when the stock makes some large moves up, take care..

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CC tomorrow!!! Listen in , chart has bullish crossover, last new release showing massive revenues coming for this hot smallcap, a double from here near term not out of the question, this stock has a bright future imho:

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Key Business Elements Rapidly Falling Into Place

The key event this past month was the recent conference call of May 3rd with RS Technologies CEO Paul Giannelia covering events of the first quarter as well as a look into the future.

Before discussing the teleconference, we'll first comment on a news release that was issued two days later. On May 5th. RS announced (click here) that it secured an order for an "initial shipment of its RStandard™ utility poles for the Athabasca Tar Sands".

It would be very difficult to find anyone who hasn't heard of Alberta's Tar Sands based on its enormous oil reserves and the billions of dollars that are being invested in the area for new plants to enhance production from the current rate of several hundred thousand barrels per day.
While the news release doesn't say so, it is our understanding that these will be the first composite power poles in the Tar Sands! These are 60 feet in length and will be shipped "within 30 days" for "one of the largest oil sands plant operators in the Athabasca oil sands region".
For those who have been paying any attention to the ongoing development of the massive area in Northern Alberta, it has been made abundantly clear that government and industry have no choice but to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on infrastructure projects. These issues have been well publicized. Power generation is a critical element to the ongoing development of the area.

This begs the question as to what else RS is working on in regards to the Tar Sands. Unfortunately, we can provide no further comment but are hopeful that there will be additional news not too far down the road.

Now to the matter of the Q1 update teleconference. The first item on the agenda was the 2004 year-end results. There were no surprises based on the Company "transitioning from an R & D organization into commercialization". In short, RS lost $0.23 per share ($14+ million) on revenues of several hundred thousand dollars. $6 million was attributable to more than $6 million in capital expenditures and a $2 million write down on inventory and old equipment.

We use the term "no surprises" as certainly no one that we have spoken with expected anything more than a substantial loss in 2004. Based on the fact the stock actually moved up to a $1.49 from $1.25 over the past four weeks, our belief is reinforced that shareholders did not plan for anything other than what was reported.

Mr. Giannelia stated, "RS will be a cash user in Q2 and Q3 but in Q4 will be cash positive". While he wasn't more specific on expectations, we refer you to last October's webcast and conference call, where he stated that RS was a year behind its previously stated projections. At that time, the Company expected to generate approximately $23 million in sales in 2004. We feel RS is now looking to that revenue level for 2005.

As we are looking for very little in the way of revenues in Q1 and Q2, Q3 should see a marked escalation in sales and a several fold increase in Q4.

On the basis that management's expectations are realized, it is our feeling that the RS story will become very different as compared to today. No longer would there be questions about the Company's ability to sell its products and technologies. The anticipation would be focused on the organization's ability to handle what would be "stunning" growth.

In short, what shareholders have been waiting for should be in view. By mid-November, with the reporting of the Q3 results, it will become apparent if years of work are now translating into returns that all have been awaiting.

However, well in advance of this time frame, the market should have more than a feel for what the future holds, based on contracts and agreements that will be announced in the coming months.

To meet expectations, the new manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta is crucial to the future. It was stated in the teleconference that the facility will be fully operational early in Q3, as compared to the initial expectation that this would occur by the end of June. When the switch is pulled, the first production line will be capable of manufacturing 1,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds) of RS modular poles per hour. The second line is slated to come on stream in mid Q4 with the possibility of two more lines being added in early 2006, which decision has not been taken yet.

For those who may be new to the RS story, the Company discusses pole production in terms of weight as compared to lengths. The reason for this is that it will sell transmission and distribution poles of varying lengths.
In addition, the Calgary facility will ramp up its production of the Version™ resin proportionate to the increase in pole manufacturing.

A key comment was that "at this time, we have orders in hand that equate to 20% of the plant's Version™ production capacity in Q3".

To ensure this is clear to everyone, RS is manufacturing modular poles and selling resin to other companies such as Inline Fibreglass. As such, it currently has two revenue streams, which will grow over time as "licensing, engineering and royalty" fees kick in with the establishment of manufacturing facilities in other parts of the globe.

To put some perspective on what all of this could mean, by early 2006 the Calgary facility, based on full production of poles and VersionÔ resin, would be capable of generating at a rate in excess of $100 million in annual revenues, based on our discussions with management.

In our opinion, the market's assessment of RS' "blue sky potential" will gain significant traction based on a combination of agreements announced over the next three quarters, Q3 financial results and a perspective on expectations for Q4.

There will be additional clarity on the next steps in the "path forward" as the Company will be holding another teleconference in the latter part of July.
A point raised in the web cast was that even at maximum capacity, the Calgary facility would be capable of meeting only 6% of the annual North American market demand of 500 thousand transmission poles.
The Edmonton plant is currently producing 300 KG of product per hour with plans that this will rise to 350 KG per hour by the end of June.

In regards to pending product developments, Mr. Giannelia said that housing products such as soffits, eaves troughs are about 90 days away from becoming available to the sector. This project has been undertaken in conjunction with a partner.

We regard this comment as a "hidden gem" in the teleconference as the potential of this market is enormous. When the time comes that RS can make an announcement (Q3) on this pending development, the impact of this product line on sales should come into focus.
On the subject of partners, on April 26th (click here) RS announced that it signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar order with Inline Fibreglass of Toronto to supply Version™ for the manufacture of industrial conveyor system rollers.
Inline and RS jointly developed the dies and technologies. RS will begin shipping a minimum of one container of Version™ per month to Inline starting this July.
This initiative is focused on a deal that was secured with a company running the largest open pit mine in Poland, which utilizes 600 thousand rollers over 56 miles of conveyor systems. Each roller uses 4 kilograms (9 pounds) of Version™.
The question we have been asked more than a few times since this announcement is, "what does this mean in terms of sales?" Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to get into the specifics of container values or, on a micro basis, what each roller means to RS in terms of dollars. All we can say is that each container of Version™ is valued into the six-figure category.

To appreciate the magnitude of what RS has accomplished, one must appreciate Inline Fibreglass. It is a well established and highly reputable organization. Note that this is the second agreement that RS has signed with Inline. On March 11th of this year it was announced that RS had supplied resin to Inline for the manufacture of composite curtain walls, which were used in a Federal Government building.

Based on Inline's history and reputation, one should understand the importance of the deal for the conveyor rollers and what this could also lead to strictly in terms of the global mining industry.

On the day of the teleconference (May 3rd) RS announced (click here) a supply and license agreement with Armor Utilities Structures of Sydney, Australia to "introduce and supply RStandard™ utility poles to Australia and New Zealand. The agreement also covers the establishment of a manufacturing facility in Australia by the end of 2006.
Up to that time, RS will ship modular poles from its Alberta facilities.

While we understand that it's difficult to appreciate issues impacting other countries and the opportunities that are then presented to RS, we encourage you to click on the newspaper headline graphic and read about the magnitude of the issues facing the power industry in that part of the world and the funding commitments that have been made by government. Click on the graphic of Electric Energy online as the publication also carried the Australian deal announcement.