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  1. The WSOP will continue...link to news article
  2. Sankehead, check your PM ---- n/m
  3. Latest on Binions
  4. Late Night Poker?
  5. Texas Women
  6. WPT starts licensing program
  7. Ultimate WSOP proposed deal (warning: brain teaser inside)
  8. The future of the WSOP
  9. Newsday Article about recent poker boom.
  10. CT Players
  11. Robert Varkoni stacking the chips at Borgota
  12. Correcting an old mistake
  13. Betty Carey in Famous Poker Player
  14. Very Latest On WSOP - Staying At Horseshoe
  15. vegas trip report
  16. Online Poker getting plugs on Howard Stern Right Now!
  17. Pot-Stuck at the Bus Stop – Using the System to Get Home
  18. Poker Cruise to Rio
  19. Horseshoe Sale To Harrah's No Sure Thing
  20. Vince Lepore Seen On Beach In Thailand With Laptop Playing Poker
  21. Nice Couple
  22. I'm BAAACCKKKKKK.... with your poker TV lists for 1/18-1/25
  23. Harrington and Moneymaker
  24. Can someone give me a tax estimate?
  25. My turn
  26. Hawaiian Gardens
  27. The best place to play Poker
  28. Economics 101 for you know who you are!
  29. Vegas vs. AC players?
  30. Queation about auto-insurance....
  31. LVRJ: Online gambling ads draw scrutiny
  32. tax EV(asion)
  33. Marie's 1st FW's Trip
  34. Ethical Dilemmas at Tunica WPO
  35. Do you find this paragraph in CardPlayer annoying?
  36. real celebrity poker
  37. Best Places to Play for 18 Year Olds....
  38. So why no celebrating at the final table?
  39. How can anyone with a brain support the Patriot Act?
  40. Captain Kangaroo Dies
  41. Life without the Post of Posts
  42. WSOP will take place
  43. If you don't like the Patriot Act...
  44. berated for tipping
  45. Popularity Killing Game
  46. Dollar way down?
  47. Dutch Boyd Getting the boot?
  48. Poker on TV this week, including WPT in 3 minutes!
  49. Pokerstars Rebroadcast Thoughts (Cross-posted in Tournament Forum)
  50. Hollywood Home Game . . . They Were Better Than A Lot Of The Pros
  51. Before TPFAP...
  52. Who was/is Sylvester Suzuki?
  53. Player claims he's still owed $37.5K on online Marlins bet
  54. Celebrity Poker in Houston this Saturday
  56. Atlantic City Press article on hold'em
  57. you gotta sorta feel bad about this poker player...
  58. Suggestions for Vegas brunch?
  59. BBQ in Vegas
  60. Need a comp favor in LV
  61. The sixth known form of matter is created
  62. First trip to Vegas
  63. News For UK Poker?
  64. Partially Banned
  65. Poker and gambling on TV- 2/1 at 4:00 EST through Sunday 2/8/04
  66. San Diego Cardrooms
  67. WPT Event, Some Thoughts...
  68. Why Don't Lederer and Negreanu Post Here?
  69. Gaming Wars May Bring Slots to L.A - What Will Happen to Poker?
  70. Playing good at Mandalay Bay (crazy long)
  71. Stud game on ABC's "Line of Fire"
  72. Devilfish Sklansky Comment
  73. Anyone who plans to pay taxes on Gambling Winnings....
  74. Question about Taxes and IRS
  75. EASY E HELP!!!!!
  76. Angleshooters at the Belle
  77. CNN just had a story on poker
  78. Don't Forget, WPT Starts tonight
  79. Tax Plans - Comments Sought
  80. LA side action report?
  81. LA Times Articles
  82. Watch out Vegas -- Phish is coming 4/15-17....lol n/m
  83. Still Growing
  84. Hold em Boom Ruining Poker...
  85. No More Signatures?
  86. Ed Miller
  87. A question Regarding Taxes
  88. Internet Explorer Update
  89. 10-20 party omaha
  90. Blackjack Satellite
  91. A Hurricane with Chips
  92. This is funny. . .
  93. Celebrity Poker mocked on SNL
  94. Baggins! Ohhhh BAGGINS!!! Poker on TV 2/8- 2/15
  95. how to cure a cough
  96. Mirage Expanding Poker Room
  97. Seattle capped-buy no-limit trip report
  98. Sea food in Vegas?
  99. NLHE dealers needed Milwaukee 2/15
  100. Ohhh to become a PRO (View)
  101. Vegas-Bound!
  102. Club One in Fresno
  103. John Kerry have any chance at all at Presidency?
  104. Boyd and Coast properties to merge
  105. If you are a mid-limit player in Los Angeles….
  106. Amarillo Slim pleads guilty to child molestation
  107. probably the worst hand I've played in a while
  108. You can read all the Poker Books you want but...
  109. A joke that won't get me exhiled for singling out.
  110. First visit to a B&M next week
  111. a floor ruling that I wondered about.
  112. 2004 US Poker Championship on ESPN???
