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  1. 3rd Party Poker Software Probabilities
  2. Question about standard deviation and hourly rate.
  3. Expectation of Folding
  4. Inclusion-exclusion principle question
  5. How do I calculate odds of straight draw with connectors on the flop?
  6. Counting rake rebate in various calculations
  7. How to proceed with this?
  8. bankroll in NL
  9. Math Players: Does according to bayes theorem...
  10. Quirky hand... what are the odds?
  11. How to calculate risk of ruin?(about the 300BB)
  12. Betting to DISRUPT Pot Odds
  13. Strictly mathematical flush question.
  14. using c/ to find probablity
  15. effective odds question
  16. Holdem head up all-in in the dark
  17. suited connectors
  18. Fraction Simplifying program
  19. Basic Odds Question
  20. The ace killers
  21. Question about Abdul's Theory of Sucking Out
  22. Trip trips...odds on this?
  23. Party Poker bad beat jackpot.
  24. An easy question
  25. how long can one go without hitting a flush?
  26. Excel question.
  27. What are these odds?
  28. Quantifying luck of AA
  29. Additional math I need???
  30. Enough odds to call?
  31. Standard Deviation
  32. is this why I should call??
  33. Full House Possibility
  34. full house in seven stud probability
  35. EV of AKs vs. 88 heads up
  36. Simple Math Problem
  37. Value of same hand in tournament v ring game?
  38. counting runner runner draws
  39. Simple Question for Discussion
  40. Where to Find What I need To Know For Limit
  41. 1-table Tournament Expectation Question
  42. Hard-core statistics question: fractal vs. normal distribution
  43. "The median is 10% or 5% less than the avarege"(How accurate is this?)
  44. Could you verify some math from SSHE? NPA Ed Miller's book?
  45. Question about using Poker Stove
  46. Is there any way to cheat at FINGER GAMES?
  47. Can someone with a bit of time and math ability please...
  48. New to Figuring Odds (Ace-High Flush v. King-High Flush)
  49. Whiffing for a complete session
  50. What is the probability of this?
  51. what are the chances of...
  52. Short probability calculation
  53. what is standard deviaton?
  54. Discount outs for prob of others holding cards?
  55. Interesting stat: Can it be real?
  56. WINNING AA twice in a row
  57. K4
  58. AA against another cards, % of favorable flops
  59. Fantasy auction values
  60. Hitting the Flop
  61. getting proper odds on a flush draw
  62. Sequences of losing with AA
  63. Odds on Flush over Flush
  64. SnG sample size
  65. Table with Various Odds
  66. Here's a funny one for you...
  67. Splitting AA
  68. Factoring Kill button into pot odds?
  69. thewizardofodds.com
  70. blackjack odds
  71. Odds of two players holding 2 of the same suit
  72. Basic probability tutorials
  73. What is the bankroll formula?
  74. Probability Question - give it a try.
  75. Probability Question - Inside Straight vs Runner-runner flush
  76. AdQd with two diamonds already mucked
  77. Difficult Probability question
  78. AA seven times in 5.5 hours
  79. Four players with same hand?
  80. Lucky rare occurance. :) KK on both tables at the same time.
  81. Risk of going bust?
  82. Quiz
  83. Odds of Improving to a given hand not guaranteed?
  84. 27o
  85. Greatest Golf Moments Probability Question
  86. Perspective
  87. Finance Question
  88. can someone please tell me how good my chances were
  89. game thoery question (long)
  90. an "average" hand
  91. How useful are probability calculations from guesses?
  92. Multi-tabling and streaks
  93. Disappearing Money Problem
  94. if anyone read the odds part of ssh please help me out here
  95. other math theorems i should know.
  96. what are the odds of being dealt this in a huge tourney
  97. Post deleted by Mat Sklansky
  98. Winning hands.
  99. ANY chance there is a %% for this???
  100. Probability in tournaments
  101. Suited hole cards, one-suited flop....but the wrong suit
  102. Probability of losing X BBs
  103. why is A3 favored vs. A2?
  104. Probability of losing x big bets
  105. Probability question - 2 cards to come
  106. Preflop Probability
  107. Bad Beat Jackpot
  108. My chance of being a winner?
  109. Flop is paired, what are the chances someone has a trip?
  110. Sportsbook probability question - bank units?
  111. Which is more likely to happen?? They both hurt!
  112. Runner Runner
  113. Odds of set over set occuring?
  114. AA vs KK back to back on a 6 handed table
  115. partypoker badbeat
  116. adding outs for the possibility of being ahead
  117. Does a formula exist?
  118. Meaning of Percentages Seen on TV
  119. An "Odds" question.
  120. cross post from small stakes forum - potential outs
  121. Odds of two people having same birthday
  122. Is this correct thinking? Which hand?
  123. # of lifetime hands from quads and straight-flushes
  124. Am I ahead?
  125. can someone tell me how to figure out how many outs I have here?
