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  1. Got Fillmaff'd? Post it in here! (Designated NC Thread, Episode 2)
  2. Third Coming of the Designated No Content Thread! (Post it in here!)
  3. Pokerstars Is Rigged
  4. Bottomset's Personal NC Thread
  5. the official bad beat and whining thread
  6. I'm Holding A Pity Party
  7. Why does my AA keep losing?
  8. I have run extremely well lately
  9. Is it rigged?
  10. My biggest pot $-wise ever...
  11. This is the best forum
  12. why do they call.. uggh
  13. PokerGrader Results
  14. 30/60 - Results so far - Kind of bragging
  15. Party Doom Button
  16. Quick session
  17. Best Beat in a long time
  18. $15+1 Turbos - my last 11 games ITM have been 3rd place
  19. My first 10k day
  20. Terrible day in cash games (warning: *rant*)
  21. AQo sucks
  22. AK killed my father... and raped my mother!
  23. ignore this
  24. bad day + good day
  25. Thoughts?
  26. bad beat w/ A3o vs maniac
  27. How bad is this laydown?
  28. I just won a HUGE pot on a great play
  29. When the hell do I get my Royal?
  30. read my bad beat, cry with me
  31. Incredible frustration (without a bad beat)
  32. this forum is up just in time... (negative content)
  33. when calling stations attack!!!
  34. Not a swing, but a plateau
  35. AKo against wild and crazy table. ($0.25/$0.50)
  36. My best session ever!
  37. Nice call, fish, or was he cheating?
  38. Why do you TILT?
  39. Whats Your Loss Percentage With AA? Limit Hold'em Survey
  40. My biggest pot ever!
  41. gay
  42. -11BB/100 last 900 6 max hands
  43. Damn you A/K suited
  44. I'm almost broke
  45. Grrrrr
  46. this is neat
  47. Can I please stop taking horrible beats on the bubble of 1-table SNGs
  48. Stupid bluffing idiots that get lucky
  49. We have the 2nd and 3rd nuts. Let's have a raising war!
  50. What running good looks like
  51. Oh my god
  52. you know you're running bad when..
  53. Most days in a row without a losing session?
  54. Good Forum
  55. An amazing coincidence of hands! Nice to have place to post it!
  56. Playing 10x over my head!!!
  57. Who do you have to blow to put an end to these 200bb downswings?
  58. Most straight OOTM finishes at your normal SNG level....?
  59. Awesome QQ suckout Hand !
  60. AP vs PP?
  61. ***HU SNG Challenge*** Update
  62. almost in the 300bb club
  63. This forum
  64. How to turn $6 into $200 in one night
  65. Holy fishtards, Batman!
  66. paradise personal best
  67. hand in which i own peachy
  68. after 21K hands...
  69. 11/28/05 Daily Suckout
  70. Biggest pot I've ever seen in limit. Can anyone beat 52BB's???
  71. Motherfxxxer
  72. I just took a guy for so much he accused me of cheating...
  73. I give up
  74. I hope I'm not alone...
  75. 5+1 all in every hand
  76. Ouch
  77. A hand from Canterbury a week ago
  78. 3 final tables, 3 1st places
  79. Nothing like shoving percentages down a sore losers throat
  80. A few beats
  81. AK vs. over-aggressive player
  82. Wait... I have the best hand? (Stars $60 SnG)
  83. Here's how you end your downswings (low content)
  84. Getting crushed.
  85. I had a read
  87. Account frozen
  88. Too aggressive with JJ?
  89. OT............Come on Cardplayer.com 35 left of 889 for WSOP trip!!
  90. All in 30 hours - My worst post ever
  91. why would you call this [censored]
  92. I cant take this crap
  93. somebody ride the rolfcopter
  94. What a [censored] [censored] this guy is.
  95. When a friend joins your table.
  96. My bad beat
  97. Fish rule.
  98. KK
  99. how many times can i get dealt the goods?
  100. Two Plus Two
  101. my worst beat ever
  102. Posting Guidelines For This Forum
  103. For your vote- a "Rules for Bad Beat Reporting" post
  104. i hate rebuys
  105. I can finally post the worst beat ever w/out getting yelled at!
  106. b/c i'd like to give back to the forum that has given me so much.
  107. more BS noob junk. why do i have to deal with such idiots?
  108. But I have a straight!
  109. Worst beat I ever laid on someone
  110. 9 down 15 up. it happens.
  111. This one time
  112. Worst Beat Ever Posts
  113. does this count as a bad beat?
  114. The Bad Beat and Downswing Cure
  115. Fun With KQs
  116. onlinepokerisriggedandbjtoo
  117. Now THIS is how you get knocked out of a tournament
  118. I put a bad beat on myself
  119. PJN OWNS ME
  120. Mega Beat
  121. Doing well in a foreign game
  122. Does anyone routinely bust out of SNG as pf favorite?
  123. another zany one
  124. The First SNG I ever played back in April
  125. nice slowplay idiot....
