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  1. Blackjack probability question
  2. SnG's
  3. General pot odds question
  4. converting equity into decimal odds
  5. All Possible Outcomes Question
  6. Pot is 1000 chips. It'll cost you 500 to call. You're getting 2:1?
  7. How much of poker is luck?
  8. Odds of BINGO? (or... is BINGO beatable?)
  9. How many hands do you see in one hr?
  10. i know i am dumb, but seriously i still dont understand pot odds!!!
  11. Odds of hitting set with all 5 cards, not just flop.
  12. Odds of single opponent having pair or better?
  13. Professional VDO poker player - crosspost with "Other Gambling"
  14. Connectors in LHE
  15. outs
  16. Is this Jump in Stdev/100 Possible in 1 hand?
  17. please check my math
  18. Football pool probabilites...
  19. The odds of trips.
  20. AA vs.KK(suckout?)
  21. chances of flush vs flush
  22. Pockets
  23. Need formula...
  24. micro poker
  25. Am I correct in thinking this? (Pot equity question)
  26. One more formula question...
  27. basic probability
  28. Simple hold em odds question
  29. Easy Q: how many hands played until BB/100 is reliable??
  30. probability he have a flush-draw?
  31. Probability of winning a small sweepstakes?
  32. Good Logic or Bad Beat?
  33. very simple math questions
  34. probability theory notation
  35. This is ridiculous.....
  36. How many times as the best hand held up at the WSOP final hand??
  37. EV of checking behind??
  38. Mean/Variance Questions
  39. Chance of being breakeven after 7k hands
  40. What are the odds of waiting 1325 hands for....
  41. pot equity question
  42. Frustration with calculating outs--the "multiple of 4" rule
  43. Another pot equity question
  44. Pocket Pair preflop, P(x) flopping 3k, FH or 4k?
  45. who wants to help me?
  46. Expected Value/Implied Odd's
  47. Basics of pot odds
  48. Riverstars and other innuendo
  49. How big a favorite was I?
  50. You know your opponent has a pocket Aces...
  51. 5 AA / 60 hands
  52. Equity with only 3 cards to come
  53. trips to full houses
  54. Poker/BJ deck question.
  55. What are the odds of flopping...
  56. AA vs. AA 2 out of 3 hands?
  57. how do i create power ratings??
  58. Question for sanity's sake about sessions
  59. Fold Equity
  60. AA dealt 4 times in 3 hands
  61. How much money will I make with this hand?
  62. an easy one this time
  63. Odds of Being Dealt Same Hand on 2 Tables At Same Time
  64. Why does a flush beat a straight in holdem?
  65. What are the odds hitting trips on fourth street in seven card stud?
  66. equity question
  67. Expected value in No-Limit Holdem?
  68. puzzle
  69. What is this ladder-climbing game?
  70. not getting AA after 1500 (probability problem)
  71. Double gutshots
  72. Starting Hands - 6max vs Folded Full Ring
  73. Plz
  74. probability question
  75. Question that might be too vague to answer.
  76. AK's win rate?
  77. A Texas Hold 'Em game with two jokers in the deck
  78. BlackJack: Why Do More Decks Increase the House Advantage?
  79. Mathematically correct, or not
  80. Little help? Not a math guy...
  81. Recurrence Relation to Closed Form
  82. How likely is it to flop an OESD with a onegap-connector?
  83. Probability/odds of specific flop
  84. I had 2 RF yesterday in a 1200 hand span
  85. what about this?
  86. Figuring out SD of your PT BB/100?
  87. Is this easy to do?
  88. Is this true?
  89. Odds of a 100bb downswing?
  90. quick omaha hi/lo question
  91. Four tables Pocket queens on three of em
  92. Game Theory (possibly redundant)
  93. Help with % of winners in PT
  94. what are the chances of having an over pair?
  95. QQ against the range AA,KK and AK
  96. Big underdogs win turbo tourneys!
  97. chances of flopping flush
  98. Humorous Probability
  99. A problem that has really confused me...please help
  100. Starting hand probabilities
  101. A Drunk Hypothesis!
  102. Pocket aces. By autoshuffler.
  103. Suited Connectors
  104. chances of flopping a straight with J9
  105. Deciding the EV of a bet on the turn
  106. Odds of higher PP in 6-max game...
  107. Tourney with different starting stacks
  108. Probability of dying (no poker content)
  109. Virtual Derby
  110. quick question about BB/100
  111. basic odds question - AA 3 times in a row...
  112. 5 card draw
  113. Searched...no luck...
  114. Suited Connectors with a favorabe flop??
  115. % of certain hands in a range...
