View Full Version : 2+2er's at the Borgata This Week!

11-10-2004, 08:26 AM
I cross-posted this in the B&M forum as well:

Gonores, Turkish, and I (along w a couple of my 2+2 lurking friends) will be at the Borgata from Wed. night until Sunday afternoon.

Turnipmonster, Bunky, Bdk and possibly a couple others will be there at different points in the week.

Tenative Plans for Gonores and I and others include dinner at the Old Homestead on thur. night, with drunken low limit action to follow (dougiefish's B-Day!).

Friday, my personal plan is to play every poker game in the house throughout the day. from 3-6 HE to 20-40 (i hope the 40-80 doesnt get started for the sake of the challenge ) to the NL games, the PL game, and maybe an hour or so of 5-10 stud (donation time). dont know why I want to do this, or if I actually will, but it sounds fun to me.

Other than that I will be the good looking 21 yr old with a goatee (if I still have it by then) at the NL or PL game most of the time.

I will try to post a pic in my avatar today to make indentification easier, but no promises. My current avatar represents the state of my game at the moment.

i would love to meet some other northern 2+2ers. come join us in AC, PM me for any other details (and maybe a ph. # if you are lucky .)