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11-20-2004, 08:58 PM
I am currently playing through a raked hand requirement at a site I would never otherwise play at, to get an xbox as a "comp" from an affiliate. As I was playing today, I got to thinking that If I played my regular games at Party/Empire, getting a rake rebate and perhaps a slightly higher earn, I may very well earn (enough to buy an xbox) more than where I'm playing now.

The upshot is, I would rather get a free xbox, given to me for playing poker, than earn enough more playing poker to get an xbox. Follow that?

My (ir)rationalization, is that when I make money from poker, it must at some point be filtered through the part of my brain that tells me that I don't need an xbox, at least not as much as I need crap like groceries, clothing and assorted other boring stuff. When I do a casino promo to get an xbox, I can tell the accounting part of my brain to F off. Plus, there's just something cooler about getting something free.

On the surface, this type of thinking is irrational and out of place for an +ev seeking gambler. But I suspect there may be others who may think in somewhat the same matter.

Is free stuff just better?

Ray Zee
11-20-2004, 09:00 PM
email scalf. he is a shrink. he may be able to help you through this.