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10-05-2004, 01:22 PM
The Players

Gary: Diet Coke Fiend, Horrible BJ Player, Horrible Tourney Player
Mike: Casino Game Expert, Expert Negotiator, Expert Luck Box
Dan: Semi-Professional HoldEm Player, Guy Who Loses the Most at HoldEm, Your Narrator
Danny: I'll Just Get a Late Checkout
Rodney: I Have to Eat, I Have to Eat. You Guys Go Ahead and Eat, I'll Keep Playing HoldEm

Pat: Missing. Pat is a pussy.

We are all students at Georgetown Law and we leave Thursday after class: 3:20 pm. My notes from Bankruptcy are littered with doodles of little clocks and things like "20 minutes left." I know I'm running good when I get Mike to agree to RoShamBo me for the front seat. You may know this game as Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Me: I'm going rock.
Mike: Huh?
Me: I'm going rock. Just thought I'd let you know...
1,2,3: I pull the old paper trick and beat out Mike's rock. This game requires 3rd level thinking and I caught Mike on level 2. I play goot.

I'm settling into the relative comfort of the front seat of Gary's stylish Ford Contour when Mike mentions that Danny wants to come along. He gives him a call and wakes him up. (Did I mention it's 3:30pm?) Turns out Danny has a court appearance in 20 minutes so he's going to have to come up with Rodney later that night. He is pretty glad we called though.

Fast forward 4 hours. Gary drives around in circles for 15 minutes or so until finally timing his turn in accordance with verbal instruction and we have arrived. He wants to play in a tourney that started at 7:30 and heads to the poker room to try and get in while Mike and I check into the room. There is a line and we wait fitfully. I have endured a four hour drive to get here in order to make wagers of chance and I'd like to get to it. Somebody dropped a playing card face down on the floor and I see opportunity. Mike and I try to angle each other on an approriate bet.

Me: I'll bet you $10 it's red, but I take all pushes (i.e. a joker.)
Mike: If you can tell me exactly what card it is I'll pay you 32 - 1.

No takers... Somebody else flips it up eventually and its the 4 diamonds. I play goot.

So we check in and put the bags in the room (the only time Mike or I see it) before heading down to play some cards. I find Gary right away and he's made it into the tourney and has already doubled up with aces. I decide to sweat him while I'm waiting for my seat in the 10/20 game. He's in the big blind with 99 and blinds are 50/100. A late position player makes it 300, Button calls, Small Blind calls, and Gary likes his nines so he pushes all in for another 1800 or so. The original raiser calls, the Button calls, and the Small Blind calls. Two players are all in so the cards get turned up:

Gary: 99
Button: 57o
Small Blind: A9o

River is an ace and Gary is done. Gary plays Tourneys bad.

So I get into the 10/20 and Gary and Mike sit in a 3/6. I flop a lot of draws that see a lot action but don't get there and overplay a few of my hands to wind up -$700 five hours later. Gary manages a king high straight flush and gets paid off by the ace high flush and demands a free hat which he gets (they usually only give them away for the royal apparently.) The players at my table are just as loose as those at 3/6 but they're much more aggressive, and I would argue exponentially more lucky. Here's an example:

Four limpers to me in the cutoff and I limp with 33. All call to the Big Blind who raises. He's a real whacko and if he's in it he's likely doing the betting. All call and we're seven to the flop.

Flop: KQ2 two spades. Big Blind(BB) bets and is called by the Next Guy(NG) and the Last Guy(LG.)

Turn: 8h. No spade. BB bets, NG calls, LG raises, BB calls, NG 3-bets, LG calls, BB calls.

River: 6s. Spade draw got there. BB checks, NG bets, LG calls, BB calls.

NG has 3s5s. Ni Han! Ni Han!

After seeing my beautiful two racks of red chips dwindle away I decide to go join Mike's 6/12 game which has an empty seat - to his left. I quickly establish myself at the table as the guy who plays too loose and too aggressive and misses his draws and give away another $200. A few minutes later, the ATM having replenished my funds, I sit back down with a vengeance-determined to try and play well. Gary decides to join us in what turned out to be an ill-fated decision. His aces, kings, etc just really don't stand a chance against 57s. Even the guy who was raising him because he misread his hand managed to beat him on the river. He also passes on my attempt to goad him into hitting on our waitress(they were all an 8 or 9.) I offered him $10 if he could get her number but he was frightened. He did later claim to spy a nipple belonging to said waitress but I am somewhat unconvinced. God does not bestow that sort of thing upon those as unlucky as Gary.

Mike and I get into it once at this table. Folded to him on the button and he raises. I 3-bet from the small blind and Mike caps it. We're head up to the flop.

