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  1. A question about a pokerpages article
  2. Can you figure out the number of possible hands.
  3. villain turn c-r/variance
  4. can someone tell me why A4o has 57% of winning in Hold'em?
  5. PT BBs vs. "Standard BBs" for NL
  6. Can a number ever be small enough to be considered zero?
  7. Calculating the EV from an old thread
  8. Odds of a making a boat
  9. very simple odds question
  10. Another Tack on the Royal Flush
  11. What does your standard deviation say about you?
  12. Hold em Odds Question
  13. Need Help Calculating flopping Pr + Straight Draw
  14. Another Hold em Odds Question
  15. i'm old!!! please help!!!
  16. Better than 1 time in 3
  17. If only my magic sunglasses worked all the time?
  18. AA vs AA with one winning
  19. Bankroll Management: Static, Stepwise, or Continuous?
  20. Factorial Question
  21. Two Odd Hold 'Em Situations
  22. AKo vs QQ vs QQ - runner runner flush odds
  23. How do I get P from distinct EV
  24. Clarification of Odds
  25. Party Poker flop sidebet..."search" no goot!
  26. Folding the best hand
  27. Maximum outs on the turn
  28. Normality of winrates
  29. mutual exclusivity
  30. How many hands or dollars to claim profitability at a limit?
  31. over cards
  32. Stud8 probability question
  33. KK vs. AA
  34. Bank-Roll, Field Size, Quantity
  35. Calculating Runer-Runner In Omaha
  36. How many times?
  37. My ROI simulator gave me a very counter-intuitive result, please help.
  38. Please help settle a bitter debate at Canterbury
  39. General Math Question: Position on a circuit
  40. One gap connectors and odds
  41. Central Limit Theorem Question
  42. Confidence Interval
  43. Quads vs Quads
  44. Having AQ Vs. QQ and having a Q flop
  45. Accuracy of short term standard deviation?
  46. AA vs AA vs KK vs KK
  47. Effective odds for a split pot
  48. Easy Math help (for some of you)
  49. Final hand summary
  50. Recommendation? Who's knowledgeable?
  51. How long?
  52. No Royal in 100k Hands?
  53. Probability of select hands
  54. Chance of winning
  55. A question? (X-posted in PTheory)
  56. Basic math help
  57. Few probability questions
  58. Limit or NL? I was wondering if math can back this up?
  59. Odds of gettting KK 16 times in 1100 hands?
  60. J10s favored over pocket pair???
  61. Odds of this happening?
  62. Blackjack probabilities
  63. "WPT All-In Hold'em" with collusion?
  64. NETeller CashGiveaway (check my math)
  65. Fun Little Situation
  66. AA vs X
  67. "World Poker Tour: All-In Holdem" Strategy Question
  68. what are odds on these (2) scenarios - please help!
  69. Trying to understand the math behind calling on the river ????
  70. Standard Deviation - PT question
  71. Large SD/100
  72. Quick probability question
  73. from flop to river
  74. can anyone determine if this game would be beatable?
  75. Software
  76. Did Harrington make a mistake?
  77. Does the size of the bet matter in this case
  78. Calculating the % Change of Winning X SNG's Consecutively?
  79. Does Seat 4 have the EV to push?
  80. Pacific Poker Puzzle Piece
  81. Number of distinct Sudokus
  82. Are my calculations correct?
  83. Using twodimes
  84. Dormant/New Pacific Poker Account?
  85. Does this situation exist?
  86. 5 people choose a digit from 0-9
  87. bad beat
  88. Number of Possible Limit Hold'em Games
  89. What are the odds of 100 hands no PP?
  90. Poisson and Approximating Binomial
  91. Some Analyses of Poker Data - What Accounts for Our Winnings?
  92. Simply Risk of Ruin Question
  93. RoR -- What % loss before double?
  94. Statistics Help??
  95. what holdem hand..
  96. 2-card Poker: Favorite Hands
  97. 3 Quads in 1000 hands
  98. The Warren Book: I must cover my sensitive eyes
  99. Standard Deviation for VPIP?
  100. Profit per Standard Deviation
  101. multi handed odds
  102. Please explain why this post-flop situation is exactly 50.000%/50.000%
  103. Is raising pre-flop with JJ at micro-limits +EV?
  104. How many spins?
  105. Probability Question
  106. A question I've always wanted answered.
  107. The Monty Hall problem - a variation
  108. Explain to me like a child: Factors necessary to play for set value
  109. Theoretical stats question re standard deviation
  110. Math help needed (EV)
  111. Single Bet = -EV, Multiple Bets = +EV
  112. Bankroll considerations based upon estimated edge and Kelly criterion?
  113. how you you express this?
  114. Another Probability Question
  115. 5 players see a flop (Hold'em)...