  126. Worst. Beat. Ever.
  127. Hey I'm even...absolutely no content
  128. wtf, just give me my money now
  129. About fing time
  130. KK suited connectors
  131. Expert Stud/8 play
  132. YOUR Flopped boat no g00t!
  134. 11/29/05 Daily Suckout
  135. Anectodal evidence: party poker is rigged
  136. How's my line here?
  137. Brick and Mortar Poker is Rigged
  138. 22 FO tbbg?
  139. hahaha i was proud of this one
  140. i tilt you little fishy, yes i do
  141. So I think I'm ready to move up
  142. Weird stats over 1k hands - I <3 this forum
  144. 25/50NL Misery, Running Sooooooo Bad: Six Losers All In
  145. Pokerroom Thoughts and Experience?
  146. 99.8% to win on the flop
  147. Play any 2
  148. Party 30+3 Three table SNGs (LC)
  149. Idiot McDouchebag's Pattern Mapper is better than mine.
  150. which sites do you think are rigged?
  151. avoiding getting trapped???
  152. A real bad beat story
  153. My sickest beatdown ever
  154. how to beat these guys HU?
  155. deleted
  156. My favorite flavor of beat.
  157. This seems like a good forum to point out that...
  158. Know-it-alls
  159. My first cash out!
  160. This is great....
  162. you know your day is bad when..
  163. 900 hands. 7% of hands won.
  164. Check out this epic HU SNG win I just had
  165. First serious misclick in 1 year of playing
  166. One motherflogger of a bad beat.
  167. This is why I am DERG
  168. How much do i suck? Please vote
  169. What is your worst beat ever?
  170. Nice to be back
  171. $1,400+ pot. At 200nl.
  172. My favorite mistake
  173. They say you always hurt the ones you love
  174. Crime Scene Not for the squeamish
  175. Bitchin 2/4 day over the summer
  176. I don't think this is my first, but can't remember the last one
  177. fun month
  178. A non-expert Stud/8 play
  179. As bad as it gets in O8
  180. now that i think about it, i suppose it wasnt that bad
  181. f this
  182. sorry, I forgot
  183. Chinese poker soooo nic
  184. Final hand of HU tourney for first place...
  185. worst [censored] day
  186. dealing with sneaky aggressive opponents - 5/10 6max
  187. Tell the truth
  188. How to be above variance
  189. The games are getting tough :-(
  190. My AQs is broken.
  191. I used to think this guy played well....
  192. As Mason Would Say . . .
  193. colddeck vs maniac
  194. listen to this bad one i put on someone
  195. The winning recipe...
  196. This forum sucks
  197. Back to back 3-way allin w/ a Maniac
  198. 11/30/05 Daily Suckout
  199. He had a GREAT read on me!
  200. party poker secret
  201. 7.4 Earthquake?
  202. I'm on an awful posting streak
  203. I played poker today [brag and bad beat]
  204. Exposed hand
  205. dumb people and their dumb pocket pairs
  206. I suck, but Victor sucks more worser
  207. why we love maniacs
  208. how do I figure out the cumulative odds?
  209. Getting stuck at nit tables in R+A tourneys
  210. JT call all in with nothing on turn (Bragging post.)
  211. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (NC - bad beat post - SUE ME)
  212. Trapped!!
  214. Awesome beat I laid on this guy HU
  215. Bluff gone bad but turned good
  216. sexy
  218. this isn't even that bad a beat, just disheartening....
  219. How do you call this flop drawing to UNDERCARDS
  220. AA fold river?
  221. 50 cent Pros Semi rant little content
  222. Drawing Dead - Or Not!!
  223. Bad beat I just had...
  224. worst play ever in $200 NL?
  225. A tribute to sfer
  226. post 90 BB swings here
  227. I live for these hands
  228. This week
  229. I hate the kiddie pool!!!!
  230. DERG's beat of the day
  231. Missed a chance at a badbeat
  232. You stupid college kids
  233. rough night
  234. Put a bad one on a buddy tonight...
  235. capped on every street 3 way
  236. Finished 4th in an SNG because of this
  237. Holla ! My first 5digits pot :)
  238. JUSTICE!!!!!!
  239. I want to see the HH for the biggest pot ever recorded online (NC)
  240. DIE
  241. (3) players hit (3) different sets on flop (10 handed)
  242. Bad beats or improper play on my part.
  243. Shooting BBs at a Freight Train
  244. My November Brag Post - Edited to assure LC
  245. What was he thinking?
  246. Quickest 4 player HU tournament ever
  247. Here is a good one for you....LOL
  248. Ultimate Bad Beat
  249. DAMNIT!!!!
  250. Five digit single-session losses