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  1. Easy question if you own Poker, Gaming, and Life
  2. The Semantics of Expectation
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  4. dog or favorite - how do you figure?
  5. Please help calculate the probabilites in a NLHE situation
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  7. Probability Software
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  9. Why is this?
  10. Funny Story about a Super Bowl Pool
  11. ace duece in omaha/8
  12. Risk of Ruin Question
  13. WHAT ARE THE ODDS????????
  14. Converting Percent to X:1 odds
  15. Raising your draw to increase EV/ Caveat
  16. Is this math right?
  17. odds of KK running up vs. AA in the same hand?
  18. Probability in bowling question
  19. Need the odds
  20. Broadway vs Full house.
  21. Chance of two people getting KK?
  22. Book Search
  23. Help with links about B&M dealing
  24. Standard Deviation in Heads Up play
  25. Hello! Skill/Luck ratio! What would be ....
  26. Odds
  27. Yet another bowling question
  28. WSOP MAIN EVENT (playing only AA)
  29. probability of straight flush in omaha
  30. Basic odds question
  31. Is this math right?
  32. Equity - Comments please
  33. Magical thinking?
  34. Need math help here for odds
  35. flops you want with a pocket pair...
  36. Is there any reason to believe you are ahead here
  37. what game gives you the best chance of a straight flush
  38. board pairing
  39. WPT Post-Producer seeks help
  40. Probability of 3 pocket Pairs being dealt in 3 handed game?
  41. 4 of a kind odds?
  42. With aces preflop in hold'em: do you ever NOT want a call?
  43. K9o v Q8o
  44. Winners and Losers?
  45. Variance?
  46. AA vrs. ????
  47. 6-card straight flushes
  48. Same player - 2 straight flushes back to back....
  49. What do you think?
  50. Analysis of one-card poker
  51. Non-stationary data and hand history databases
  52. raising with TT,JJ, QQ..
  53. E=MC2
  54. Why are units on Mason's SD formula wrong?
  55. probability programs
  56. Go Figure
  57. Cool math problem
  58. Did I have the best of it... and not know it?
  59. Bruce... can you verify this math for rolled-up heads-up?
  60. Game Theory
  61. 2 math questions
  62. Any website where I can find
  63. Which game is better?
  64. The raise on the flop with the flush draw
  65. Probability of flopping set in Omaha
  66. What has higher probability?
  67. Insane..
  68. Cyclical Luck
  69. flopping a set
  70. HE: Backdoor flush = + 2 outs?
  71. A Random Shuffle
  72. Middle pair + Back door flush VS. Top Pair
  73. "There's no such thing as random."
  74. Preflop and Drawing Odds
  75. Stupid "what is the odds" question
  76. normal distribution potsize?
  77. creating a 2:1 shot with a fair coin
  78. Trying to design probablity tables - where is the error
  79. Calculating probablities
  80. Anyone using this method of calculating % chance
  81. Does this seem counterintuitive to anyone else?
  82. First 5 cards Question
  83. Which jackpot will I win first...
  84. Good morning! The "Goal Equation"..Does it exist?Hmm...
  85. AK suited versus mid pocket pair
  86. Flush Draw vs. 3 of a kind
  87. Odds of your oppenent holding AA against your KK (10 handed)
  88. Blackjack probability question
  89. When probability runs into logic?
  90. probability of 6,7 or 8 coming on the flop
  91. Hello! Decision ??? At my casino,if your table...
  92. win rates : The shape of the curve
  93. Drawing odds
  94. straight vs. flush draw
  95. Is Andy Glazer a creationist?
  96. Not a probablity question, more like a math/poker question
  97. getting 3 pocket Aces in a row
  98. Math gurus....
  99. Royal Flush
  100. Odds of a set vs. two pair
  101. Quiz .....
  102. Wild cards and 5K vs Royal calculations- please correct!
  103. Flush and Straight draws...
  104. O/8 odds question
  105. looking for an answer...
  106. Hello,Mathematicians! How's My thinking On this one??
  107. Good Morning,Math Gurus! See Sklansky's Problem "General ...
  108. Hello! Probability in "Modified Hold'em Game"..Hmmm
  109. OT: Probability Question (no poker).
  110. Best 2 card Hold'em starting hands
  111. Pot Odds help
  112. Pot odds needed on flush and straight draws shorthanded
  113. plz help....i cant figure this out
  114. minimum pot odds to call a bet on the turn with a gutshot
  115. Suited connectors and jackpots
  116. Free hold'em hand analyzer
  117. Heads up in Hold'em
  118. Basic explanation of standard deviation
  119. Odds question.
  120. What are the odds of being dealt a big pair
  121. Top Pair Flop
  122. flush probabilities all in
  123. Hello! How's my Thinking On This One?--Hmmm...
  124. There was a post a while ago...
  125. Suited connectors, max stretch
  126. A2 vs JT Heads up. Who is favorite?
  127. Drawing Odds Confusion
  128. Possibilities of results being by chance.
  129. Statistics on online poker site board cards.
  130. Heads up problem vs blind man....
  131. Monty Hall revisited, with a twist- survey
  132. Flopping a 4-Flush with max suited connectors
  133. Arithmetic mean of observed results = E(observed results)
  134. Nine to the river - odds to hit a jackpot
  135. Who has the edge, and how would you play this...?
  136. By knowning maths, knowning not to play by maths.
  137. a newcomer's query - HE folds effecting winning chances
  138. another example - sorry to bring it up again.
