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11-17-2004, 04:50 PM
November 16, 2004
Auspicious Fossils

Seventy million years ago, an exotic squid-like creature roamed the sea. That creature, the ammonite, has long been extinct, but its beautiful coiled shell, fossilized in mineral rich sediment, survived to become an emblem and talisman of luck, well-being, and prosperity in many different cultures. Ammolite, the gemstone derived from the ammonite fossil, is one of nature's rarest beauties as well as one of the oldest and, when found or possessed, its natural energy can encourage good fortune to ripen.

Each ammolite is made up of an awe-inspiring palette of colors: cool jade, emerald green, fiery orange, blood red, amber, twilight blue, and warm mauve. In Feng Shui, ammolite represents a harmonious balance of the elements water, fire, metal, wood, and earth, which, when combined, create a field of auspicious energy that stimulates creativity, growth, wisdom, health, and wealth. It is also believed that the gemstone promotes the body's flow of Qi, reducing its overall toxicity.

The Blackfoot people of North America used ammolite in their ceremonies that took place prior to seeking buffalo or bison in order to ensure an abundant hunt. In both Hong Kong and Singapore; the stones are a wealth symbol that attract prosperity and abundance. There, ammolite is also called Kirin Stone because of its resemblance to the scales of a mythical animal known as Kirin, which brings good fortune and luck to all who see it.

The colorful spiral coils of the ammonite are said to mimic the path that all the energy of the universe must travel and thus the fossil radiates its energy outward.

Traditionally, luck can be assured by simply placing an ammolite in your home or office, but you may choose to meditate upon the stone, holding it in your palm to not only experience the full range of beneficial energy, but to contemplate the ammolite's wondrous beauty as well.

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