View Full Version : At what level my opponent is thinking 1/2plo8

02-19-2005, 06:41 PM
Playing this smallish 9 handed 1/2plo8. Which happens to be highest running, and thats sad.

Villain($560) miniraises utg to $4 some callers to me on button and I($350) pot it to $29 AA23 singlesuited utg and one limper($110 after the call) call.

Flop comes KQT with two clubs, and I have the singe A of clubs. UTG pots now $100 and the limper folds. Ok normally I would fold here immidietly, but in this session I had been betting everytime the flop after my own preflop raise when it was checked to me on flop.

So if my opponent is normal idiot he would go here for check-raise with AJ, and what AJ-combination would he have made that preflop play anyway. On the other hand if my opponent understands something he wants me to think the way i just did... Or is he thinking I think the way in 2nd option.


Amd I overthinking in 1/2 game?

I folded.