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  1. EV for Dealing it Twice on This Hand??
  2. Normal distribution of hourly rate? I, for one, don't think so.....
  3. which is more likely to flop top pair A4 or JT
  4. Can this bet have +EV
  5. Pot odds or calling station?
  6. Probability HELP Mathematics Question
  7. Odds of loosing AA vs AA
  8. quick help for a disagreement :)
  9. EV of this particular slot machine
  10. odds on hitting a straight by the river, starting with connectors?
  11. Basic Listing of Probabilities
  12. Bet size, bankroll and variance
  13. Poker Probe
  14. Simplistic AK vs AA/KK/QQ hold'em question
  15. OK, help with probability please
  16. Standard Deviation?
  17. Suited ace in the hole, odds of making a flush or winning hand.
  18. Proposition Bet
  19. Question on Pot Odds
  20. Percentage of getting a call???
  21. heads up odds
  22. Is this correct? (Pocket pair v. Pocket Pair)
  23. Help with how to calculate results
  24. Flush Probability
  25. combining sessions and analyzing statistics
  26. 50 pocket pairs seeing the flop
  27. Implied Odds on Super Millionaire
  28. Backdoor Flush
  29. Is this rake beatable?
  30. Odds (what an original thread title)
  31. Living out of your Bankroll
  32. Question for the mathamatically inclined...
  33. AA vs AX odds....
  34. combining odds of improving to best hand with odds that he's bluffing
  35. Usefulness of Odds....
  36. Really basic probability question
  37. Extreme longshot odds
  38. books on calculating odds
  39. Chance of other player having an ace when...
  40. Quick Newbie Question
  41. Renaming the Probability Forum
  42. Calculating the hand vs. hand %s
  43. KK vs AA
  44. Pot Odds Bottom Pair
  45. Newbie - Odds Calculation Question
  46. Coin Flips......
  47. Implied Odds Quandary
  48. Simple coin tossing problem?
  49. Probability of flopping a straight or flush?
  50. Elementary Pot Odds Question
  51. Simple odds question
  52. underpair
  53. Calculating ROI
  54. Complex Probability
  55. Random Numbers for you math wizzes?
  56. STDEV
  57. pot odds & implied odds(pocket pairs)
  58. Game Show: Let's Make a Deal & Applicability to Poker
  59. What are the basic stats?
  60. Help me out with another ROI question...this right math guys?
  61. Using Conditional Probability in Poker
  62. AQs
  63. % of back door flushing
  64. Standard Deviation, again.
  65. Odds question
  66. Calculating Odds
  67. PP Bad Beat Jackpot
  68. Improving to at least two pair on the flop
  69. ODDS: Flopping and open-ended straight draw! HOLD'EM
  70. Is there an easy way to figure variance for different game types?
  71. who has the advantage on this one?
  72. a bet with a positve expectation?
  73. Factoring Unavailable Cards
  74. how many possible hands in a deck of cards
  75. An easy one for you guys. (I think)
  76. Probability that someone in a 10 handed game is dealt AA
  77. Prob: You and opponent flop set
  78. A math question
  79. Pre-Flop Odds of At Least One Person Having a Pair
  80. HoldŽem odds
  81. hand calcualtor vs true odds
  82. Probability Education
  83. Dice Probability Question
  84. Poker Riddle
  85. Flop straight two hands in a row
  86. another riddle
  87. Standard Deviation
  88. Folding 2 Overcards
  89. Probability Challenge
  90. Set over Set over Set
  91. Twist on the old 6-7-8 prop bet
  92. flush draw
  93. Carribean Stud
  94. Runner Runner quads
  95. Keeping Multitable Stats
  96. YABBJQ (yet another Bad Beat jackpot question)
  97. The Ultimate pot -
  98. odds that no overcards flop when you have pocket pair
  99. Ranking of starting hands
  100. this has probley been ask but
  101. Hold 'em Showdown Odds
  102. Dream Jackpot
  103. Formulas and Poker
  104. A small twist on some banroll/streak questions
  105. Best Poker Book for Odds & Probabilities
  106. Pocket Pairs not ahead of overcards preflop??
  107. Crazy Crazy Hands.... What are the Odds???
  108. Question about Outs Computation in Advanced Texas Holdem
  109. Explaining positive expectation to Mom.
  110. Odds question when playing deuces.
  111. A permutations & combinations calculator
  112. Two "quiz" questions
  113. Anyone know what this is called?
  114. Omaha 8/b & Omaha High stats and simul results needed
  115. Odds of 3 out of 4 getting flush
  116. Boat Odds When flop Trips
  117. Calculating odds with 2 cards to come
  118. Flush over flush
  119. Basic Question: Pocket suited to flush
  120. Resources for brushing up on Statistics?
  121. Probabilty of Pre-Flop hands
  122. Analysis of a Martingale System
  123. Suited cards on the Flop
  124. Odds of Flopping 3 of a kind
  125. Figuring Odds
  126. +EV Lottery Side-Bet
  127. Charity event...positive EV or negative?
  128. Oh .. So I'm still running bad ..
  129. Odds on poket pairs question
  130. AA vs KK
  131. 77 versus 68o? Odds - Probability of two 6's on the flop?
