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  1. pushing vs a made hand
  2. AA54ss brag hand, low content
  3. QJT9 on 889ds board
  4. Odds Question.
  5. Post-Oak Bluff vs. TAG
  6. Bottom set vs. Calling station, what's my turn line?
  7. PLO SNG - OESD, good enough for a stand?
  8. This flop call/turn fold ok.
  9. PLO SNG - Trips on turn, can I fold this?
  10. PLO SNG - Anyone lead the turn with Top 2?
  11. question about low Sets, Party 25PLO
  12. AA early position
  13. Very surprising twodimes with wrap hand
  14. Bottom set + OESD, push ok?
  15. Too Aggro with OESD?
  16. Nut flush draw + gutshot + pair against a LAG and an unknown
  17. Easy laydown here?
  18. where can yo play PLO SNG?
  19. Stars $200 PLO
  20. PLO coach
  21. Omaha Book
  22. AKQJds flops 22 outer! (brag hand, relatively low content)
  23. My PLO Strategy
  24. Phil Ivey, looseness preflop, and some questions
  25. Getting a large portion of your stack in PF with Aces
  26. PLO heads up strategy...
  27. Home game hand
  28. Newbie needs help on flopped str8!
  29. PL $200 - Turn Decision
  30. Over Pairs on Flops
  31. flush draw vs. two made straights
  32. deep 1/2 hand - nuts on flop
  33. top pair with nut flush draw on flop
  34. shorthanded kkxx
  35. Hilarious (No Real Content)
  36. Top two + nut flush draw + gutshot on turn against sets, call?
  37. Interesting hand: Part 1
  38. KKTTds vs 99 on 932 board
  39. What I've learned as a LAG (6max)
  40. hand converter
  41. a possibly boring 5/10 hand
  42. PLO hands
  43. This is probably a mess too
  44. another 5/10
  45. Evaluating starting hands by points
  46. 10/25 hand
  47. What do you think about this hand?
  48. AA vs AA vs KK EV
  49. HU on Stars Any1?
  50. Standard one?
  51. move along, nothing to see here
  52. fighting with sticks and stones
  53. hmm
  54. checker checker checker checker
  55. Doyle's Room review and brag hand
  56. some 5/10 turn fun
  57. one I think I screwed up
  58. an interesting turn situation
  59. Do Noobs play PLO like a slot machine?
  60. Is this too weak tight?
  61. Flop decisions... (2)
  62. Phil Hellmuth's PLO chapter
  63. omaha holdem poker ciaffone
  64. First PLO post
  65. Best Omaha books
  66. 16 card wrap in a multiway pot.
  67. Would you call this minraise?
  68. Preflop PLO Advice
  69. FAQ sticky for this forum
  70. switching from 50 buy in to 200 buy in, short handed.
  71. trip aces
  72. Shorthanded Omaha hand
  73. pokerschoolonline?
  74. Which sites have 400 or 600 PLO/8 going ?
  75. One of those really unpleasant decisions
  76. the 2nd nuts is worth a raise, right?
  77. ATT7 brag hand (relatively low content)
  78. One of my ten favorite hands ever (absolutely no content)
  79. Rolf Slotboom Book
  80. 3 straight flushes in one day (no content)
  81. Seven card stud or pot limit omaha
  82. rambling to learn the game- seemingly monstrous wrap
  83. computer simulation v. actual play
  84. Misplayed Tourney Hand?
  85. OMAHA HOLDEM POKER BY Bob Ciaffone review
  86. Basic Question about play
  87. $25 PP PLO, AAxx in BB, raised multiway pot
  88. VPIP in Omaha
  89. River decision
  90. Simple AA Preflop Decision
  91. Double Q-high flushdraw
  92. Did i make a horrible or good river call?
  93. KQJ9ds amazing hand
  94. 1/2 PLO River w/ Top Set: Check behind?
  95. Just got PTO, recorded month of July
  96. I just discovered PL Omaha tonight
  97. Did I make a good fold ?
  98. Q about Book
  99. I folded another full house
  100. Wrap from button get's check raised
  101. Two instances of overplaying AAxx?
  102. "But I flopped the nuts!"
