View Full Version : o8 question (probably wrong forum, but where is better?)

08-30-2004, 09:46 AM
once upon a time i had rays book, but only read the stud8 section, wasnt interested in omaha8. but now i am and i dont have the book. anywho, as far as double suited hands go(and single suited for that matter), in general are they automatic playable hands (for the minimum and see what flops)? ive usually been tossing dbl suited hands like KT67 and most single suited hands unless it was a suited ace or an unsuited ace with at least another low card(ill play single suited KQJT and such).
so anyway, ive been playing some O8 with players who i know are not good in general, i mean they turn over J863 all clubs, but they seem to be in love with any single suited hand, and definitely any double suited hands regardless of the strength of the potential flush.
so am i throwing away too many hands or are they playing too many?

08-31-2004, 12:05 AM
You'll get more action on the 'other poker' forum.