View Full Version : Pot odds when you think you are a head in the hand?

04-14-2005, 09:47 AM
Okey this is how i understand pot odds

1 determine the number of valid outs

2 calculate the pot odds

3 calculate the implied pot odds

4 compair the implied pot odds against the odds of improving your hand.

5 call when pot odds are greater than hand odds

Ok is the above correct and is there a better way of doing it? Also i only seem to think of this when i think im behind and im trying to draw to my streight or flush, But where i get confused is how you apply odds when you think you are ahead and you are the one betting and rasising and they are calling you down, then you end up getting beaten.I understand raiseing to protect your hand but understanding odds in every single hand gets confusing, but know its not just for using when you are deciding weather to call or fold.

04-14-2005, 12:01 PM
When you are drawing you want to compare your odds of hitting versus your expected pay off (implied odds). It is an estimation that has to do with the pot size, the amount of future bets, your opponents chip stacks and your estimation if they will call if you hit. You want to only put money in when you expect your pay off is greater than your odds of hitting.

When you are ahead you want to bet or raise in such a manner that it would be a mistake for your opponent to call. In other words you want to set too high a price for their draw. For instance if you put a player on a flush draw and make a pot size bet, he may incorrectly think since you are giving him 2 - 1 and the odds of hitting a flush by the river are 1.86 to 1 he should call. But his odds of hitting the flush on the next card are over 4 -1 and should he miss you plan on firing another pot size bet.