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  1. Correct Hand Analysis?
  2. AKs vs JJ vs KQ0o
  3. Straights should be ranked higher than flushes in Hold 'Em?
  4. AA vs suited connector in Holdem.
  5. odds of hitting a flush
  6. How do you calculate the probability of a higher flush?
  7. More On The Silly Subject Of Hand Rankings
  8. KK strategy in BB
  9. heads up omaha high question
  10. Odds against completing a Royal in Hold-em?
  11. looking for book
  12. which hand is better?
  13. best probability example ever
  14. Blackjack/Intercasino question
  15. probability of opponent flopping a flush?
  16. how to calculate odds I need to be ahead?
  17. Pot Odds in Split Pot Games
  18. Testing advantage, prob Q for David and Mason
  19. Less Straightforward Holdem Pot Odds
  20. 3 Flopped Sets...
  21. Probability Book?
  22. Right Pot Odds to Flush Draw but Scare
  23. Basic holdem combination question.
  24. Mike Petriv's Odds Book
  25. Few questions..
  26. Help calculating odds after flop
  27. Probability Problem (non-poker)
  28. EV
  29. Flush Over Flush Draw
  30. Calcluting odds
  31. SD in $/hand?
  32. suited and offsuited
  33. Clocking the deck: NLHE
  34. help with this formula
  35. help with odds?
  36. Pot odds considerations if raised
  37. technical question: one holdem hand as an "x-to-1" favourite
  38. Pot Odds Help for a green newbie
  39. Probability Question
  40. Simple confidence question..
  41. Who is favored here?
  42. Common Odds
  43. Odds on runner-runner flush OR RR-straight
  44. curious about the math of deal-making
  45. Is this a call on the flop?
  46. Quick question reguarding three-flush on board
  47. Estimating Standard Deviation
  48. Odds of winning the hand.... assuming we're all playing POKER
  49. Blind play pre-flop
  50. Please Confirm a Few Rules of Thumb
  51. perfect perfect
  52. Odds of being dealt any pair or specific pair in first 3 cards
  53. Verification of Computer Results....
  54. Chaos theory + Seat selection
  55. Odds Of Pair On Board
  56. Software that calucated texas holdem odds
  57. Card Patterns in Online Poker
  58. Min. bankroll without knowning variance.
  59. Post deleted by Mat Sklansky
  60. simple question
  61. More Coin Filps
  62. Two People Flopping a Flush??
  63. Number of AA hands in one session -- help me figure this.
  64. Very simple expectation problem
  65. Confused about Counting Outs v. Calculating Percentages
  66. Quick probablilty question
  67. Standard Deviation
  68. Expected Value Problem (not a poker problem)
  69. game with a not too obvious solution
  70. anyone notice this?
  71. Playing 33 in LP
  72. I hate to ask this again but ...
  73. Tournament Finish Probability (long)
  74. Winning Players
  75. Odds of a pair on the flop
  77. How Do you Calculate Your Variance?
  78. Holdem odds
  79. 1000 hour sample size
  80. Silly MT Dew contest question.
  81. Hypothetical Hand --Math & Probability Question
  82. game theory, 70% game
  83. Blackjack Probability Question
  84. Pre-flop Match ups
  85. Rigged draw?...Probability help requested.
  86. What percentage of Party Players are long-term winners????
  87. Standard Deviation --> BR
  88. Problem w/ pot odss
  89. Max and/or avg swing per hour
  90. Standard deviations
  91. # of limpers needed for 33
  92. What are "effective odds"?
  93. Odds question...another method?
  94. Probability of this outcome
  95. Hows this for an underdog
  96. Raise with AA?
  97. Question for BruceZ
  98. Anyone know the probablity of this happening???
  99. Two Dimes software
  100. Odds two stud players rolled up in same hand
  101. Ignoring suits.. combinations?
  102. Conditional probability question - Hold 'em
  103. Hello and HELP!!! U Mathematical GURUS!...
  104. Probability of Pocket Pairs turning into Quads twice in a row?
  105. Easy Standard Deviation Question
  106. Cross Post from General Regarding Probability
  107. davidross' results.
  108. Bad beat worth my entry fee.
  109. Probability of 1 card
  110. Dead cards
  111. prob of straight + flush draw?
  112. Opponent has an A, or any other single card
  113. Prob of a 2-Tone or Monotone Flop?
  114. R U Really sure online poker is not rigged?
  115. 2 quick ones
  116. Maximum streak/winning percentage?
  117. Prob, of flush on a flush draw?
  118. All in prices
  119. What's the chance one of my opponents has a flush draw?
  120. True Flush Odds?
  121. Math behind flush odds
  122. Odds of this happening
  123. Math problem...how long until I win?
  124. AKo v 5 opponents?
  125. very basic question
  126. Omaha Hi Lo Probabilty questions
  127. Ever heard of 'Non Transitive Dice'
  128. correct flush draw answer
  129. Poker probability book
  130. standard deviation calculation and evaluation - Weitzman eqn?
