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12-19-2001, 06:07 PM

I've being watching and reading the us defence guy, rumsden. I've just sold all my shares in First Active (Irish), think they've gone as far as they can go. Can anyone recommend stocks in military, or have I missed the boat? I don't even know the name of any military stocks, so all pointers will be appreciated. i.e. good solid companies and ones that have good ideas and the ear of the prez and nato etc.

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12-19-2001, 07:48 PM
many look at the big companies and they have such big revenues already more doesnt always increase stock price a great amount. its the behind the scenes ones that jump the most. ones that supply the big ones or have a specialized product that is needed. but they also tank the fastest when over.

12-30-2001, 12:34 AM
Here's a good one for you then. It's INVN.

InVision Technologies makes explosive detection systems that scan checked baggage in airports. InVision's CTX 2500, CTX 5500 and CTX 9000 series systems use computed tomography (CT, similar to CAT-scan technology) and can detect explosives and drugs. InVision has sold more than 225 of the units, which are used at 54 airports worldwide. Subsidiary Quantum Magnetics develops systems based on a technology similar to magnetic resonance imaging to scan carry-on baggage, parcels, and mail and to detect landmines. Its WoodVision unit uses CT technology to scan lumber for defects and is used at 300 sawmills worldwide.

Anyway, this stock has gone from around $3 to over $40 since September. It also has a P/E ratio of $391.50. It seems to be fluctuating around the $30 mark, but it seems to have good long range potential.

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