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09-06-2004, 07:47 PM
i am not really used to play with this deep stacks 300-400BB i felt unsure how to play this. here is the hand that ended this session. I feel really unsure what to do on turn. LAG likes to call alot but he isnt as dumb as i thought when i first started . I am not really sure if his willing to call with middle/bottom set or AA with nutflushdraw which i think is hes most likely hand anyway i am not planning to put mucho money in on the turn if a threeflush fall. He has been doing well this night and might want to gamble it up a bit especially as that is the the general atmostphere of the table to say the least.
I have seen him made many questinable calls and dragging home a few big pots.

** Export for: Hero Game: Omaha High Game number: 104646651 ***
Date: 9/6/2004 10:54:09 PM
Game: 104646651: Table: Love No War
Normal Table Pot Limit 5.00/10.00
Rake: 3.00
Seat: 1 David2542
Seat: 2 StandingWave
Seat: 3 flukert
Seat: 4 Hero
Seat: 5 MrCepe (Dealer)
Seat: 6 lord_evil

lord_evil : Posts small blind 5.00
David2542 : Posts big blind 10.00
flukert : Posts 10.00
StandingWave : Folds
flukert : Checks
Hero : Raises for 40.00
MrCepe : Calls for 40.00
lord_evil : Calls for 35.00
David2542 : Calls for 30.00
flukert : Folds

lord_evil : Checks
David2542 : Checks
Hero : Bets 150.00
MrCepe : Calls for 150.00
lord_evil : Folds
David2542 : Raises for 300.00
Hero : Raises for 900.00
MrCepe : Folds
David2542 : Calls for 750.00
Ok, any other line better here? Is it perhaps better to take a safe card before committing such a big hunk of my stack? I had the nutset with way too many scarecards left in the deck for me to feel comfortable and i felt like i needed to defend it here. I put him on either lower set with possible straight draw or AA with nutflush draw or Nutflush draw with straight draw to go with it. He thinks for a long time and finnaly decides to call. He could have made that min raise as a feeler to test whether im strong if i really made three jacks or betting on a weaker holding as a semibluff. He may bet the pot on turn no matter what hits if i show weakness and just calls and i would feel very uncomfortable if a straighening card comes a flushcard is an easy fold on the other hand. I am not at all sure if hes really that aggresive tho.

David2542 : Checks
Hero : Bets 1780.00
David2542 : Went all-in 5564.64
Hero : Went all-in 565.92
David2542 : Receives returned betting money 3218.72
What to do here? Giving a free card is impossible there is way too many card that can beat me if hes still drawing to do that play. If he indeed filled the straight i still have outs to draw out on him.. I bet after his check and cursed when he went allin for his last 600.I call of course but should have set him in myself it wasnt like i was planning to fold for his allin raise.

David2542 : Shows cards
Hero : Shows cards

David2542 [ 5C, 4S, 3C, 2H, AH - Straight ]
Hero [ JH, JC, JS, 8S, 5C - Three of a Kind ]

lord_evil Mucked Cards
David2542 Showed Cards (Winning) 7108.84
flukert Mucked Cards
StandingWave Mucked Cards
Hero Showed Cards
MrCepe Mucked Cards

Community Cards
[ 5C, JH, 2H, 4S, 8S ]

Players Cards
lord_evil [ -, -, -, - ]
David2542 [ AH, 3C, JD, AC ]
flukert [ -, -, -, - ]
StandingWave [ -, -, -, - ]
Hero [ KH, 10D, JC, JS ]
MrCepe [ -, -, -, - ]

Big O
09-06-2004, 11:15 PM
Use the hand converter

09-06-2004, 11:30 PM
I find this hand history impossibly difficult to read and to follow.

09-06-2004, 11:46 PM
1) this hand history is difficult to read. Where did this hand take plsce?

2) Post stack sizes when releveant, like they are here.

In general with big stacks on a drawing board you should avoid putting a large amount of money on the flop when you can make a better decision for more of your money as more of a favorite on the turn. But, I'm really not sure if thats what happened here.