  116. Pokerstove
  117. Help with poker math
  118. "non-random" raffle on Empire..what are the odds
  119. What are the odds of AA and quads back2back
  120. Fastest way to figure out redraw pot odds
  121. Pot Equity
  122. Oh, the Possibilties! (HeadsUP Holdem)
  123. Chances of a given hold'em hand against a random range
  124. Statistics Question
  125. Protein residues
  126. I need some Help
  127. probability in Omaha Hi
  128. We here at 2+2 can solve poker!
  129. how would I figure this out
  130. Seat selection and variance
  131. 4 outs 12 times in a row
  132. A little Poisson
  133. A sequence of events
  134. 3 of a Kind beating Flush by river?
  135. KQs before the flop--help figuring probabilities
  136. Good morning. Concidering a mid-pocket pair
  137. (Off Topic) Anyone going to the WPT Foxwoods Event in Mid-November?
  138. suited connector odds
  139. Figureing out VP/PFR% and hand range- Advice needed!
  140. Prob. of winning session?
  141. Probability that hand don't improves
  142. Quick probability question
  143. What are the odds I have the best hand?
  144. online poker: is it statistically fair?
  145. Checking some stuff re: RoR
  146. High school math question... (im dumb)
  147. Odds against two random hands
  148. Some quick probability questions
  149. Multi table tournaments and getting into the money
  150. A surprising result on the flop
  151. Would a poker robot ever be able to compete against top players?
  152. Can't figure out my edge on this one...
  153. BR & multi-tabling
  154. Odds calculator that allows duplicate cards?
  155. How much better is AT than A9?
  156. Odds of set-over-set on flop?
  157. Futurama Question
  158. coefficient of variation tool?
  159. Flop to river probability
  160. hypothetical wager question
  161. Observation re: internet flops
  162. Chances of hitting an A or K by the river with AK
  163. site analysis
  164. "Free Ace" Blackjack bet How +EV is this?
  165. Doo Dah?
  166. pocket sevens question
  167. This push plus or minus EV
  168. Im bad at searching
  169. Numbers
  170. Tutor
  171. Birthday Probabilities
  172. probablity question
  173. Fluctuation probablities?
  174. Predicting winning session %
  175. Whan shal calculating
  176. Some probability questions for you math masters
  177. Question about normal distributions. **No poker content**
  178. Probability question?
  179. JJ,QQ,KK,AA!
  180. AA chop, becoming a habit
  181. Pocket tens post flop.
  182. BB/100 and SD.
  183. Simple (and probably dumb) question
  184. Deck composition vs. player count
  185. Heads Up Chart
  186. Top set(Kings), I'm bet into...raise now or turn more profitable?
  187. Negreanu says....
  188. simple EV problem
  189. heads up question
  190. A fun exercise
  191. Drawing Randomly from an Infinite Set
  192. If you hit the out, what % of time you win
  193. can anybody explain the high variance on 6max
  194. Is it mathematically possible to be unlucky?
  195. Flushes v. straights
  196. odds???
  197. vs higher flushes
  198. types of probability
  199. WSOP for PSP
  200. Party Poker Sidebets
  201. WPT ODDS
  202. PP sidebets - scammable?
  203. chance of making final table
  204. home blackjack dealer, can i handle variance?
  205. Theoretical never ending tournament??
  206. Powerball question
  207. what are odds of this?
  208. Simple Question
  209. real quick blackjack
  210. for the math majors
  211. Ax, flop is A A rag
  212. texas holdem calculator from
  213. Help with math research for poker program.
  214. Mean top card
  215. Average high hand.
  216. odds of KK QQ 44 flopping set
  217. Probability of 4 dice (Not poker related)
  218. Extremely Difficult Probability Problem
  219. Odds of drawing to FH
  220. chance of flopping a straight draw holding conn?
  221. Bankroll
  222. Is the current Powerball drawing +EV
  223. Baseball Question
  224. Uh... could someone help me with this weird prop bet?
  225. A few poker math questions
  226. interesting coin flip problem
  227. blackjack +EV?
  228. EV of Bermuda Poker?
  229. What´s my play vs. this LAG.
  230. Holdem Stats Questions (probability of losing at showdown)
  231. How to calculate hand potential?
  232. AA KK AK what are the chances
  233. Drawing Dead Preflop with KK
  234. Pre-Flop Winning Probabilities
  235. Bankroll (again)
  236. The AA vs KK. Is it really so trivial ?
  237. What are the fuken odds?
  238. Probability of Triples in Dice
  239. Simple probability question
  240. odds of making a straight
  241. Bad Beat Jackpot odds
  242. Flop is all red
  243. Monte hall problem
  244. Calculating Equity Vs. Range of Hands?
  245. Low content...but fun
  246. How many hands for Std. Deviation to Converge?
  247. Probability of an opponent having a given hand in a range
  248. Math assigment on Poker, any ideas?
  249. Random number between 1 and 100
  250. A Quick Probability Question