View Full Version : BBJP probability thoughts

04-19-2005, 04:42 PM
I've been pretty obsessed with the bad beat jackpot that its getting bigger, and it got me thinking of some different numbers that would be beneficial to know, and after searching I couldn't find any discussion on the numbers here. I was wondering though, if anyone has done any number crunching on the different aspects of the bbjp.

The stuff I'm thinking of doing if there aren't, are things like graphs of the hands most likely to win the jackpot, maybe run through simulations for a few days to find an exact % for every available hand, of course with the assumptions that everyone is playing optimal stategy (56s and JTs both play and see to the river every hand) whatever that turns out to be. Thats just an example, I'm sure theres much more that can be done in the study of the bbjp.

If I'm reinventing the wheel here, though, please tell me.