  103. What do you guys do about soft-playing ?
  104. implied odds calculator/formulas for the turn
  105. PL Omaha - Questions
  106. Poker Grapher for PTO
  107. 400$PLO/8 hand - low set
  108. 2 similar hands, HU on rag flops
  109. Omaha blind vs. blind.
  110. Yet another straight.
  111. Are there 2+2ers on BoDog
  112. Aces+Nut Flush Draw (PLO Hi)
  113. Party $25 PLO
  114. Crazy Hand, Boats Everywhere
  115. write Party Poker and tell them to get shorthanded $100 PLO
  116. Omaha Online Programs
  117. Crazy T875 hand (brag)
  118. What do I do here?? (shorthanded overpair)
  119. Decisions, Decisions!
  120. River decision against a loose-aggressive.
  121. Good pre-flop play...
  122. When is it right to fold an overfull in a loose game with bad players?
  123. Why pot-limit?
  124. Posts in PLO not showing up in "show all user's posts"
  125. Would you lay this down?
  126. A very typical hand being a true demonstration of implied odds in PLO
  127. More river problems
  128. If only...
  129. Reraise on the flop
  130. Big pot...
  131. Okay to bet the turn?
  132. Just one more hand...
  133. Hey Rempel
  134. Very Icky Turn - $400PL
  135. Boring and unoriginal
  136. First PLO-post.
  137. LAG and Shorthanded PLO - Answer the PP Challenge
  138. Very Basic Question
  139. 2 Big Omaha Hands 5/10
  140. "Selling the nuts idea from SS2 "
  141. Busting likely AAxx (? on 2 pre-flop call's)
  142. Should I wear a skirt when I play?
  143. My Hand
  144. How loose is too loose PF?
  145. PLO tourney, should I fold 2nd set?
  146. Can learning PLO help your NLHE game?
  147. 3-pair!
  148. JT95ds hand (Poll)
  149. Sam Farha
  150. KKKK hand
  151. would you have gone broke here?
  152. plo high books
  153. When the LAG puts you on AAxx (high limit)
  154. Curious about a turn call
  155. Re-Raising with AAxx
  156. Nut straight with runner-runner flush on river, still lead?
  157. Too aggro with nut straight on rainbow board?
  158. Bottom straight to weak bet and call, can I overcall?
  159. Naked Ad when river flush hits
  160. Nut flush on paired board, can I bet this river?
  161. Aggression question
  162. A on board I call with pair of Qs 5/10pl
  163. AA hand, betting the naked A on the turned flush
  164. I have 8 cards, stupid strategy idea.
  165. Hands like: As 8s 6s 5d
  166. Times to Play
  167. Top Two - i think they are killing me
  168. Check the River?
  169. Stuck between two AAxx
  170. Anybody wonders where soft 400PLO games are?
  171. PF decision with KK88ds
  172. When should I move up to PLO50?
  173. A question about the PLO "Kill cards" chart in SS2
  174. TP+gutshot, check/fold turn/river?
  175. Top Two on river, bet or check?
  176. 2nd nut flush on double-paired board HU????
  177. Question about evaluating new players in a PLO25 game...
  178. Is this a weak tight laydown?
  179. It's Omaha Time!
  180. KQJTds hand (brag)
  181. AA hand...
  182. Naked Aces in SNGs, push or fold?
  183. Ick! Did I get all of my chips in the middle too early here?
  184. What are fish thinking when they min bet huge pots?
  185. Good start for a complete plo8 noob?
  186. AK35c in late position in tourny, push?
  187. Did i play this correctly?
  188. DETZ NO LEEMIT (Omaha) BABY!
  189. min vs. max buyin at 25 cent BB PLO
  190. What's easier to learn for noob, o8 or omaha hi?
  191. Is there a better way to divide the Omaha boards?
  192. Agression with Flush draw HU
  193. PLO, Variance and Profitability vs Furthering NLHE Game
  194. Naked nuts
  195. Resident Experts
  196. Did I do something wrong here, or is this just the nature of PLO?
  197. Clueless from start to finish
  198. 2nd set question?
  199. Was I right to re-raise pot?
  200. Pot-Limit Omaha FAQ
  201. How to play nuts Vs. Freeroll
  202. Top full house on the turn
  203. Slow play of a flopped nut boat
  204. Thoughts on this hand?
  205. Running bluffs(2 hands)
  206. Extreme preflop conditions
  207. Nut Flush + OE Straight Draw Turn Play
  208. Middle set + OESD on flop
  209. Where to play 1k PLO ?
  210. Hand vs. Phishy McPhishy
  211. What should I do here ?
  212. Lack of More Advanced PLO Discussion
  213. heads up massive draw to poor boat, poor OE str8, and 2 poor flushes
  214. Live PLO in Atlantic City?
  215. PLO SNG - AA55ds
  216. Sample of an advanced play
  217. 2k plo party hand
  218. Too weak here? (Bottom set. No straight or flush on board.)
  219. How do I get the converter to work with party plo hands?
  220. QJT8 hand - semibluff pays off (brag)
  221. A likely basic hand from my first PLO session
  222. Never raising preflop in PLO
  223. AAxxds upfront
  224. PLO flop line.
  225. Booyakah!
  226. holy smokes, quite a PLO run
  227. a PLO$50 hand
  228. Advanced Low Limit Tactic
  229. PLO 200 - top set out of position
  230. Advanced play or nonsens?
  231. Making a move with 2-pair
  232. PLO converter on fritz??
  233. Good Pot Limit Omaha Online
  234. Second Nut Straight Plus Flush Draw against Shorstack and loose caller
  235. Good Line?
  236. I've always said it, and here's proof. . .
  237. Bottom set, 2nd nut flush draw and gutshot to nut str8
  238. for the vegas folks
  239. Computer Programs
  240. Preflop call.
  241. Live PLO East Chicago
  242. selling a seat at pokerstars
  243. Anybody up for a HU SNG on Stars?
  244. Middle set/Q-high flush/OESD
  245. Top Two HU against weak player
  246. Hero always has AAxx, right? (brag post)
  247. Naked A to flush on the river
  248. PLO Satellite Question
  249. Call or raise?
  250. Poorly played?