View Full Version : Questions that I'd like to have answered -- book/article recs?

04-11-2005, 12:54 PM
I am looking for any book recommendations that might address certain more advanced mathematical aspects of poker.

For example, there are certain answers to questions that seem to me like they might be useful to know, and so far, I haven't found any treatment of them.

1. Are there any books that might give a treatment of how pot odds relate to implied odds in samples of players who are to be found in ordinary cardrooms? In no-limit or high limit poker games, it is fairly obvious that the implied odds often end up dwarfing the significance of the pot odds for a given game. Does one just get a baseline for this by experience, or has someone bothered to do this kind of work?

2. Are there any books that give a treatment of how pot odds affect psychology? I have only seen these treated as separate subjects, and yet I suppose that all players are familiar with the idea of pot committedness. Certainly, this must be on a sliding scale, and there must be sampling or estimation to be done here.

3. Also, I am curious to see whatever is out there on how the numbers (or hand strengths) change based on short-handed games. Are there any books on how to play the final table, or something like that? Articles? What's an average hand for a 3-handed game versus a four-handed game versus a 7-handed game?

4. Finally, I'd sure like to know the answer to a question that I believe is raised by Sklansky's Tournament Poker book, which has to do with the tension between avoiding risks to your tournament life based on small probabilities versus ones that are worth risking your tournament life over. It seems to me that there must be an optimal game theoretic answer to this question.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.