View Full Version : PokerStars PLO Hi/Lo $20 Tourney Money Finish!

11-18-2004, 11:29 PM
During current Omaha H/L session you were dealt 137 hands and saw flop:
- 6 out of 17 times while in big blind (35%)
- 7 out of 15 times while in small blind (46%)
- 12 out of 105 times in other positions (11%)
- a total of 25 out of 137 (18%)
Pots won at showdown - 6 of 7 (85%)
Pots won without showdown - 5

Only hand I lost was the last one against a huge stack. Was on the BB with 1200 already invested and 2050 left in chips. A huge stack with 32K in chips raised it up and I could get him heads-up so I figured I'd do it with my Ad/8d/4c/10s

Figured I could eke out a split. But the turn brought my ace messing up my low and the river gave him a flush against my straight. Ah well, thems the breaks. First place was close to 1300 bucks, I took home 32 bucks for my 23rd place finish out of 230 players. /images/graemlins/smile.gif