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  1. Math question that doesn`t belong here
  2. Distribution and Standard Deviation
  3. Consecutive Pairs vs 4 of a kind (Poker Variant)
  4. what's a good software option for stats and probability?
  5. Figuring out the pot size...
  6. I have a non-math brain - help!
  7. calculating standard error by 100 hands instead of hours?
  8. Odds After the Flop
  9. Let it Ride
  10. Flush vs. Flush
  11. winning hands
  12. Need quick calculation
  13. Pot odds pre flop
  14. how accurate is this method?
  15. Approximate odds with 2 cards to come
  16. Super Bowl Box Pool
  17. 5card draw high odds question
  18. flush on flop
  19. swings in NL/PL
  20. Runner Runner quads
  21. Overcard question
  22. HELP
  23. What are the odds of flopping 2 pair in holdem??
  24. Do I have pot odds here?
  25. Mathematical Proof Position is an Advantage
  26. What has best chance versus pocket aces?
  27. Standard Deviation -- how do I interpret?
  28. Odds question
  29. Calculating Outs % in Hold'em
  31. Probability question - flop
  32. Bad Beat Jackpots
  33. you have a set on the flop..
  35. average high hole card
  36. What are the odds?
  37. Average stack question
  38. what is a Good place for learning odds math
  39. Probability and Stats text books
  40. Question for BruceZ
  41. A bit of fun
  42. Theoretical Problem with Practical Implications
  43. Maximum number of outs in holdem
  44. Confidence interval question
  45. large hand history database?
  46. coin tossing and EV
  47. Probability of Backdoor Flush?
  48. Group theory question
  49. HELP!!!!
  50. The Price Is Right!
  51. How many unique boards?
  52. Accuracy of $$$/hr in SNGs
  53. Okay you odds masters...try THIS one!
  54. Odds question concerning dice
  56. Roulette Odds
  57. Flopping 4 to a flush odds... what am I doing wrong?
  58. odd occurrance
  59. Prob from WSOP question
  60. hand rankings with a 3 card hand.
  61. Do you take the rake into consideration when calculating Pot Odds?
  62. Using EV to Make HE Decisions
  63. Making best hand on the river
  64. Guilt feelings
  65. A good movie about "luck"
  66. 4 Flush Probabilty Question
  67. Flush Flops
  68. Odds vs Betting
  69. need help with odds
  70. Suited connecters, 1-Gabs and AXs
  71. Need help about Odds formula
  72. Details on Two Statements by Sklansky
  73. SD as it relates to session results.
  74. Using Two Dimes
  75. SD and bankroll for one table tournaments
  76. Axs making flush
  77. Effective Odds vs. Implied Odds
  78. confidence intervals?
  79. Appropriate Forum Question
  80. Favorite/Underdog
  81. Downswings
  82. At what point does it become correct to call with anything?
  83. birthdays and probabilities
  84. Probability Question
  85. Showdown Holdem odds
  86. Coefficient of Variation
  87. I feel like I should know this but I can't figure it out and it's...
  88. 3-card Guts
  89. Probabilities Primer
  90. Preflop drawing dead problem....
  91. singe table vs. multitable tournaments - sample sizes for average ROI
  92. Flopping a set
  93. Re. Flopping a set
  94. is this even remotely possible?
  95. An Interesting Hand
  96. Remember the BOTS at IRCPkr(or GPoker)??
  97. BR formula when stepping down
  98. Need help with some probability math
  99. Backdoor Crashcourse needed...
  100. Standard Deviation Question
  101. Post deleted by Mat Sklansky
  102. AAAA vs random hand
  103. probability formula.
  104. Odds in small blind (Texas holdem)
  105. 14 consecutive losses with AA
  106. Ax vs. AA = 441:1?
  107. Odds vs. any 2 cards
  108. Poker, Gaming and Life
  109. a Cointoss not 50/50
  110. where I get lost when reading DAVID SKLANSKY
  111. Variance of a subset of stocks vs. variance of market
  112. Why do we assume all of our outs are out there?
  113. chances a pair will fall on flop
  114. How do you determine odds to call a bet on the river?
  115. What are the pot odds required to draw at a backdoor flush?
  116. Four of a kind VS Royal Flush
  117. Omaha Question
  118. Is this right?
  119. Two pair by the river
  120. Probability of hitting a flush vs. hitting a straight
  121. 4 tables vs 1 table BR req.
