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09-09-2004, 06:31 PM
Been playing PL Omaha on Party for 3 days now. Would love some comments on this hand. I'm in late position dealt Q 10 9 8 (9 and 8 are suited). I call a min-raise along with 5 other players (6 in the hand). Flop comes out 10-10-3, giving me trips with a Q kicker. There is a pot-sized bet of approximately $2.50 which I call. All others fold and we're heads-up. Next card off is a K (rainbow on board) and Villain bets the pot again ($8 and change). I think for a long time, finally realizing I'm probably outkicked, but thinking that I have 9 outs to fill up.

River is a 9, filling me up. Villain bets the pot, which I call (I had about $0.30 left). He flips over K10 for a bigger boat.

1) Should I have raised on the flop?

2) Should I have folded on the turn? I had 9 outs to fill up. Were the implied odds good enough to call?

3) I wasn't about to fold once I filled up, but should I have "known" I was up against K10 and not, say, A10?

Thanks in advance.

09-09-2004, 09:12 PM
1) no. the other guy has a ten (or 33xx), and he is not folding. calling is correct here, trying to hit one of your kickers and break him.

2) i would have folded. when you consider your implied odds, you must also consider the chances you are already beaten. KTxx is not that unlikely here, and you are drawing dead to it. even if you hit a kicker, he may not give you any money on the river unless he has a full house himself.

3) you shouldn't have "known" that you were beaten against everyone, but against certain tight opponents you should figure him for a made full house when he bets on the turn. this is the kind of situation where you like to know who you're up against.

09-10-2004, 09:21 AM
Regarding your response to point 3, I agree. Unfortunately this was only the second hand I had played at the table.

What you said in point 2 also got me to thinking about what I was hoping to catch on the river. It is probably pretty reasonable to say that if he doesn't have a K, he at least has one or possibly two of my possible full house cards (Q, 9, 8) so I may be drawing to a split at best. Now that I think about it that way, I definitely should've folded on the turn.