  116. Probablity that none of 2 callers has a diamond when flops all suited
  117. I am a genius!
  118. 10 straight flushes 4 royal flushes
  119. Are My Stats All Screwed Up?
  120. Ok now figure this one out!
  121. Winning 5 relative coin flips in a row
  122. hay brucez are you on line now?
  123. Chances of flopping a set
  124. 2 boxes problem
  125. Interesting math problem
  126. quick easy question about SD and BR
  127. flopping a set vs top pair
  128. math books
  129. BJ: dealer has a better chance to win...
  130. over the course of 100K hands
  131. Probabilty for 1 pair winning at showdown?
  132. Ugh.... simple math question
  133. Odds of winning vs. a random hand
  134. Individual Events vs. Long Term Expectations
  135. KK vs all-in 3 bet
  136. Need help with some flop probability calcs
  137. Is Game Theory Applicable Here?
  138. Odds Of A Flopped Two-Pair Running Into A Flopped Set.
  139. AA v KK
  140. MATH QUESTION(intersting live hand)
  141. What do you think about this class??
  142. confidence of being better?
  143. Tell Me About Being an Actuary
  144. Crossword Puzzle
  145. Five nut hands in a row out drawn
  146. Am I Missing Something Here?
  147. probability and EV question
  148. Getting and Losing with AA 3x in a row
  149. Is this realistic poker plan
  150. At least one black.
  151. pocket KK vs.pocket AA
  152. QJ argument
  153. Does a decreased winrate have an exponential effect on variance ?
  154. Odds of Multiple Opponents Hitting Flop
  155. Possible outcomes?
  156. Hold'em Outs Counting - 2-4 Rule
  157. Odds of KK meeting a set of 8s three times in a row?
  158. Calculating risk of ruin (sportsbetting)
  159. Standard Deviation Question...
  160. A question from prob/stat final
  161. A9- How often am I Behind?
  162. holding suited connectors, and flopping....
  163. how do you figure this out?
  164. Pre Flop Odds Real Complex
  165. Is Acey Duecy a +EV game
  166. Party poker bad beat jackpot
  167. Calculating Main pot vs Side pot EV
  168. odds people - what are the chances of this happening?
  169. Winning long-term at blackjack with negative expectation...
  170. Inplied odds: Incorrect to bet 1/2 pot when villian is on a flush draw
  171. Odds of seating in a multi-table tourney
  172. question about sample variance
  173. Blackjack
  174. Question about coinflip?
  176. Odds for flopping trips with two unpaired cards in the hole..
  177. Absence of ACES before the FLOP
  178. Help Calculating The Odds on this Roulete Bet
  179. Odds of a Major Downswing in SNGs?
  180. easy probability question
  181. Flush Over Flush
  182. my math must be flawed, cuz this doesnt sound right
  183. Principle of Inclusion-Exclusion
  184. Figuring out twodimes equity for an O8 hand
  185. Confidence intervals for sngs??
  186. Between the Sheets EV
  187. 6max PP
  188. Help me With Pot Odds.
  189. What is the expectation of this game?
  190. Poker math book
  191. quick question
  192. This forum needs a sticky
  193. Calculating Bankroll for SnGs
  194. Math Degrees and Careers
  195. Help
  196. Rand Var, CI problem
  197. Heads Up SNG standard D
  198. A little help - Odds of me winning?
  199. A bit of help needed
  200. Calculating odds of flopping a pair
  201. Same pocket pairs - 4 suited flop
  202. OT: Blind Guess on a Test!
  203. Cold streak odds, is this possible???
  204. Welcome back to online poker.
  205. Brain dead need help a sec
  206. Formula for raising vs calling when HU on the river, in position: LHE
  207. LC - Odds of hitting specific runner runner straight
  208. If you saw a flop with every hand you were dealt in holdem...
  209. matching pairs games
  210. KK vs. JJ? - I don't trust my math.
  211. ODDs math question
  212. open ended straights VS flush draws
  213. Risk of ruin
  214. ? about Connect 4
  215. Interesting situation, check my math
  216. fundamental mistake on Turn?
  217. Pot odds question
  218. odds of happening
  219. Risk of Ruin and sportsbetting
  220. Odds of 3 people with pocket pairs all flopping a set in holdem
  221. Odds with suited aces
  222. Yahtzee Texas Holdem
  223. probability of getting flush with suited hand
  224. AA vs KK Heads up
  225. AK probability of 4 card draw
  226. Bankroll formulas with hourly rate and standard deviation
  227. figuring odds when both parties can improve
  228. Couple questions about odds to flop made hands or 8+out draws
  229. How many expected unique cards in 52 of 6 decks?
  230. gapper probability questions
  231. probability of hands clashing....
  232. Can you beat this game?