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  1. Computer Hand
  2. Short Run / Long Run
  3. Graduate Econometrics paper on NLHE
  4. Percent of total hands
  5. Starting hands, hold em
  6. Probability question - Average PF raise is 8%. Risk limp-reraising?
  7. Multiple pairs in the hole
  8. Suited connectors
  9. Some coin flip/Bayes theorem questions
  10. Cross-post from NL Hold'em Forum: Conceptual Big-Bet Hand
  11. losing streaks and such
  12. Odds on hitting some type of hand heads up and three way
  13. The Lottery
  14. Blind level and estimating the # of players eliminated in a round
  15. My Hand VS a Range of Hands
  16. probability of getting AA
  17. When to move up?
  18. logistics of monopoly for real money
  19. Correct me if i'm wrong....
  20. Side bet, specific card on flop
  21. Odds question.
  22. Looking for Good Statistics Text
  23. Very simple math question, but I need help
  24. Quick check on my math (not poker related)
  25. could I have hit my limit? *DELETED*
  26. How to Calculate Probability of Going Broke
  27. which suit
  28. Hand probabilities (1pair, 2pair, etc), statistics question
  29. Doomed to go bust?
  30. Poker Probability Articles
  31. I Need Help Dealing With Probability
  32. Dead cards and counting outs.
  33. M&M question........
  34. the odds of flopping a set
  35. standard deviation dealing cards
  36. standard deviation
  37. B&M Vs online
  38. odds of calculating a flush/straight.
  39. Stupid Question - Hold'em: Do you get AKs less often than AA?
  40. winning percentages of starting hands
  41. probability of pairs
  42. PLO math question
  43. four of a kind odds
  44. This means I'm running bad, right?
  45. Sports Betting -- EV Confidence
  46. Prop bets
  47. This has been bugging me for a long time...
  48. Poker Royale Commentator: Get the Odds Wrong?
  49. All in Reraise in NL Hold'em
  50. figuring pot odds quickly
  51. A,A or A,Ks or A,Ko at a full table, what are the odds
  52. Theory of Poker Math Question
  53. I should be able to formulate this myself but I can't.....
  54. Regression t o estimate 'folding equity'
  55. Noam Chomsky Flips Heads 100x in a Row
  56. variance of a coin flip
  57. An amusing string of hands
  58. Odds of making a four flush by the river
  59. Standard Deviation 24.4 BB/100
  60. How do I figure out these situations?
  61. Tricky probability riddle
  62. Odds of a set: 50/50
  63. Am I Getting My Fair Share? (Dumb Question)
  64. NL Holdem situation...
  65. Heads up: % of the time high card wins?
  66. Please check this formula
  67. This should be a good prop bet for me, yes?
  68. Approximating Multiple Opponents
  69. A pair in the flop
  70. Probability Of A Suited Pocket
  71. Is a low SD indicative of anything?
  72. Flush draw value bet question
  73. some numbers
  74. Math Question
  75. Math question
  76. Powerball question
  77. How would you calc probability of opponents hands?
  78. Why the slight increase in win% here? (from poker calculator)
  79. Expected Bust ?
  80. odds question
  81. coin-flip variance question
  82. Odds and Even game - TOP Game Theory chapter
  83. Probability of AT LEAST a four flush
  84. Probability of an overpair with # opponents -- Whats the Formula?
  85. Non-poker dice odds???
  86. AKs, what are the odds of this?
  87. What are the odds that someone at a full table has a premium hand?
  88. 3 card poker
  89. How many combinations of heads up action are there?
  90. Insurance :
  91. What are the odds of a lightpole snapping at it's base for no.......
  92. Odds of hitting the bad beat jackpot on PP?
  93. Kill Pots and Standard Deviation
  94. Winners and Losers
  95. somewhat simple draw poker question for the math buffs
  96. Probabilty of PT notes
  97. Newcomb's Paradox
  98. ROR question (sort of)
  99. Whats the probabilty of floping a suited board?
  100. What is wrong with Card Player's Odds Calculator?
  101. My First Royal ... Almost. Ugh!
  102. Set to Set on unpaired board
  103. Need math help!
  104. Risk of ruin when central limit theorem hasn't kicked in
  105. Omaha Starting Hand Probability
  106. odds of getting either of AA, KK, AK = 2.07%?
  107. Blacjack dealer has a rare hand question
  108. reverse bad beat - just how big of a longshot did I hit?