  139. Hold 'em: Standard Deviation vs. Monte Carlo Simulation
  140. Sorry I must be an idiot
  141. Non-Poker Probability Help
  142. Standard Deviation....of Blackjack?
  143. ideal percentage of hands played?
  144. How can I work out my preflop %
  145. A/K vs QQ
  146. Omaha H/L probability of A-2-x-x
  147. Which hand is the favored?
  148. Standard Deviation Question
  149. which should I play?
  150. Too Good to be True: Hourly Rate and SD
  151. An interesting probability problem
  152. Probability of a flush draw being out
  153. One more good puzzle
  154. Best 3 card hand out of five cards
  155. Calculating Probability of Flush
  156. Odds to flop a draw?
  157. Odds of improving a set
  158. anyone recommend a good stat /probability program?
  159. starting hands
  160. Odds of hitting a jackpot
  161. 3-Flush Flops
  162. Probility of being knocked out of 3 tourneys with KK
  163. What are the odds of flopping a flush?
  164. How often do Quads come up at showdown?
  165. # of flops showing a pair
  166. AK unimproved in holdem
  167. Baseball Probability Question
  168. Probability of a losing streak...
  169. question on probability notation
  170. WPT error
  171. AA ... you should muck them really
  172. Pot Odds from "The Theory of Poker"
  173. Re:Standard Deviation
  174. check my math.
  175. Preflop - Final Hand Probabilities
  176. K-xs Close Enough to be Nut Flush?
  177. Progressive betting..
  178. Probability Problem- Please Help!!
  179. Pocket pair probability.
  180. Flush Odds
  181. what's the price?
  182. Odds of someone having the same suited cards as you
  183. probability of flopping 4 to a straight?
  184. Great problem solved - original material
  185. Statistical problem concerning session EV
  186. Attn newbies: the probablility-odds formula from Dr. Math
  187. heads up poker no rake (game theory)
  188. algorithm to create all 7card hands?
  189. Tourney hand odds
  190. Standard Deviation Question...
  191. probability of a bad beat hand
  192. Three of a Kind in Draw
  193. Calculations from "The Theory of Poker"
  194. Does Backgammon Have More Variance Than Poker?
  195. effective odds and implied odds
  196. If I play 50% of the hands, what is the expected loss?
  197. Stuff that's tough to believe
  198. Just another std dev question
  199. Neteller Giveaway EV Question
  200. How to calculate pair losing vs overcards etc?
  201. Monte Carlo vs Possible Equation?
  202. outs for draws
  203. Strange hand
  204. AQd worse than AKd versus KK?
  205. house
  206. the world's best poker game?
  207. I need help working out the probability of this event occurring !!
  208. Drawing 3 to a boat
  209. Bruce Z help please!!!!!
  210. Are these numbers common?
  211. Question for Bruce Z
  212. Expected winrate from defective coin slot machine??
  213. Help Basic Probabilities
  214. JJ versus K8 on a Jxx flop, wierd results!
  215. Probability of pair before flop ten handed verses heads-up
  216. Need frequently used probability chart
  217. 2 Card Manilla Baby
  218. Closest holdem matchup
  219. TOP- Game Theory and Bluffing
  220. mathematical expectation
  221. what am i missing here? (flush flop question)
  222. What is my opponent's odds of winning this one?
  223. Exposed and burned Q, effects to AQs play pre-flop?
  224. Blackjack
  225. pot odds and stuff
  226. Single Big Bet - Highest Winning %.
  227. I can't think of a title.
  228. Ax value
  229. Probability Books
  230. Probability of aces in hold'em
  231. 7-2 offsuit
  232. How come you can't figure your chances of hitting by using your outs
  233. searched but did not find, possible hands
  234. Who is favotite ?
  235. flush question
  236. burn rate
  237. suited cards
  238. Suggestion for BruceZ
  239. probability
  240. Losing to worst pair on the flop or turn
  241. Folding similar to BJ bet spread
  242. probability of hands holding up
  243. Best way to think of odds when drawing to straight
  244. I'm deciding if it's worth getting up to call my friend..
  245. Prob. Question
  246. 300BB "Safe" Bankroll.
  247. AK(s) vs QQ & QQ
  248. gutshot by flop, double gutshot by turn
  249. Standard Deviation, $/per hour win rates, losing streaks
  250. Can someone run me some sims...