View Full Version : player type/sample size (a good one for a guru to try on)

01-14-2005, 03:37 AM
Suppose you have a player who has a long tern VPIP of X. If you have a sample size of N hands for this player, during which you witness a VPIP of X1, what is the probability that X intersects a range [A,B]? The only way I can currently solve this problem is to do it numerically with an iterative process. Anybody want to take a shot?

thanks in advance to any and all brave souls /images/graemlins/smirk.gif

01-14-2005, 04:38 AM
I don't know why you'd use an iterative process here, unless I'm misunderstanding your question. You can get a confidence interval for an oppo's true VPIP using the central limit theorem. Some example are in this thread. (http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=probability&Number=1399933 &Forum=f11&Words=VPIP%20300&Searchpage=0&Limit=25& Main=1399689&Search=true&where=bodysub&Name=20330& daterange=1&newerval=6&newertype=w&olderval=&older type=&bodyprev=#Post1399933)