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12-07-2004, 04:11 PM
Playing at the $25 PL Omaha Hi/Lo table on Party Poker.

I get dealt A/2/3/5 and there's a lot of pre-flop raising. I chose this particular table because the avg pot size was close to $70, I [censored] you not!

Frigging crazy maniacs at this table raising and re-raising with just about any hand. Figured it would be a good place to get my premium hands paid off well.

So anyway, there's this guy who's playing like a maniac and he's sitting on over 150 bucks (remember, you can only sit down with 25 max to start) I've seen him raise pre-flop with hands like K/9/K/9 and other such junk and of course before the flop there's a lot of raising.

So I wind up with about 10 bucks of my starting 25 invested pre-flop and the flop is 2/4/J. Once again, lots of raising, re-raising, etc. There's about 70 bucks in the pot when it comes down to me for my remaining 14 bucks at that table to call.

I figure with my hand any low card will snag me at least half the pot, and if the right card comes up I might snag the high hand as well.

So I stick around, and the turn is a J and the river......a J. So the guy sitting on 150+ bucks who's been playing crazy wins because he held the last J in the deck.

Anyway, I still think my pre-flop and post-flop calls were correct, putting all 25 bucks I had on the table into that pot since my hand was so strong for the low and straight draws.

I know, this probably sounds more like a bad beat story than a real question. I guess I'm just looking for some reinforcement then I made the correct play, even though post-flop I was on a draw, albeit a strong one where I could turn my starting 25 bucks into a good 50-150 bucks in the final showdown given how crazy everyone at the table had been playing.

12-07-2004, 04:38 PM
This is a bad beat story, and you are a favorite over nearly any possible hand on the flop (A35J has you in bad shape, so does A356). Sorry you lost, but thats poker, do it again 100 more times and watch your bankroll grow.

USS Gut Shot
12-07-2004, 05:10 PM
You played your hand perfectly. Great starting hand. Great flop...Nut/nut draw. Since you are on short money it is a no brainer to get your money in.

I would not call missing a draw a bad beat, but you are in a great spot with this flop.

12-07-2004, 08:16 PM
Thanks guys, my girlfriend just likes to berate me when I lose. I don't think she understands "variance"

Unfortunately the most you can bring to the table is $25, that's the max limit. You can win more than that and sit on more, but that's the most you can sit down with.