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  1. easy situation :
  2. Question about Omaha starting hand probability.
  3. 7stud question
  4. I was dealt pocket 4s 4 times in 21 hands
  5. Guess the lowest integer
  6. EV of sidebet on Party
  7. Average length of streaks in a coinflip sequence
  8. A probability challenge
  9. Odds of someone having a flush on suited flop
  10. AKs versus AA
  11. Powerball: Is the Powerplay option worth it? (PA has a special)
  12. Guess The Lowest Integer, Win $10 !!
  13. downswing frequency? Fill in the blanks! (LC)
  14. set over set
  15. answer this
  16. a question regarding 'subsets' of hands
  17. Classic Type Game Theory Problem
  18. Probability Question - Ring / 6Max Difference
  19. odds of hitting bad beat jackpot
  20. Probability Question
  21. Here's the probability question...
  22. This is embarrassing: 5 to 2 favorite, I know it's approx 72% but...
  23. Powerball and double-guesses
  24. Novice needs help
  25. chances your opponent won't have a pair on the flop or turn
  26. Can one overcome a -EV game?
  27. 3 players, 3 sets, one flop
  28. Help, money stolen from party poker and get no help
  29. Likelihood of a breakeven stretch...
  30. i.i.d. distribution
  31. need help w/ numbers from old GoT post
  32. combinations, what to do??
  33. want feedback: online odds calculator
  34. Lottery is -EV because of taxes. Is Poker also -EV because of taxes?
  35. Probability of no one hitting the Powerball tonight?
  36. School help curiousity
  37. River Call EV calculation
  38. Any actuaries in here?
  39. 7 sevens...
  40. 5 card stud probabilities
  41. odds of opponent holding pocket Aces given you holdpocket Kings
  42. Odds of hitting powerball
  43. Flush Probability
  44. Folding to a check raise on flop or turn w no reads
  45. A3 vs A2. Baffled by the percentages here.
  46. Powerball Odds the same with 1 ticket and 2 tickets?
  47. Trying to find a simple formula
  48. For the mathematically minded
  49. Is cardplayer odds calculater accurate?
  50. chance of 2 people flopping a flush?
  51. Dumb math question
  52. Crazy day today, quad quads
  53. How to measure "luckiness"?
  54. Quiz: Draw dead preflip with AA
  55. Harringtons Law of Bluffing
  56. Online card shuffling vs. Live
  57. Need help, feel stupid
  58. 4 Flush after flop. What are the odds of getting the flush?
  59. Pot odds formula for flop 1 card to come?
  60. Poker Handicapping?
  61. I don't get the Bernoulli Equation right
  62. Variance problem/question for analysis
  63. Sklansky's Hold 'Em Challenge - Questions
  64. Losing 27 blackjack hands in a row
  65. Finding a probability from a Mean and a Standard Deviation
  66. simple probability question
  67. AK Hitting A or K by the river 50%?
  68. Blood testing for disease in groups
  69. question for MIT probability class
  70. Flush Draw v. Made Set on Flop/Hold Em
  71. Holdem Challenge
  72. Standard Deviation in Excel
  73. pokerstove help
  74. 3-handed holdem preflop rankings
  75. Simple Linear Codes/Algebra Question
  76. Random points on a circle
  77. Pre flop equity situation
  78. Cash Game: AK all-in preflop everytime, you can't lose.
  79. The Things That Make You Go 'Hmmm"
  80. What are the odds of this happening?
  81. Riddle -- Probability of Expectation
  82. If I wanted to shuffle 8 decks of cards
  83. 3 suited card flops: made flush?
  84. Not Being dealt AA for 1500 hands
  85. stud hi/lo odds question. yes, i'm serious.
  86. Blackjack double on 11...when...
  87. Long Post: Poker-Flavored Sweepstakes
  89. Help me understand these probabilities.
  90. combination or permutation??
  91. Open ended straight flush draws
  92. I think Pokerstars is wrong on these odds.. Check it out!
  93. PokerStars Support recommends www.twoplustwo.com probability forum.
  94. Minimum variance portfolio...
  95. Sorry not related to poker just a question thats bugging me. Need help
  96. Solving for standard deviation
  97. A common situation in Holdem
  98. qusetion on A4o vs A8o vs 9Ts
  99. twodimes.net
  100. Calculating odds and counting outs in split-pot games.
  101. My roulette system that can take down any casino
  102. Counting outs question
  103. Heads-up confrontations in hold'em
  104. Interesting stat class question
  105. Heads-Up Tournament Question
  106. Intro Stats Class Project
  107. Maths help for Novice
  108. reasonable standard deviation
  109. JTo
  110. what is this possibility?
  111. Flush draw probabilities.
  112. Std q; true win rate?
  113. I Think I Am Probably A Winning Player After 4k Hands...
  114. Beating online Bacarrat?
  115. how many hands do you need...
  116. kk v aa question
  117. Will I get called? Help!
  118. Not sure how useful this would be to know, but I can't figure it out
  119. statistically significant hand #s?
  120. odds of a flopped 4 flush.