  113. Cubs Vs Astros in NL Central
  114. Houston Vs Dallas
  115. An Afghan Boy's Life at Guantanamo
  116. A blonde not the blonde (keeping it general to not hurt anyone's feeli
  117. Questions on allowable deductions for professional gamblers
  118. This forum and the Other Topics forum needs clarification
  119. A little magic on a Wednesday night
  120. Poker Popularity (And other views)
  121. Attitude
  122. Top poker player for charity event
  123. late night poker
  124. Someone has hijacked my domain for a remailer
  125. TV poker/gambling for this week
  126. Greadiest SOB's ive ever met.
  127. US poker champs on ESPN
  128. 10 Things women are unlikely to say in Houston
  129. awake again
  130. Coming to vegas ...any 2+2'ers interested in getting together???
  131. Will the U.S. try to stop online gambling
  132. Hello Las Vegas locals
  133. What the hell is the matter with Virginia?
  134. Running Ante?
  135. WPT 2003, what show was best?
  136. Cool billboard in Vegas
  137. Where are they now?
  138. Staking Someone
  139. NVG Forum should be renamed "Al Capone Jr. vs. the world"
  140. Where can I buy pokerchips using Neteller?
  141. Poker article in the Seattle-Post Intelligencer
  142. whining about whiners
  144. An intelligent and lazy bum
  145. Vegas Trip
  146. My Vegas Trip (Thoughts on Vegas for the under 21 crowd)
  147. Funny Situation
  148. NOLA next Week
  149. Forbes poker article
  150. WSOP mentioned on CSI
  151. RFD Link: rec.gambling.poker.moderated
  152. WSOP webcast?
  153. Nelly getting a Missouri Casino in trouble
  154. Online Poker Support
  155. High limit players playing from common bankroll at the Hustler?
  156. WSOP in april and may
  157. Poker, gambling on TV this week through 2/29/04
  158. Gawker Stalker Bellagio
  159. 5stud Hi-lo Early Declare
  160. Vote on Quitox for this forum!
  161. Stuey: the Movie....when's it coming out DVD??
  162. 2 + 2 Seminar -- Spring 2004?
  163. Comfortable Mouse
  164. Foxwoods MiniTripReport
  165. Has someone put together a best of elysium's posts?
  166. Some Quality Time with Clarkmeister
  167. Running Good at the 'Wood: My First Trip Report
  168. 2+2 Gathering at Foxwoods...With a Twist
  169. Ed Miller Mechanics
  170. A view on table image
  171. Vegas Baby, Vegas!
  172. Reno Hilton Already Sold Out....
  173. Heading to Vegas in 2-3 Weeks
  174. $2,000-$4,000 game
  175. Roger Ebert on Poker
  176. Sports talk radio
  177. Getting inside the mind of ... WPT theme music composer.
  178. Finally, A Deductible Las Vegas Trip
  179. Poker and life!!
  180. Going to Vegas for Phish April 15-17th
  181. What does it take to open your own cardroom....
  182. Vegas Trip Report Feb 23-Feb 28 (Very Long/War&Peace Long)
  183. Thank You Rick, Hero and The Bike
  184. Are there WSOP tickets?
  185. Favourite Poker Author
  186. tee hee I still can't beat him!
  187. The Agony of it all - Celebrity poker
  188. RGPM discussion (long self serving)
  189. WSOP KO records kept?
  190. My thoughts on the 2+2 game at the Bike
  191. Poker, gambling on TV 3/1-3/7/04
  192. Mason's spreadsheet
  193. Getting screwed by the Tax Man in MN
  194. Has anyone spoken to the IRS...
  195. Farha's call of Dutch
  196. Commerce Trip Report (brief)
  197. When 2 go at it.
  198. thinking about Bill Gates.....
  199. Granny Mae
  200. WSOP - Best Bluffs on ESPN2 right now. EST n/m
  201. Martha Stewart and Gay Marriages
  202. PPM
  203. San Francisco
  204. Anyone else pumped for the WPT tonight?
  205. Workers Unite!!
  206. Whatever happened to???
  207. SF Bay Area Home Game Sat., Mar 13
  209. Missed it: WHAT DID DAVID HIT K, Q or heart? nm
  210. New episode of WPT: Discuss
  211. that WPT episode is the funniest thing I have ever seen!
  212. WPT Borgata notes- SPOILERS
  213. Chris Moneymaker is not a fish
  214. Vince Van Patten - The bigot of whatever it is he does for a living
  215. Foxwoods this Weekend
  216. WPT Borgata: Mistakes gallore
  217. charlie shoten
  218. Forum question
  219. Pipe Smoking
  220. Why I like live poker
  221. Passion of Christ (odd question)
  222. Being rude on 2+2 makes me feel big!
  223. Next idea for cardrooms
  224. Poker article in my local paper
  225. Major Sponsers
  226. 'I'd Rather be Lucky Than Good'
  227. WPt Bay 101 Update
  228. Poker Tracker
  229. Sattelites
  230. Commerce Casino Hall of Fame
  231. $4.000/$8,000
  232. Poker, gambling on TV 3/8- 3/14
  233. Business Trip to Anaheim...Some questions about Commerce
  234. oh wow!! now I am carpel tunnel!!!!!!!
  235. Live Action Poker Hates Us?
  236. Poker Ethics Question
  237. Just another day in Tunica
  238. Question about Positively Fifth Street
  239. How private is your players account info?
  240. Varkoni on Stern
  241. Babe's Best Golf Tournament
  242. LMAO at MSNBC (Non-poker)
  243. Another Tax/IRS Question....Big WIthdrawl Compared to Lots of Small
  244. classic.
  245. Name escapes me!
  246. What's your best run ever?
  247. Great Omaha Debate
  248. Of course J9o beats TT....
  249. Making poker more and more popular
  250. Anyone know where I can find a list of all big NLHE tourneys in A.C.