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Ok Oprah...You can go back to your New Age dream world now.

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The deal is that a good number of people here are not "suckers." You see, the vast majority of the population are sheep. Unfortunately, you happened upon a board where the vast majority of the participants are the wolves.

I smelled a rat when I first called you out. And, I'm going to be here to ensure that no one gets suckered by you or your 'system' for making *INSANE* amounts of profits. If you had such a great system, you'd keep it to yourself.


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1) How would you know what the car behind you is going to pay?

2) 'Tiny Tim needs an operation', maybe
'Tiny Tim needs a supersized meal #3', Nah

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I will gladly pay you $150,000 next friday for a $100,000 transfer to my account today. PM me for details.

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You sound very new to the market in general... you make it seem like Covered Calls are the 'holy grail' of market profits. Tell me... how well would your covered call strategies work in a falling market? You'd do better than the guy who held long stock and never dumped, but you'd certainly underperform anyone who dumped their stock as the stocks started tanking.

You constantly yell out "Look at these trades I've made" and "Hey, look 20% using covered calls!!!!!!!" (where in fact, the money you had made was not from the calls at all, it was 100% a result of the stock moving up a significant amount).

Some poor unfortunate people are going to fall for your uninformed strategies, and they're gonna get hurt. So, is that being generous? It's not very nice.

I can't PM you, it doesn't work. But, all I know is, you sound like a real newcomer to the markets. Seriously.

However, if you TRULY believe most of this garbage you've been spewing, then I will no longer place the blame on you, but on your mentor who led you down this path. As others have pointed out, throwing around Warren's name in conjunction with these strategies is simply misleading and deceiving.

So is there a money-back guarantee on your seminars/systems/stratgies? What a joker.


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1,550/0 equals E

[/ QUOTE ]
Oh man, where do I sign up?

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Uhhh... man, this is my last post. You're a moron.

Let's see... you risked $0? Oh wait.
Let's see #2... you put in $0? Can you do this without any margin power?

Ya, and if the stock moved against you... what happens?


I'm done with this, I think anyone who has read our discussion will know enough to not trust you and your intentions.


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"plus, if you know a stock is going up"

This is the essence of everything you are saying. You aren't using any special risk-free "techniques" to make money, you are just maximizing leverage to make the most money, all of us can do this, too, if we KNEW a stock was going up.

The problem is that you are using the fact that a stock is a sure thing to go up as justification for why your methods are risk-free, etc, when in fact it is never a sure thing that a volatile stock (such as GOOG) is going up.

I think we would be more interested here in how you find these stocks that go up so much in the first place, such as that $75->$90 example before. Finding the stocks is the hard part, not applying the leverage.


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Ok, I agree that it's about picking a stock (or index).. any tips on what to look for there?

As for the pay it forward idea, paying for the next in line would be cool, but you won't be able to see their reaction really, so what kind of postings are you hoping for?

I'm not so sure paying for the next in line is "giving to charity".. a better experiment might be to go up to some homeless guy and give them $20/$50/$100 and see *their* reaction, that'd be pretty interesting, imo