  122. Is twodimes down? n/m
  123. Three suited on the river, how often is there a flush?
  124. Need help figuring out odds
  125. What are the odds of being dealt pocket aces three times in a row?
  126. Open ended straight draw question
  127. Single table satelites
  128. Just for fun-closest hold'em matchups
  129. Odds
  130. Keno
  131. Party Poker/Empire Poker
  132. Good or bad fold?
  133. Formula for Bankroll Including Monthly Nut
  134. Odds of flop coming 3 to a suit?
  135. Some probability terms
  136. Flush Question
  137. Pocket Pair vs Unknown?
  138. Poker related math problem
  139. What are the odds?
  140. What are the odds of 7 pocket aces in 350 hands
  141. Close three-way holdem matchups?
  142. The biggest multi-way all in
  143. Okay math wizards, help with an answer on this one?
  144. Pot and Implied Odds Calculators - xpost
  145. What is your biggest hand losing streak?
  146. Suited connectors
  147. Hold Em winning %s if played out
  148. Lou Krieger's pot odds article
  149. Side Bet
  150. I have a statistics question
  151. Red Queens Twice In a row
  152. I hate math- Hold'em hand
  153. Aces cracked wins a rack....is this +EV?
  154. flopping two pair/ trips
  155. Pot Odds in 4-8 Hold em
  156. Calculating Odds on Improving your Hand
  157. Quads over Quads yet again
  158. pot odds changing on turn and river
  159. A lil math help for a tough prob Q:
  160. Question for the math guys
  161. Hands dealt vs. Skill
  162. Mathematics
  163. bankroll formula adjustments for taxes and living expenses
  164. When are you confident?
  165. 3 flush on board, odds someone already has a flush?
  166. Blackjack question
  167. From one Extreme to the other... Small Blind Woes
  168. Standard Deviation
  169. what odds u need to know
  170. Hold 'Em - what's the best chance you'll be outdrawn?
  171. Math people I need some help with this
  172. What were the odds of this?
  173. team trivia night: correct optimal bet
  174. 3 people flopping a set?
  175. Using Hourly Statistics to Estimate Longer Term Win Rates
  176. Normal Distribution Table result wanted
  177. How often is a Royal dealt?
  178. River card syndrom (cross-posted in psychology)
  179. Strange Occurences
  180. Paired board
  181. Suited Connectors--Probability of OESD or 4-flush?
  182. Good play to take down the pot with negative EV value....?
  183. A beats B and C more than A beats B.
  184. How many hands necessary to determine your win rate?
  185. I'm not a mathematicion
  186. Standard Deviation
  187. What are the odds
  188. Odds question
  189. What percent of the time should this player win?
  190. Math problem from "A Mathemetician Plays the Stock Market"
  191. two dimes question
  192. Russian roulette (with a light bulb)
  193. Question for stats nerds--stringing together poisson processes?
  194. AK vs A5 anomaly?
  195. Need help with exell
  196. Holdem probability question
  197. Probability of Someone Flopping a Pair as Number of Players Go Up
  198. Modified Roulette House Edge question.
  199. Probability Falicy
  200. Long term SD question.
  201. SD for two tables
  202. how many hands before AA, KK, QQ, or AK shows up for my opponents
  203. god danget
  204. Winning hand %
  205. Basic omaha probability question
  206. Probability PP is ahead on flop vs overcards
  207. Playing a suited or connected pocket
  208. /randomness
  209. Need lil help
  210. A High HU in hold'em
  211. Probability
  212. Pocket 7's vs. two random cards
  213. Pocket Pairs
  214. What do you like to keep your VP$IP?
  215. When is it right to call with a 3 flush
  216. Queen Jack offsuit...junk?
  217. Flop comes and you still have an overpair
  218. Fold nut flush draw?
  219. Flop decision
  220. AK vs. AK suited
  221. First Two Card Combinations (Hold'Em)
  222. Roulette -- probability and math question
  223. a *process* question about odds
  224. coins
  225. Roulete probability question
  226. Easy question
  227. match play ticket probablity
  228. Randomization with an imperfect shuffle
  229. Two Boats on the Flop?
  230. Flush Draws
  231. Monopoly Statistics
  232. Odds of KK running into AA???
  233. Pocket Pair Question
  234. Where's my missing .5%?
  235. A dumb question, A legitimate question.
  236. AKo in UTG+1 (originally posted in microlimits)
  237. do you take this bet???????
  238. Expected Value including Risk of Ruin
  239. Preflop madness, and the associated math
  240. AQo vs AJo
  241. 4 flush on board, 5 players, no one has the flush--what are the odds?
  242. Hypothesis Test for Longterm Winrate -- Please Help
  243. Odds of flopping 2Pair or better holding two different ranks.
  244. Powerball Lottery
  245. whats prob of a suited connector floppin a flush or str8 draw
  246. Bayesian math?
  247. enlighten me please (on the trivial)
  248. Multi-tabling, which recording method gives a more accurate SD?
  249. how likely is it to be losing after...
  250. Sit n Go Standard Deviation Question