View Full Version : (another) Bad Beat Jackpot Question

01-18-2005, 11:31 PM
Hawaiian Gardens started dropping a dollar for a bad beat jackpot on their 15 and 20 hold 'em games about a week ago -- Aces full of tens (or better) beat by quads (or better). I believe the jackpot is minimum $10K (60-20-20 split) and goes up $1K per day until hit, then back down to $10K.

I presume the casino makes money on the BBJ, but I'm a little curious how abusive their take is. There was a thread a number of weeks ago on the Bike and its new BBJ on the $10 HE game there -- but I can't find it -- I only remember it said the house had a god-aweful advantage. At HG I believe the new jackpot is combined with the existing 6-12 and 8-16 games jackpot, but not sure; and also, I'd take a guess that there are generally 5 tables of each of those games, plus two 15's and two 20's usually going. Less during off hours.

Any thoughts on the above are appreciated. But meanwhile, here's my actual question regarding Hawaiian Gardens:

If I'm in either of the two blinds, and it is folded all the way around pre-flop, should I look at my cards (I normally don't even look, I chop) and then converse with my blind partner about whether we have potential BBJ hands? The idea being that we would both check it down and split up the $25 dollars (in the $20 game)if we don't hit it. The drop is $4 + $1 for the BBJ in both the $15 and $20 game there. There is only a $1 drop if there is no flop seen. If it is a +EV to look and decide, what would be hands worth playing?

I hate looking at my cards and then chopping, so I hope it is a bad play to go for the jackpot.

Thanks. And as always, a link to the answer if this is a repeat question, would be appreciated.