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10-04-2004, 01:19 PM
I think it was last year when reading Schoonmakerís POP book that I first attempted to analyze why I play poker. My knee-jerk response was always: money.
Now I believe itís:
1) Competition
2) Money
3) Pass time
4) Fun

Clarkmeisterís post about why he plays got me thinking about why I play and a story my friend told me this weekend. There arenít games really available where I live so I play mostly online. My list above includes live and online play. My online only list would probably be:
1) Money
2) Pass time
3) Competition
4) Fun

Fun is barely on my list because I donít have fun when I lose. Thankfully, on average I win. I believe I donít find the social aspect of poker important/fun because I have a meaningful social life outside of poker. Therefore I donít bother to engage others much at the table. Thatís an attitude Iím trying to change whether itís in line at the grocery story or at a poker table: simple polite conversation can add a little meaning to my existence. But thatís just where Iím at. How a lot of NEW players perceive poker is the point of my post.

New players want to have FUN! People who are grumpy and vocal at a poker table make some/everyone on edge. I have two friends who play poker but are below average. They donít read internet forums or poker books despite my recommendations. For them itís too tedious and poker is about having fun. And they both have complained about B&M poker not being fun. ďI always get criticized for how I play.Ē ďEveryone is in such a bad mood, itís not fun.Ē Therefore they play much less in B&M casinos. And they dump money at "fun" games like craps, blackjack & 3-card poker.

I know most on here already know that you donít berate the fish because
1) They might leave.
2) Theyíre not intending to harm anyone, theyíre just playing cards. So itís just not nice.

However, as a side note: I still see 2+2íers during online play berate the fish. So maybe we need another post reminding people that itís not wise, at least IMHO. Now of course there is the stereotypical grumpy old man at a B&M who probably doesnít read 2+2/internet or any poker books that we all see at the table. Maybe we canít do anything about that but we can admonish those who read here.

What caused me to cringe was the following story.
My friend told me before he left for Vegas last weekend that he was going to take a shot at the 30/60 at the Bellagio (despite the fact the last 3 times he played poker in a B&M he talked about it being no fun). That weekend he caught fire at a 3-card poker table. He kept progressing his bet and hit 2 straight flushes at opportune times and ended up winning about $60,000. He thought Ďwell nowís a good time to try the 30/60í. He had a smoke by the rail and watched the 30/60 for a few minutes. The table was all older people and 1 kid. The kid cold-called a raise with Q10s and rivered a straight. Then the whole table criticized his play for about 5 minutes. So my friend thought, ďForget it.Ē And went to bed.

Now with the current poker boom, the lack of a love-fest at the table certainly wonít kill the game. But I donít think itís going to help.

Just my 3 cents,