  131. Average 5stud Lowball Hand
  132. Holdem backdoor flush draw pot odds
  133. Calculating the odds of flopping trips?
  134. Odds question: PF as Mini-Game?
  135. Probability 101
  136. EV stats
  137. pocket odds
  138. Calculating the Probability of Sustained Loss
  139. Does the river change the odds?
  140. How to Solve Flop to River with Differing Outs?
  141. Drawing to a Flush or Straight... justified calls
  142. Standard error, uncertainty?
  143. Question on Stack Sizes
  144. Starting hand distribution
  145. Question: Where to find??
  146. Rockets against the world
  147. AKs vs. AKo
  148. Adjusting draw percentages
  149. which formula do you use?
  150. Card Cycles?
  151. Pokertracker hand averages
  152. Resource that will tell me what my PokerTracker stats mean?
  153. Question
  154. Check my math please
  155. Please help settle disagrement on simple game theory question
  156. Probability - where to start?
  157. Omaha question
  158. AA at a NL table. How many callers do you want?
  159. Can anyone recommend a good...
  160. Pre-Flop Match Up's/CardPlayer's Calculator
  161. Tournament win rate accuracy
  162. Question About Standard Deviation
  163. Tough question???
  164. Poker Tracker and Standard Deviation
  165. Hello! Happy Thanksgiving to all! N/M
  166. Confidence Intervals and evaluating win rate
  167. Playing at a loss, and a budget, on purpose
  168. heads-up winning hand percentages
  169. odds calculation question
  170. Another SD question... simple though
  171. Hack the stache
  172. EV of Blackjack vs. Slot Machines
  173. Straights
  174. An interesting proposition
  175. Probability - Exam with 2 parts question
  176. Texas Hold'em under Perfect Information
  177. Question about Risk of Ruin
  178. Card odds VS pot odds with small pairs
  179. Expected Value in Football
  180. blackjack
  181. Another interesting proposition.
  182. Sample size and reliability of flops seen percentage?
  183. Effective odds
  184. Need some help on odds (NO CLUE!!)
  185. small math question <we hope>
  186. Holdem Odds Book
  187. Just What IS Statistically Significant?
  188. what are the odds for being drawn out by medium pocket pairs?
  189. Odds on Flopping Trips or Two Pair in Hold'em
  190. Probability of a watched clock changing.
  191. Higher or Lower card game ... from game shows.
  192. Need som expertise with Card odds....(!)
  193. BlackJack Negative EV Question
  194. Perfect Blackjack vs. Counting.
  195. A little Hold'em math anybody?
  196. Probability of 4 to a straight or a completed straight on the board
  197. Quick Probability Question
  198. Long Run Probability Question
  199. Best way to play this safe?
  200. +EV when raising draws?
  201. suited-connector odds question
  202. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all n/m
  203. Odds question
  204. basic probability question
  205. Tough nut (long)
  206. how many players are winning players
  207. Super System/ Hold'em Poker F.A.P. odds discrepency.
  208. Ace-King question
  209. Risk of ruin question
  210. Calculation of probability of a flush draw
  211. Two Simple Math Questions
  212. Probability: Three-flush to Flush
  213. Rolling SD?
  214. Lucky 7's
  215. Hypothetical Question-Hero is runnin real bad!!
  216. What are the odds you pick up your openender with one card to go
  217. Cardplayer.com tool
  218. Poker Players - The rich man's statisticians? Career Change
  219. Sit 'n Go choice question.........
  220. Getting out-tripped
  221. Required overlay for drawing at a OESD on a two tone flop
  222. Highest EV on this promotion
  223. Odds on AA vs AA?
  224. and it happened again
  225. Pot Odds
  226. 3 to a flush and 3 to a straight
  227. bb/hr calculation
  228. HE opening hands
  229. other odds
  230. 4 of a kind
  231. Question on TOP
  232. How to calculate odds?????
  233. Coming up with a Ranking formula for KotZ
  234. Surrender blackjack
  235. Effective Odds
  236. a few odds questions
  237. AA, KK etc twice in a row
  238. counting outs with a straight
  239. Winning session probability
  240. Confusion on using odds to justify a call with 2 cards to come.
  241. Odds on a 3 Flush
  242. Quads question
  243. question on figuring odds and percantages.
  244. what pot odds do i need to play trash hands
  245. Odd circumstance probability (Flops)
  246. Bonus calculations!
  247. Omaha Statistics
  248. Quitting ahead
  249. Starting hands win percentage
  250. Odds of pockets aces being dealt twice in the same round