  121. Why SD/100?
  122. New game on British Telly - Deal or No Deal
  123. Bankroll vs. Cashout math issue
  124. blackjack ?
  125. Two questions for people who are good at math
  126. Yahtzee.
  127. Redundant odds? How else to use them??? (LC)
  128. the long run and infinity, theory
  129. In the long run...you'll never win!
  130. 3 sets and the nut str8 on the flop. What are the odds?
  131. top set vs. two straights (PLO)
  132. Probability question...
  133. Blackjack + David Sklansky
  134. Double up
  135. The tennis serve problem
  136. Annoying Poker Probability Question.
  137. Quick question
  138. Bad Beat Jackpot ?...what to play?
  139. NL OMAHA h/l odds?
  140. What is the winners odds of winning here after the flop?
  141. I can't work the search function RE: StdDev
  142. A non-bankroll related risk of ruin question
  143. really simple draw question
  144. Odds of getting same hand twice in a row?
  145. Odds Question
  146. Simple combinations.......
  147. MTT forum cross-post re sample size
  148. Biological Clock Odds
  149. BR question #3 STT &MTT
  150. HE, couple of odds questions
  151. straight/flush odds
  152. Equity question
  153. PokerRoom is rigged!!!111 (Two ultra-low prob boards)
  154. Pure math poker - is it possible?
  155. Very Quick Standard Deviation Thing
  156. How to calculate a pair beating the same pair?
  157. MegaMillions Overlay?
  158. QTo favorite over 2's
  159. Is MEAN for Data set a different formula than regular Mean?
  160. Probability question
  161. Holdem Statistics Question...
  162. Pot equity needed with x amount of fold equity...
  163. Odds: Two 4 of a kinds in the same hand
  164. Pinochle Question
  165. Hold'em Hand Analysis
  166. Help with some probability situations.
  167. Software to calculate integrals
  168. Probability pair over bigger pair?
  169. A Probability bet.
  170. Interesting HI/LO game dilemma (not poker)
  171. Distribution of suits question
  172. Anyone want $10 in their Pokerstars account? Help me w/ this question.
  173. Online calculator for 5 card draw poker
  174. ROR Derivation Question
  175. Probability of winning 9 straight coinflips
  176. Iterated Cochrane-Orcutt is driving me insane!!! (NC)
  177. Possibility of two cards will come by the river
  178. Factoring fold equity percentage.
  179. Prop Bet
  180. pre flop odds
  181. stan dev question
  182. Stars 180 tournament questions
  183. Probability Theory Referance
  184. adjusting hand range to flop
  185. trips flops twice in a row
  186. I suck at math (part 2)
  187. hey you 2 who are viewing!
  188. simple EV calculation
  189. A Goldmine? the winning combination?
  190. AK v AK v AK...
  191. Guess WHO game. Dominated by a little girl!
  192. For Those Who Enjoy Meaningless Semantic Debates
  193. NL: waiting around for good cards
  194. Accuracy of a sample size
  195. Back to back pocket AA
  196. P-value for Scandanavian Colluding team?
  197. normal distibution standard deviation
  198. Padooki Badugi
  199. Statistics joke
  200. Poker odds spreadsheet, is it correct?
  201. What are the best online poker sites? why?
  202. NLHE bankroll issues (math majors apply within)
  203. Odds of flopping a straight draw
  204. Odds that you are drawing dead on the flop
  205. HU--both players flopping a flush
  206. Regression to the Mean vs. Gambler's Fallacy
  207. I should know how to do this . . .
  208. Probability of AA vs AA
  209. 4 100BB downswings within 14k hands
  210. Good book on stats and probability
  211. What ROR should I accept for my roll?
  212. Probability of Flopping Top Pair
  213. Hold'em Numbers, Odds, etc.
  214. Back-to-back Quads?
  215. fluctuations in expected flop distribution
  216. Shipwrecked
  217. luck
  218. Exactly how many Flush draw hands are there?
  219. Drinking games lead to question my probability, meh
  220. Non Pair to at least a Pair on the Flop
  221. Pocket Pairs Tripping UP
  222. Help me explain this Re: online winners/losers... (long)
  223. What are the odds?
  224. any good gambling probability books?
  225. Calucating Dice Probabilities?
  226. Long shot draws
  227. 5 handed, 5 pocket pairs dealt-- odds of no flopped sets?
  228. The longest draw
  229. Help with probability in Casino War.....no joke.
  230. Smart People
  231. testing
  232. How do you do math for draw and stud games?
  233. math riddle: King and His Prisoners (no content, long)
  234. Easy question. Answer with formula or spreadsheet preferred:
  235. Need some help
  236. Model for Black Jack, Monte Carlo simulations
  237. side bet, may need help with the math
  238. Mathematics of Poker update in Books Forum
  239. Multiple tables on PP
  240. Probability #1
  241. Probablity #2
  242. Profit calculations...
  243. Calculating win rate
  244. Probability Books?
  245. on a rush
  246. Chance at an XBox purchase
  247. need help with easy question.
  248. Quck counting question
  249. Monty Hall Problem
  250. Easy Question, then the Pain Begins..