View Full Version : extremly unlikely- will i ever see this again?

11-19-2004, 03:36 PM
i hit -for real- quads three times in the span of about 45 hands dealt to me:

hand 1: held AT
flop: ATA
turn A

hand 2: held A5s
flop: 557
turn 5

hand 3:
held 44
flop: 467
turn: K
river: 4

i actually mamaged to collect on each of these, winning about 40$ at .10-.25 NL on full tilt (which is a terrible site)

what I'd like to know, from you math whizzes out there, is what are the odds of this happening? and if i continue playing (about 150 h/hr, at 20hrs a week 45 weeks/year, so 135k hands a year, I am 25 lets say i live to 75 that's 50 years = 6.7 million hands) will this ever happen again?

when and if it does i hope to be playing a lot higher that .10-.25

this really happened. i swear. i wouldn't beleive it either.