  126. Tough counting problem
  127. Partypoker Bad Beat Jackpot
  128. Worst hand all-in preflop against AA?
  129. No-Limit As a Math Problem
  130. The luck factor
  131. Unusual birthday puzzle
  132. probability challenge
  133. How to count the combinations to get a pair in the hole.
  134. probability question from Sklansky book
  135. stud/8: chance of making a low starting with 4 babies
  136. An EV paradox
  137. Your sample size is too small (cross-posted in Small Stakes)
  138. A Few Questions About Standard Deviation
  139. PP JP...
  140. Rookie Q about draws
  141. Math question help
  142. Recommended reading at MathWorld?
  143. Badly Formulated Question: Overall Variance vs SNG Structure.
  144. Amarillo Slim
  145. Rook Q about starting hand odds
  146. Honey, we can't lose...I've got the perfect craps system.
  147. Poker Odds Calculator
  148. Number of unique hands for each player at the river in Omaha?
  149. heads up omaha question
  150. Math SD question
  151. Odds table from majorkong's new book
  152. Odds against random hands...
  153. Combinations question(C(x,y))
  154. Folded to you with KK on the button...
  155. Math question from friend...
  156. Best poker and probability book?
  157. Empire VIP Club Math Problem
  158. flushes
  159. Simple math question
  160. Determing starting hand after the flop...
  161. party bad beat jackpots
  162. Avarege odds question
  163. Close EV question
  164. nl odds
  165. question about making flushes with small suited cards
  166. Probablility's in hold 'em from Mr. Sklansky. Will he respond?
  167. Pepsi Billion Dollar Challange
  168. JJ all in raise EV question.
  169. Stupid Question
  170. favorite probability problems
  171. Probability of flopping a draw with suited connectors
  172. How many opponents needed to bet different draws?
  173. Completely non-Poker related
  174. Probability of straight flush on board
  175. The board shows 4 cards of the same suit, whats is the % of
  176. Odds of starting hand vs. starting hand
  177. Pot Committed?
  178. Non-Poker Related Probability Question
  179. Bayes Theorem and its application to poker
  180. Sklansky's All In NLHE strategy?
  181. Probability of being dealt an A and a Heart in 2 cards
  182. 7-stud Probability
  183. Figuring out percentages
  184. Preflop probability of AA vs KK vs QQ preflop?
  185. Dumb at math
  186. Was wondering if I could get the odds on this...
  187. Expected Odds Question
  188. Odds of getting one Ace (math help)
  189. Was reading Super System and didn't understand...
  190. 330:1 vs 220:1 ?
  191. 4 Queens????????
  192. Odds of board being paired somewhere along the way in HE
  193. When you hold AK what are the % of your opponents having KK/AA
  194. Adjusting SD...
  195. party poker bad beat jackpot probability
  196. A question that has probably been asked a million times .....
  197. I got 2 ROYAL FLUSHES on my birthday!!!! (9/18/82)
  198. Help With Math Please
  199. I also need help with math..
  200. prob. board will pair after flop
  201. Can someone explain how this can be right?
  202. Novice Question
  203. lazy man's percentage calculations?
  204. Math Formula Needed
  205. Heads up. Did the flop hit him?
  206. This should be simple but apparently its not.
  207. Connectors Against Overcards
  208. this is getting weird
  209. Calculating standard deviation for fixed odds
  210. Probabilities and Charts...and reality
  211. Tournament variance
  212. Question
  213. question about odds
  214. Probably not a quick and dirty simple answer....
  215. Explaining probability
  216. Standard Deviation - clear it up for me
  217. How big would the pot need to be to make these 2 situations correct?
  218. Question regarding Odds (Math Aspect)
  219. Need help with a bar bet
  220. Does this forum setup do stickies?
  221. Does this forum setup do stickies?
  222. Probability of at least one set on the flop?
  223. math question
  224. Sports betting question, co-related parlays
  225. Hey!
  226. triple draw probabilities
  227. Using Bayes Rule for Hold-Em
  228. Help with Probability and expected value…
  229. Black Jack Probability Question...
  230. Starting hands for multiple players
  231. Chaos Theory......Sort Of
  232. An Unreal Night
  233. Pot Odds and Partial Outs
  234. Half Kill Pots
  235. What about that third flop card ???
  236. Pratical Poker Probability?
  237. newbie pot odds question
  238. Problem with outs....
  239. Is my math correct, please check...
  240. When the flop is monotone(question for aloiz or another math wiz)
  241. Basic odds websites?
  242. Using combinations to calculate odds
  243. Blackjack Questions
  244. Bankroll downswings and ROR recalculations
  245. Basic Pot odds question
  246. Percentage to Odds Help
  247. Odds for consecutive events
  248. Some funky paradox...
  249. Using Poker Tracer to figure bankroll requirements...
  250. Move Up; Ice Cold; Lose Money You Won Below