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  1. David's playground?
  2. First post
  3. God doesn't exist, math is useless, moral relativism is a good thing
  4. What seperates man from animal? Natural law v. Divine reason?
  5. Favorite scientist?
  6. Atheism is retarded...
  7. Favorite Scientologist?
  8. Literature~=philosphy?? Moliere vs. Aristophenes
  9. Sklansky -Fermat Conjectures
  10. Why ...
  11. Hobbes - achieving highest good
  12. A dumb bar bet...
  13. Potential time travel paradox discounted by quantum mechanics.
  14. About Time Travel
  15. Woohoo! A philosophy forum!
  16. What is the home.lagrange.edu login for?
  17. Is Atheism retarded?
  18. Public Education
  19. Smartest man who ever lived?
  20. The elegant universe
  21. Smart Guns
  22. Quit yer bitchin'!
  23. 3 ways to solve a system of equations
  24. Simulink: ufix & sfix no workie with Math Function block!?!
  25. Best Engineering forum out there?
  26. Reading :::Knowledge v. Intellect
  27. What are you researching/developing
  28. common stock account
  29. Matlab Guild?
  30. Anyone celebrating the Litha Solstice today?
  31. Question about knowledge/brain...
  32. What is scientology exactly?
  33. Were the existentialists on to something?
  34. Question for those involved with 12 step groups
  35. God
  36. "Belief " = What Probability?
  37. Health science question (wacki?)
  38. Our first ever droid......
  39. The order of things...
  40. is this cheating?
  41. Happiness and suffering
  42. Is Math A Language
  43. MIT Physicists create new form of matter
  44. Explore the mars moon base
  45. christianity and gambling
  46. Good math books?
  47. Nostalgia...........
  48. Where does capital come from?
  49. A math problem.
  50. Consciousness?
  51. The 10 most influential people of the past 1000 years....
  52. Belief and 'act as if'
  53. 'act as if' and useless philosophy
  54. Getting Grounded in Philosophy - Where Should I Start?
  55. Philosophical and Science News Briefs
  56. Spin-off: 10 Most influential people of all time.
  57. Specific Question For Not Ready and Others
  58. Spontaneous Conception --- Virgin Mary ain't alone..
  59. Is it this simple to prove the bible inaccurate?
  60. Where Addiction Lies
  61. Polytheism or Monotheism?
  62. help settle a philosophy argument
  63. The 10 Most Influential Americans of all time....
  64. Prayer
  65. Belief, Assumptions, Logic and Science
  66. Stop trying to point out contradictions in religion!
  67. New bullet train in Japan breaks records. Why don't we have one?
  68. Problems with Pascal's Wager
  69. Ship of Theseus
  70. "Psychic Idol"
  71. general forum function question, and follow up
  72. Fuzzy logic
  73. Question for DS and Others Regarding Morals/Ethics
  74. It's official.... ITER is off and running.
  75. Physics brain-bender
  76. average speed math
  77. A Geometry/Perspective Question
  78. Is science about to prove/disprove the existence of Heaven/Hell?
  79. Recommend some good IQ questions
  80. Who's your favorite science fiction author?
  81. Violet light and a hum
  82. Becoming mentally strong
  83. Dear Atheists/Agnostics....
  84. Research Opportunity on San Juan Island, WA
  85. Miracles
  86. Logic Problem that is Making Me Angry. (Hence the angry face)
  87. ..% m.d.'s who believe in god...
  88. Deism Plus an Afterlife.
  89. Hypothetical Questions
  90. Majors in college
  91. Melting glaciers, Climate Change, and no mo water.....
  92. Crashing Helicopters
  93. Cherry 2000? Life life female robot
  94. Omnibot 2000
  95. new name for the forum
  96. The relationship between science and science fiction
  97. A lesson in morality.
  98. My Attitude About Religious People
  99. An observation about Religion....
  100. Welcome to Pseudo-Science, Sacred Math, and Theology Forum
  101. An Observation about Intelligent Design
  102. Religious Evidence and Miracles
  103. New fusion project in france/ global warming
  104. How do you assign value in a secular universe
  105. Nonviolence
  106. Comet 'Strike' a Sucess
  107. Peace
  108. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  109. teleportation and your "soul"
