View Full Version : bond market helps stock market on friday

06-15-2002, 11:14 AM
huge rally in treasuries yesterday gave a boost to the stock market. boost you say? dow down, s&P down, and naz up slightly. they all came of their lows strongly. stock market gettin better (for long positions). billy i didnt bash the dollar. just cause i have an opinion on its direction doesnt seem like bashing to me. current interest rate situation and economic situation leads me to that opinion. as far as preference for bonds over stocks. i think bonds have done better than stocks over the last two years. long term thats not the case. its all about risk and reward anyway. some dont care to take the extra risk based on their financial situation and often they are right. if newbie uses a money manager cfp type id be totally shocked if some of the assets werent allocated to bonds. maybe newbie will report back and tell us what he did.