View Full Version : Holdem situational odds

12-18-2004, 06:49 PM
Does anyone know a source for common situational odds in Texas Holdem? I'm trying to construct odds tables for a variety of common situations, to answer questions like "If 4 players see the flop and it comes up 3 spades, what are the odds that one player now has a flush?" or "If 3 players are on the river and the board is 99963 and you hold 22, what are the odds that one of the other players has either a 6, a 3 or a higher pocket pair?"

In many cases the calculations require assumptions about likely holds, so these assumptions would need to be spelled out for the tables to be useful.

I'm fairly comfortable making most of the calculations, although I wouldn't mind having a doublecheck. Mainly, though, this is very time consuming and I expect someone has already done this and published it.