  110. The Probability of God
  111. Doc says 30% chance of survival
  112. Tom Cruise / Scientology update
  113. What happened the day before the universe was created?
  114. Sentience, free will, and that which makes us tick
  115. Here's a religious question re Old and New Testament :
  116. Principle of Sufficient Reason
  117. Simple pronunciation question
  118. Buddhism Right Livelyhood and Poker
  119. Why Do Jews Reject Jesus?
  120. Is It Disrepectful To Make Fun of Religions or Their Adherants?
  121. If there was no possession.
  122. Why doesn't Sklansky give it up?
  123. 125 Unanswered Questions
  124. pls delete
  125. Eugenetics :
  126. Fundamental Question in the Philosophy of Religion
  127. Not Ready- Please Jump In
  128. The Golden Rule - Sklanskyanity
  129. The Port-o-Clone V7000: a short story
  130. Why do Atheists so full of hate ?
  131. Interesting Quote
  132. The Jesus in Sklanskyanity, and vice-versa
  134. What recent religious miracles have occured?
  135. Religion and esotericisim
  136. Religion Astrology and Me
  137. I'm So Disillusioned
  138. Space, Time & Stephen Hawking Jive
  139. The Idea of Intelligence
  140. Mr. Sklansky, Please Read
  141. What if A car could run On Kool Aid?
  142. Is atheism as dogmatic as piety?
  143. Not Ready, Why do we need God?
  144. Lasers as weapons
  145. Life is a highway...
  146. Speed Reading
  147. What is Time?
  148. Golf Science - Flyers
  149. Where does concept of "age of consent come from"?
  150. CHRISTMAS = Revised Saturnalia plus Mythra's birthday
  151. Philosophy question
  152. Memo to Boss
  153. I Need Help With A Very Important Decision!!! (NOT Poker Related)
  154. An Economic Question
  155. HST, Philosophy, and the beau idéal
  156. Where is the graveyard of dead gods?
  157. how much different is the belief in extraterrestial life from that....
  158. Questions for BossJJ Regarding Judaism
  159. Playing Draidal
  160. Space shuttle question.............. Why the huge tower?
  161. Last Question From Me Regarding Religions
  162. Why Quanta, Consciousness, Big Bang
  163. Religious Posters and Poker
  164. Feynman Lectures?
  165. Politically Incorrect WSOP Post
  166. Fundametalist Poker Players
  167. Intelligent Design
  168. question for the non-believers/believers--concerning dinosaurs
  169. Tatooine like planet has 3 suns/challenges planet formation theories
  170. Question for Non-Believers
  171. Zazen
  172. are people capable of being selfless?
  173. Prayer 'no aid to heart patients'
  174. Some More Infinite Series Jive
  175. How do atheist\scientists account for Thomas Aquinas?
  176. what happens when you reach the end of the universe?
  177. Morality
  178. Are There Stop Signs on Route 1?
  179. Templeton Prize Winners; N.B. David Sklansky
  180. A. I. and Creation Myth
  181. It's like... a whole new dimension man...
  182. The specialization of industry
  183. Lord of the Flies, Hobbes, and Religion (long)
  184. Gravity.... looks like our laws are flawed
  185. Does Sklansky Read Harry Potter?
  186. Abortion
  187. Science: Ice Water, Diet, and Weight Loss Question
  188. Eating meat.
  189. Yx3 +6v =?
  190. A Less Obvious Martingale Fallacy
  191. What is matter?
  192. Zero point
  193. Sklansky on Should We have dropped the Bomb
  194. Why I love Catholicism
  195. Intelligence and Happiness
  196. What's the point of a church?
  197. "When you don't believe in God..........
  198. My views on catholicism
  199. Best Math Fiction
  200. affects of 2+2 on me
  201. Christian Americans...
  202. The Universe created Humans
  203. Can religion be good even if it is in error?
  204. To David Sklansky and others...
  205. For David Sklansky
  206. Talking/walk/etc robot video.... made by a cute chick none the less.
  207. Questions for David Sklansky
  208. You were born this morning. You will die tonight.
  209. Would you step into a teleporter?
  210. Announcing "Answered" Prayers Both Stupid and Disgusting
  211. Islam & Poker - Darurah and Hajah
  212. Sartre's Contradiction
  213. An experiment to prove or disprove the power of prayer
  214. Another Special Relativity Anomaly Question
  215. How much energy would it take to part the Red Sea?
  216. Mark 1:17
  217. Why I'm a closet atheist
  218. When in history did atheism become the only choice?
  219. The nature of the universe :
  220. The nature of the universe :
  221. The nature of the universe :
  222. Is Heaven really all it's cracked up to be?
  223. Are Philosophers Stupid?
  224. Zeno's Paradox (continued)
  225. Mr. Sklansky: Which Physics book to buy?
  226. Why do Jews Reject Jesus - Part 2
  227. Noam Chomsky
  228. questions for bossjj
  229. 200 years from today...
  230. Was Fermat's Theorem Really Proven?
  231. Don't Think Riemann Hypothesis Is Right Successor To Fermat.
  232. Finally.....Irrefutable proof of the existence of Heaven & Hell.....
  233. The next great question..
  234. Sister's Math Problem
  235. Why atheists reject Judaism
  236. None of this nursery school stuff - a proper maths problem. 25$ reward
  237. Science doesn't really explain anything. It's only a prediction tool.
  238. 100 Greatest Theorems of All Time
  239. test
  240. Interesting Puzzle
  241. Is This Mathematically Solvable?
  242. Two numbers and two logicians
  243. Was the Old Testament divinely inspired?
  244. So the question becomes
  245. The type of world I like.
  246. if you get this you are smart
  247. IQ Question
  248. Documentary Hypotheses
  249. IQ Question #2
  250. ok, this one is really hard