  132. Overcard Flush Hands
  133. Who wants to figure this out for me?
  134. Holding QJ, Odds of flopping open ended straight
  135. Another Question:pre-flop
  136. Calculating all-in race probabilities (simplifed)
  138. Odds of for playing "double runner runner" situations
  139. Can I use this type of Logic when decideing whether or not to call?
  140. Chances of breaking even
  141. BJ Probability Question
  142. first 3 positions in hold'em
  143. What are the chances that I'm a winning player?
  144. n or n-1 for calculating standard deviation?
  145. Odds of flopping a pair.
  146. Mike Caro says call call call before the flop
  147. what do you think of this math?
  148. Probability Quiz
  149. twodimes down?
  150. What's the probability of????
  151. SD, RoR, Confidence Intervals, etc...
  152. Progressive Blackjack....HUGE jackpot
  153. what are the percentages or odds of this
  154. Head's Up Starting Hand EV
  155. Bonuses
  156. everyone, please settle this
  157. What is the probability of two overs vs a pocket pair
  158. Stupid Question, Please Help
  159. (Mildly O/T) Casino whoring questions
  160. Newbie question about the odds screen in TTH.
  161. Good odds table to memorize for Holdem
  162. Do I base my decision to call on turn or turn AND river?
  163. What is the probabilty of this hand
  164. Poker Hands EV Chart? Any inaccuracies or shortcomings?
  165. Hold'em Odds Chart
  166. correct odds for raising with flush draws
  167. Set if I have top two pair
  168. question about odds tables
  169. Should I continue here?
  170. my GF's middle name
  171. Simple Question?? Please Help.
  172. How many different flops can there be disregarding suits
  173. Blackjack Betting Strategy
  174. odds rounding
  175. Optimal Guts stategy?
  176. blackjack
  177. WATFO - KK vs AA
  178. I need help with calculating odds.
  179. Mathematical Explanantion
  180. odds of getting two cards 10s or higher in the next 5 hands
  181. The board rivered a Royal Flush.....
  182. What is probability of flop having two of the same suit?
  183. Cross Post, Ostrom/Wagner Theorem
  184. Think about this one
  185. 7 stud odds
  186. Can anyone answer this probabiltiy question
  187. lets see if I get this right
  188. Going bust question
  189. How to do it?
  190. pg. 36 GETTING THE BEST OF IT
  191. Bayes Theorem in Hold'em
  192. One for you numbers geeks
  193. What are the odds of this?
  194. All 169 Starting Hand Rankings (Hold'em)
  195. newbie
  196. Odds question from my friend
  197. Omaha Hi/Lo odds concerning low hands
  198. Expectation with a pocket pair
  199. Need help with pot odds!
  200. Flopping quads twice in ten hands with PP
  201. Help explaning something obvoius about probability
  202. Projections based on mean and SD
  203. Various Flop Probabilities w/ Suited Connector
  204. Sample sizes
  205. correct to call with any 2 here?
  206. A good general probability book possibly containing Bayes Theorem
  207. Online Tells
  208. Heads up calculator
  209. Question about suited aces
  210. How do i find if a number is not random ?
  211. Profitable blackjack w.o counting
  212. what is Bayes Theorem
  213. EV when calling a single raise from the BB
  214. Table Math
  215. Odds of straight flush w/ T9s?
  216. What are the pre-flop odds for these hands?
  217. probability of badbeat jackpot
  218. How Bad is this Blakjack Game
  219. Simple expected value confusion...
  220. Standard Deviation question
  221. Call what % of your stack pre-flop with suited connectors?
  222. Applying Limit Formulas To SnG's
  223. Probability of having two 4 of a kinds....
  224. Looking for a formula to solve this.
  225. Is this slot game beatable?
  226. Blackjack basic strategy insurance information question
  227. How many hands...
  228. Red Jacks 3 straight hands
  229. % chance of flopping overpair?
  230. whats the formula to figure
  231. Royal Flush probability
  232. Suited Flops?
  233. Question re. breadth vs. depth in poker population analysis
  234. Football parly help
  235. What is the probability of having all of one card play in a hand?
  236. What's the probability that the flop missed everyone?
  237. Odds for 7 Stud
  238. Trips Probability Quetstion
  239. Full House Minute Probability
  240. What is this math effect called?
  241. Pocket pair vs. one overcard
  242. Probability that someone has 2 suited cards
  243. Probability your opponent has a pair on flop
  244. Please help with probability question
  245. SNG Results, and Distribution
  246. Standard Deviations, what are they good for?
  247. Sports Gambling odds question?
  248. Probability of Overpair Out There
  249. BruceZ -- Nosy Question...
  250. Probability questions