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  1. River Play With Strong, But Not Nut Hands
  2. New to PLO omaha, limping hand range
  3. Another 400PLO hand - AA in position - common scenario
  4. Feedback on hand
  5. Did i play it right?
  6. Nut Flush Draw from BB - Check call on River with 2PTK
  7. Big draw against big villain.
  8. Two 10.00 25.00 PLO hands for discussion
  9. KK in tournament: flop low paired board with flush draw
  10. Some 25 PLO hands ... feedback requested
  11. PLO tourneys preflop ? Xposted from MTT
  12. cracking aces....calling huge raises preflop to break them....
  13. 5-10--play for the straight flush?
  14. 25 PLO hand vs. a Lag
  15. 4-handed pre-flop push fest
  16. Super system 2
  17. This one had me confused.
  18. Pot Limit - Official Ruling Question
  19. post & fold in party $25 PLO
  20. Where to play Limit Omaha High?
  21. Reraise all in on draw PLO 6max
  22. Call this flop bet? plo 25
  23. Checking Big Draws?
  24. First crack at PLO - top two on the flop...
  25. Push with top 2 on flop?
  26. Is is folding KKK standard here?
  27. Calling allins and big flop bets with only Over pairs
  28. Limit Omaha question
  29. Good spot for push top two pair , OESD/flushblockers?
  30. Basic PLO25 hand.
  31. Still learning: Second best straight on the flop...
  32. nut straight on the flop, how to play against aggresion with no redraw
  33. differences in skill on Party 1/2 -vs- 2/4
  34. Top set on a 3 broadway board
  35. First pot limit tournament, was this played right?
  36. A boring first PLO hand AK44 ds
  37. Omaha SNGs
  38. Double Quads.....
  39. Getting all-in here ok?
  40. AQT9 ds
  41. Fun with noobs
  42. Final Table $10 RA MTT - Stars - Couple Hands Review
  43. PokerTracker Omaha
  44. River play with 3rd best FH
  45. A very passive KJsKT hand....
  46. Are these players as bad as they seem?
  47. Poker Stars 5-10 bare ace play
  48. Hand from Brighton
  49. Is this a bare ace bluff or just retarded?
  50. AAKK Post-flop against LAG and LP
  51. aajts
  52. AAxx philosophy
  53. I like Omaha!
  54. loose call on button yields a 11 out nust str8 draw + lousy flush draw
  55. Big draw vs. shorty. Your play?
  56. Nut str8 on flop, worse(?) draw than opponent.....
  57. DC mixed game this Friday
  58. Top set facing all-in bet.
  59. Why would an opp fold here?
  60. could you have put him on this hand
  61. "bad" turn card.
  62. I'ts all about potodds - LC
  63. Lead out wit a bet of even better to fold preflop?plo 25
  64. Omaha... Do you have to play tight?
  65. 8542ss hand (fun / brag post)
  66. best site for PLO tourneys?
  67. I didn't fold AA62ss - here's what happened
  68. Whats your play?
  69. For the haters...
  70. Notes
  71. Party of Stars?
  72. PLO sundays at Wynn.
  73. Fish list this guy?
  74. Other than not go on tilt, is there anything I can do to save my chips
  75. Flopping middle set
  76. I am weak, interesting hand.
  77. DC mixed game this Friday
  78. Help please
  79. Stars $.05 $.10 level
  80. Fold river?
  81. Very deep stacks, flopped nuts with redraw, think i fakked up
  82. ROFL...Bluff with top pair gets called by weaker hand...
  83. Too weak on riiver?
  84. Is this how you play Omaha? (2 hands)
  85. Absolute Maniac Omaha play
  86. how many games?
  87. Tips on Omaha mixed game
  88. Pacific Poker Spreads Omaha?
  89. Ugh - Turn decision
  90. Top set overplayed? I'm new, so help+
  91. Standard play, missed value?
  92. Need a ruling on mucking cards
  93. Was I the fish or were they the fish?
  94. Omaha bankroll mang questions
  95. small-money decision
  96. KKJ5ds (brag)
  97. shorthanded PLO (6 max)
  98. good draw, OOP, multiway action
  99. Flop top set w/ bare ace on flush draw board
  100. A hand from Wynn last weekend need your thoughts
  101. PL - flopped nuts with redraw to non-nut flush
  102. Chump or Unlucky (PL high hand betting the 3rd runner runner)
  103. $20 -$50 PLOH Tournaments?
  104. A Live PL Omaha hand that really got to me
  105. How hard is Omaha?
  106. PLO Tonight @ Wynn
  107. Search Function
  108. Bring me down to earth please
  109. Is 2 off the button a trouble spot for PLO?
  110. The Best Information on PL Omaha?
  111. $400PL Omaha S/handed - Turn Decision - Simple?
  112. Definition of Nut Peddling
  113. For anyone who cares, I think I know why the search feature is broken.
  114. new to plo, a little help please.
  115. Bottom two sets, push it or no?
  116. AAT2 hand vs. LAG OOP
  117. Most respected posters in PLO?
  118. all in preflop with KK27 in budapest. bad?