Flop: QJ4. I bet, he calls.
Turn: 2. I bet, he raises and says "I'm telling you now you shouldn't call." I, of course, call.
River: 9. I bet and say "if you have a set you should raise." He calls. His aces are no goot. Aces are good, but nines are lucky...

A few hours pass by and a guy from the 40/80 game wanders by asking for a cigarette. He's offering $10. A guy at our table obliges and I naturally offer to sell him my whole pack. Sadly, he smokes Marlboros and I've got Camels. Mike on the other hand is a Marlboro man and sells him his half empty pack for $20. Mike negotiates goot. He then borrows half my pack of smokes over the course of the night. I think I got screwed on that one.

Danny and Rodney show up about now and don't waste any time. Danny jumps into the 1/2 NL game and Rodney heads over to the 2/4 game. Gary and I go over and join him for one of the strangest tables I've ever played at. There area two old ladies in this game who are in every hand and never seem to know what they have. They're showing down J2o and thinking they should win because they have all black cards. I buy into the game for 4 racks and start to build my monster pyramid designs while playing one or two questionable hands. Straddling is not allowed so I'm raising UTG after I get one card etc. This works out very nicely for me and the pyramid grows. I refuse to make change for those with red chips a la someone else here. "I am Nero and my pyramid will not be desecrated."

Gary's JJ is no good against my 57o. To be fair, I did cap it preflop so it's probably hard to put me on the nut straight that I flopped. I run down trip kings with my 66 by hitting a runner runner straight. In general the whole table loves me. I love these old ladies though: most of the table limps and Gary raises in the small blind. Flop comes A62 and he bets out. Old Lady #1 raises and everyone else wisely folds. Gary does not. Gary turns his cards over. Gary tells Old Lady #1 that he has AK. Old Lady #1 does not appear concerned. Gary tells Old Lady #1 that he is not folding. Old Lady #1 arches an eyebrow ever so slightly. Gary does not fold. Gary calls, calls, calls. Old Lady #1 has 666 and Gary is chided mercilessly for the rest of the night.

Rodney mentions that he would like to eat soon. Repeatedly. It is now about 8 am. I too am hungry but can't summon the willpower to actually leave the room, so I decide I'll do it in stages. The 1/2 NL game is closer to the exit so I'll move over there. Mike follows me (I think he wanted to get back at me for cracking his aces.) We play here for the next 7 hours or so and both make a very decent score. I manage to find a doughnut to eat and many, many cups of coffee. Danny is at this table and decides he's staying another night. He wants to play in the tournament later in the day. It starts at 1:30.

Me(it's now 8:30): So are you going to sleep?
Danny: Yeah.
Me: Well checkout is 11:30...
Danny: I'll just get a late checkout.
Guy on My Right: 12:00 is the latest they'll do.

Me(it's now 10:30): So are you going to sleep?
Danny: Yeah I'm just going to get a late checkout...

He left the game at 11:00 or so and surprisingly made it back in time for registration looking remarkably well rested.

One more hand: I've got Kings in MP and raise 3 limpers to $20. Overly loose big blind calls and all else fold. Flop is 9,4,5 - two diamonds. Checked to me and I bet out $50. Big blind quickly calls and I smell a draw. Turn is a 6 - no diamond. Again checked to me and I bet $100. Big blind now pushes all in for $700 more and I've got him covered. I go into the tank. I know that he knows that I've got an overpair and this is a great board to bluff on, but it's a pretty expensive call. After mulling it over, I look at him and see a guy who is not worried, so I make what is probably and easy laydown. He flips 8d7d and I play goot.

Our original trio head up to the restaraunt to eat my first meal of the trip at around 4:00. Rodney comes with us but abruptly decides he'd rather head back to the tables. Hunger < Cards in Atlantic City. I can't focus on the words on the menu because all the a's look like Aces etc. I angle Mike and Gary into ordering first and then just pick the one that sounds best of their two meals. Good choice Mike.

Well we haven't played blackjack yet so we can't very well go home. We sit at a new $10 table and suffer through a few shoes. Mike and I are up and down through 2 shoes. Gary is dealt 16 every time. Except the times he gets 20 and the dealer gets 21. It was a very painful thing to watch. The last shoe we play has a +9 count with 2-3 decks left and I start betting large. $300 hand is no good and several $100 hands miss. $200 hand does win for some consolation. And we head home. Good times.

We're heading back a week from Thursday and I have yet to meet a 2+2er up there. PM me if you'll be there.

10-05-2004, 01:30 PM
Good report, but I liked it better when the Tiltboys wrote it.

10-05-2004, 04:12 PM
Sweet report. Thanks. /images/graemlins/smile.gif

10-05-2004, 04:21 PM
Yeah, the only time I get real creative is when playing suited connectors...

Also, the tiltboys' epic reports deserve to be the basis for all future contributions to the genre.