  109. Holdem situational odds
  110. Simple Math Question
  111. win 2 out of first 6 hands then go cold turky
  112. NFL playoff probability
  113. probability of drawing
  114. if ako
  115. winning streak
  116. Odds of an A or K hitting flop
  117. Double you chances
  118. Quick EV question
  119. Odds of getting a Royal in Holdem?
  120. Luck and variance in large tournament fields
  121. Card game quiz
  122. EV of PartyPoker bad beat jackpot?
  123. Probability Quiz: EV is getting you only so far...
  124. Probability Quiz II
  125. All-ins data
  126. Simple question?
  127. Odds the board pairs?
  128. +EV Starting Hands
  129. Triple Draw Lowball Probability Question
  130. Are Jackpots +ev?
  131. suited connectors vs. pocket pairs
  132. Set over Set
  133. Expectation Question
  134. Ed Miller Response Probability Question
  135. quick question about pot odds
  136. AK hits AA
  137. hand dispersion
  138. Flush Draw VS Top Pair on 6/10 players
  139. Can We Hit the Lotto Again?
  140. football squares
  141. Place or Formulas for trips odds
  142. Key holdem odds to memorize
  143. GOOD books on math for poker
  144. Odds of Not Having the Best Hand with Trips?
  145. 5cd bankroll
  146. AA?
  147. Confidence interval upper and lower limit plots
  148. Need help - What's the SD for playing starting hands?
  149. open message to gaming_mouse
  150. If you have this... how do you calculate that....?
  151. Proposal: Rename the probability forum as 'Statistics'
  152. I need some clarification
  153. When Should I Draw?
  154. 4 Pocket Pair...
  155. How to Calculate Heads Up
  156. The odds of both holecards being suited?
  157. Two pair
  158. minimum hand to call a random allin
  159. Hitting two-pair on the flop
  160. over-flush odds
  161. AA cracked twice in one hand--how bad is this beat?
  162. Birthday Bet
  163. Roulette Probability Question
  164. EV charts interesting but accurate?
  165. my SD dropped?
  166. crazy variance
  167. How Accurate Is Aggression Factor For Small Sample Sizes?
  168. Bad beat probabilitys
  169. party poker badbeat jackpot
  170. Chance in busting in 1on1 SNG:s
  171. Help with the math, or do I get an aluminum hat
  172. Percentile and standard deviation
  173. Confidence Interval for 1-Table Tournament ROI
  174. PP step tourneys
  175. Did I win this bet?
  176. Ed Miller's Response to Briar Probability Error???
  177. 3 consecutive scores prop bet
  178. Who Won The Bet? A decisive poll
  179. Varience differnce in Full Ring vs SH, NL vs Limit
  180. BJ down swing- want to find out how rare of an event this is...
  181. Confidence Interval of Unrelated Events
  182. Identical board on two online tables, <<image>>
  183. To call or not to call
  184. Royal on the Flop
  185. New Probability Article
  186. Probabilities of opponents hands after flops
  187. odds to come on turn and river? how 2 calculate?
  188. Holdem: You have wired Kings, Opp. has wired Aces, What are the odds?
  189. calculating odds...
  190. Verify my straight draw calc?
  191. win rate confidence
  192. Probability of AA,KK,QQ and JJ.....
  193. Is the "flop to river" column in the odds chart useless?
  194. What does choose mean and/or c(50,3)
  195. Craps
  196. AK Leading into an x-way limped pot, check my math pls!
  197. Can anyone explain the overall odds of a bad beat occuring?
  198. Lotto and group play
  199. Raising vs. checking a small pocket pair in the BB vs large field
  200. JJ pre-flop
  201. What are the odds of 4 of a kind beating 4 of a kind?
  202. More varience discussion....
  203. Retardedly simple odds question: Preflop hand strengths
  204. Question
  205. AsKs vs TT
  206. "You need to be good X% of the time here"... How do you estimate this?
  207. Hand on Tilt.
  208. bad beat jackpot size for 0 ev
  209. player type/sample size (a good one for a guru to try on)
  210. Higher flush probabilities Hold Em
  211. back to back quads
  212. Jackpot now $700K.. what are the odds it reaches ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
  213. A Microsoft Interview Question (aka basic Bayes' Theorem)
  214. Set over set
  215. Using the Lottery to Break a Tie
  216. Home game question.
  217. Article on SD
  218. bad beat quiz
  219. Coin tossing problem
  220. craps- going to casino tonight
  221. How often do you flop mid pair with A9?
  222. Opponents improving
  223. flop scenarios
  224. Cant figure out the Math! (High Content)
  225. the game of Shoot
  226. Self-canceling errors again
  227. Please tell me the odds?
  228. Probability of a desired flop
  229. OK, this is an easy one
  230. Probability of trips on flop
  231. Probability question for all you math guys....
  232. wtf
  233. Omaha probability question
  234. Multiple KK vs AA preflop
  235. (another) Bad Beat Jackpot Question
  236. Odds of someone having a....
  237. What are the odds
  238. Stupid question from a math illiterate
  239. Probability Question (non-poker related)
  240. Bayes' Theorem
  241. Bowling Average
  242. chances of flopping a set
  243. Am I doing it right?
  244. What is the answer to this question?
  245. Full house odds in 08
  246. Plotting a distribution of expected session outcomes.
  247. 19600 flops?
  248. KK vs AA preflop
  249. odds of 4 pocket pairs 10 handed? too hard to figure?
  250. Expected cost of a Pink Chip