View Full Version : HOW MUCH YOU NEED?

07-01-2001, 12:54 AM
how mcuh $$$$ you need to daytrade succesfully?

07-08-2001, 04:35 AM
In case you have missed the news. SEC has a new rule 25k in any (what they deem) daytrading account, if you miss it - margin will not be allowed. So if you don't mind trading on cash you can have 20k or so. In reality you need more than this to be able weather losses, and make enough to live on.

07-21-2001, 01:19 PM
Enough to live on? You might as well play craps. The lucky guys make huge money, the unlucky guys go broke and shoot people in Atlanta, and alot of guys lose a little or make a little (relative to the market) Plus the vig the trading companies ream you with is higher than craps.