View Full Version : Potsize bet at Omaha/8. What to call whit?

08-16-2004, 08:00 AM
This question assumes a loose game whit bad starting hand req. among the other players.

Hand value goes pretty close in value in O8 that is way there is not that much preflop raise I have read (maybe this is more true in limit, but anyway). So when can I call a good solid raise fore about 4 BB preflop? What hands do I need?
I know this will wary under different positions in regarding me and the raiser and how many players there is left in but I hope this will be an of to start the thread.

Best regards F

Fiery Jack
08-16-2004, 09:17 AM
I don't know if this is everyones experience but if someone raises the pot preflop I will mentally put them on either A23x or AA2x. (even though they might not, they very often would)

I would only consider calling with A2xx or a decent high-only hand, like last night I called with KQQT, 3 suits. The flop was KJT and the preflop raiser guy bet the pot.

I thought if he has one of those 2 hands above, the only way I'm beat, is if his 4th card is a Q, and I've got two of those. Or maybe if the board pairs with the J. He might have a flush draw but I also have a boat draw. It was too hard to fold, so instead I put him all-in.

Sure enough he had AA2K. My two pairs were good enough.

Note calling with A2xx isn't always 100% automatic; if I am certain he already has A2 that means the low is not so crucial. I need to consider if I have any chance to win the high part of the hand.