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11-19-2004, 02:10 AM
Let me first state that I am not a great math person /images/graemlins/smile.gif However, I have been playing NL Holdem for exactly a year now, and have been pretty profitable at it. 1 year, newb comes to mind, nah this aint me. I've gone throught the Super System, read Sklanskys first holdem book, and have been reading Caro's Book of Tells. I take this game seriously, and would like to get even better. My main question is, what is some general math that I would benefit from when calculating odds, pot odds, implied, and etc. In addition to calculating probablilities and percentages of "hitting" that card that improves your hand. Ex: 1 of 9 remaing hearts to make my flush on the turn, if not the turn, the river. Help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

11-19-2004, 06:07 AM

I know quite a bit of higher level math, and to be honest it won't help too much with your poker game.

Your best bet is to read "The Theory of Poker" by Sklansky. That explains almost all the mathematical concepts you'll need quite clearly: expectation, pot odds, implied odds, effective odds, etc.

The best way to learn poker is directly: read the best poker literature out there, play alot, get expert advice when you can. Trudging through an intro probability book, for example, would give you a terrible return on investment for your time.