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10-13-2004, 07:22 PM
I was bored in class today so I decided to attempt a list of the best hands in holdem. I started to think about the worth of each hand when all in preflop against one opponent. The first column lists the number of hands that are aproximately 50/50 against it. For example, only 1 potential hand (AK) is around 50/50 when you have QQ. Notice that I have disregarded any suited value a hand could have, that there is only one AK, not the actual 16 possible suited combinations. The second column lists the number of hands that "dominate" it. By dominate, I mean the other hand has one of the same cards with a worse kicker or two cards both lower than the pair in hand. For example, KK domintes JQ (and JJ for that matter) and AK dominates AQ. The third column lists the number of hands that it dominates. There are 91 possible hands, so we can say AA dominates the other 90 since all other hands are either smaller pairs or two smaller cards.

AA 0 0 90
KK 0 1 89
QQ 1 2 87
JJ 3 3 84
AK 11 2 22
TT 6 4 80
AQ 10 4 21
99 10 5 75
AJ 9 6 20
KQ 10 5 20
88 15 6 69
AT 8 8 19
KJ 9 7 19

I was wondering if any of this information that I assigned to these 13 hands helps in ranking their intrinsic values. Also, The list might be helpful in tournament play when thinking about preflop all-ins. There are times in tournaments when you are only looking to set up dominating scenarios and others when running a 50/50 could be acceptable. Any thoughts on my table or aplications of it are welcomed.