View Full Version : A couple of B&M PLO 2/2 hands

08-27-2004, 10:20 AM
Two pot-limit Omaha hands I played, B&M.

Comments welcome, I don't think I'm a good player, but fortunately not the worst in my tables either.

Hands are selected because they are the only 2 hands where I put significant chips in in the 1.5 hour session. Apart from these I won a couple of pots without showdown.

Game is 6-handed, blinds 2/2. (100 min. buy-in, no max.) There's often a live straddle of 4. (Currency is 1 euro = 1.2$.) 3-5 players see the flop usually. I think I play about 40% of my hands.

There's a stack of about 1000 immediately to my right, happens to be UTG in both hands. Rest I have covered or almost covered.

Hand 1.

I am UTG+1, with 260 chips, dealt 4567, two clubs. UTG has straddled. I raise to 10. I think hand is OK and a raise has some deceptive value too. I expect to get at least 3 callers, and get 3.

Flop 772, not bad. UTG checks, I bet the pot, about 40. I have 9 outs against boats which shouldn't be too probable.

A player on my left calls all-in. One more call by an oriental kid who says it's his first time playing Omaha (I don't doubt it).

Turn 5, I bet to charge any draw to a better boat. The oriental guy folds. All-in caller had 7 2, but my 7s full of 5s win the pot of 150.

Hand 2.

UTG+1 again, with 320 chips. I get KKxx single suited. Straddled again, I call, some callers, UTG raises to 10 (he plays 3/4 of hands and raises 2/3 of them). I call, only hoping to hit K on the flop, thinking I have implied odds in this table. The oriental guy raises to 28 all-in from the button. 4 people see the flop again.

Flop, 478 rainbow. Far from what I want but checked around. Turn K! UTG checks, I bet the pot, about 130. I assume someone with a straight would have bet the flop. I don't expect a call, but there's now 2 clubs on the table so I don't want to give cheap cards to straight and flush draws. The guy on my left raises all-in to 170, which I of course call. The rest fold.

River 7 gives me the nut boat and I win the pot of 500. All-in guy curses alot but doesn't show cards. I am left wondering what he could have had, to check the flop and go all-in on the turn. He couldn't have a K, because the pre-flop all-in player happened to have one.

If he slowplayed a straight, could that have been a good play, or just a bad play that almost turned out fine.


08-27-2004, 10:36 AM
hand 1 is pretty similar to a hand that was discussed recently. you realize that if you don't fill up on the turn, you must be beat given how low your kickers are.

hand 2 your opponent could have had a set that he was afraid to bet b/c of the possible straight and lost to set-over-set. he probably raised thinking you had two pair and/or draw and that his hand was best.

if he had a set or a straight, he certainly made a grievous error by not betting his hand on the flop. both those hands are quite vulnerable, as you have shown.