  119. BoDog Disconnect Protection
  120. Trying to play Laggishly, How'd I do?
  121. Starting hand list
  122. LRR AA
  123. Call or fold
  124. Anatomy of a downswing.
  125. Gambooling vs. shorties w/ A-A-x-x
  126. Anyone know where i can import a good auto rate for PTO?
  127. Tips for playing AAxx (where xx is unsuited danglers)...
  128. PL200 6max hand - Flop and Turn decisions
  129. Bad Laydown Here?
  130. Good Draw?
  131. What should I Do Here?
  132. flopping FH with pp
  133. Micro Limit 2nd Nut flush
  134. The donkey and I
  135. Heaving rocks
  136. Do you think this is more common in PLO?
  137. Bluffing with the best hand?
  138. Backed into the backdoor second nuts, your play?
  139. DC mixed game this Friday
  140. first PLO in a while... I'll play more often; + comment from sister
  141. At what stakes should I consider leaving Stars for a softer site?
  142. Oh The Humanity!
  143. Omawho Turn Play
  144. PLO in Vegas or Atlantic City
  145. PLO tonight @ Wynn 7-8p.m........I guarantee this game will go!!
  146. how should i play top set with 2 flush cards out?
  147. and how do you bet flopped nut str8 with 2 flush cards?
  148. Stars players: Does Dans Macabre ever sleep?
  149. KKJJss against two stacks who I assume had AAxx. Should I have mucked?
  150. Pokerstars O/8 freerolls...
  151. Flop play from the BB
  152. Where can I find the best PTO auto-rate rules for PLOH?
  153. Loose Omaha Limit Games
  154. Trouble understanding this from Ciaffone/Reuben's book
  155. Failing to control the pot size. Did I make that mistake here?
  156. What a clusterf*** of a hand...This is definitely a new low...
  157. Flopped nut flush with 4 clubs in hand, river makes str8 fl possible
  158. 2nd nuts vs. decent player
  159. Interesting Full House Concept
  160. Anyone interested in selling PTO database?
  161. Value Raise or Donk Play?
  162. data mining on pokerstars
  163. Trop Omaha Tournament
  164. Calculating Odds in Omaha
  165. The Making of a Nut Flush
  166. Using a min-raise in PLO
  167. Icky Played Hand!
  168. OOP non-nut draw + continuation
  169. I am a PLO fish
  170. To raise or not to raise
  171. My girlfriend PWNZ JOO
  172. misplayed on every street?
  173. Keeping the Initiative (Stars 100 hand)
  174. Who is Hock on bodog poker room 5 10 PLO player
  175. Any hand Omaha PL .10//20
  176. Pot Control
  177. Large 4-way pot after Villians bluff fails
  178. Am i not good to call here?25pl
  179. Good lay down or too weak-tight?
  180. A little beggining help please.
  181. Middle Set - Can I laydown at any point?
  182. Looking for an Omaha Buddy
  183. Folding Trip Aces on the Flop
  184. I just did it.....
  185. 6-max tables at party
  186. Raising standards for loose, small games... (noobish Q)
  187. how good is you omaha?
  188. Did I play this right?
  189. Four to Broadway on turn
  190. Stars Deepstack PLO Tournament
  191. Trying to get a PLO game going at Lucky Chances?
  192. Do you push here?
  193. Nut straight rivers underfull, OOP. 50 PLO.
  194. gotta just play a big pot right?
  195. Pot Limit Bankroll
  196. Bottom set and weak openended against shortstacks
  197. Search Function
  198. Axs vs AKs
  199. Check/Raise?
  200. Value bet on river... PLO $100- metagame considerations in effect?
  201. Raising for free cards/ buying outs with draws PLO...
  202. Minimum bet question
  203. 50 PLO AA doublesuited flush draw flop.
  204. 2 hands, good call? good bet?
  205. Books
  206. River checkraise, UB .25/.50
  207. flopping top set on str8 board with action
  208. Folding the second nuts.
  209. Calling a raise with TTTJ
  210. a quick PF checkup... 7 hands submitted ofr your consideration
  211. SS2, Berman's "Killer Cards" (chart) Help Please
  212. My big suckout for the day! Would you play this the same?
  213. Teach me to play tournament PLO
  214. Flush Draws
  215. PLO in vegas
  216. Go easy, I've no clue.
  217. Time to get busy? PLO100 pair, wrap, and weak F draw vs LAG and rock
  218. PT stats questions
  219. Top Two facing aggression after a Pre-flop raise (stars .5/1)
  220. short stacked PLO
  221. bodog 5-10
  222. No-Limit Omaha Tournament, need some advice
  223. Preflop aggression PT stats
  224. massive 5 10 PLO pot do you call here?
  225. pfr cold calling standards.
  226. AAxx turns set against possible made straight.
  227. Too loose, too lucky?
  228. Newb wrap question
  229. KK hand
  230. PL Omaha
  231. A common OOP turn decision/problem
  232. question about my hand...
  233. Good Book on PLO?
  234. playing full table shortstacked VPIP 12%
  235. wrap draw, how's my play?
  236. How'd I play this?
  237. Whats my Line?
  238. 10/20 weak-ish draw in big pot
  239. Am I a Donkey?
  240. Looking for a few hours of heads up PLO coaching
  241. The indeptitude of others pays my wages. Discuss
  242. Position - Stars - $100PL FR
  243. Is there any other way to play this or am I just losing a stack?
  244. A few hands for critique...
  245. When to get the raise in? in position flopped quads PLO100
  246. Weird flop scenario: What to do here?
  247. Is this hand trash pf? PLO50
  248. Fullhouse river decision
  249. Top two on ragged board...When should I give credit for top set?
  250. New to this, is this an acceptable line (PLO100)