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  1. GUTS
  2. Football teaser probability question
  3. Odds of Flopping Various Hands
  4. formula for calling bets based on outs
  5. How about a FAQ sticky?
  6. My brain is fried....and apparently empty too
  7. Odds question
  8. To irchans: your question of 3 years ago answered
  9. Lottery probability question
  10. odds of getting a pocket pair 3x in a row
  11. Straight/Flush Probability Question
  12. Sample size question...
  13. brain teaser someone gave me...
  14. Hand matchup calculation - multiway pots
  15. Odds question
  16. how many possible situations
  17. starting hands how many please respond
  18. Yahtzee Question - Odds of Rolling a Yahtzee
  19. Game theory question.
  20. I just got dealt pocket aces 4 times in a row.
  21. AAAAA
  22. Greetings. Assume you are suited, what is the plobability of hitting?
  23. Calculating folding equity on a semi bluff
  24. Question for all you aspiring game theorists...
  25. reliability (no poker content)
  26. Chances Question
  27. variance, standard deviation, semi standard deviation
  28. minimum buy in- post->push->leave
  29. floping a set
  30. Correct to fold aces
  31. odds of two players flopping the same trips, 6 players
  32. You're the BB. MP min raises. Folded to you. What hands to call with?
  33. odds based on outs
  34. Probability of Flopping a Straight
  35. Winning 1 coinflip out of 16?
  36. H/U Omaha
  37. % within x SDs of mean question
  38. Odds of hitting flush on turn/river
  39. Archived thread - inclusion-exclusion example
  40. Making a Fair Deal
  41. Inclusion - exclusion. Specific example
  42. WPT "stat" question
  43. can a TAG hit a hard downswing?
  44. Probability question.
  45. Question on RoR
  46. Sometimes inspiration comes, sometimes only the hard way is left.
  47. Sorry, I suck at math
  48. Slightly OT Game Theory beginner confusion
  49. Standard Deviation... Does anyone really know they're a winner?
  50. Probability exercise
  51. HOH pot odds
  52. low hand
  53. Eureka! Probability of flopping a straight.
  54. Variance, Random numbers and clumping
  56. What to bid?
  57. Random walk question
  58. Omaha Hi PF odds?
  59. Multiple Flush Draw Possibilities
  60. Powerball q
  61. Advanced Random Walk Question (bruce, pzhon)
  62. Tool or formula for risk of ruin?
  63. Typical player betting line odds to win WSOP ME
  64. Homework Question(my brain is obviously fried if i cant do this...
  65. LetYouDown or Aaron does this look correct to you?
  66. Number of hand combinations
  67. Hand analysis (requesting link)
  68. Does this argument make any sense?
  69. Should I be concerned?
  70. Omaha Preflop Probabilities (Can someone check my math please)
  71. simple question
  72. winrate confidence question
  73. Probabilities in Omaha8.
  74. Quick question: at least one player dealt pocket pair
  75. is it just me or did you notice it too?
  76. Post in magazine forum...
  77. Omaha math - chance AA is out
  78. Pocket Pairs in Omaha
  79. Frequency of being dealt an Ace in an Omaha session
  80. Brian Alspach's poker probabilities digest
  81. Help with odds
  82. method for determining possible flop outcomes - reasonable?
  83. Non Poker Odds Question
  84. what is the probability of any 3 cards on flop?
  85. Simple probability problem
  86. Question for BruceZ
  87. prbability
  88. 6h 5h improving to trips or better on the flop (hold'em)?
  89. Math for flushes from suited down cards, flop, turn and river.
  90. bayes theorem
  91. probability jargon
  92. Chances Question
  93. overpairs
  94. Casino odds
  95. Binomial Distribution
  96. Flop Odds Question
  97. Casino Odds
  98. Dumb Question: Dealing river twice
  99. Options - Related Question
  100. Probability Of Making A Hand By The River
  101. Four flush cards on the board....
  102. Need help with a statistic?
  103. Probability Masters.....um...help..
  104. SImple probability question
  105. I think this is right.
  106. Simple question for the flop
  107. EV stats and max winrate questions/observations.
  108. KK vs all in
  109. Denominator of popularly stated WR/EV
  110. When opponent is getting "correct" odds to draw, why do you bet??
  111. Pockets hitting set or quads?
  112. Boring Gin Question
  113. More fun
  114. Simple Odds Question..
  115. Another Boredom Filler
  116. Odds Calculations
  117. I don't get dealt 33
  118. P (being a winning player)
  119. can someone exlpain these odds to me?
  120. Craps puzzle
  121. 97o getting a staight
  122. Table game HA: Harrah's "Texas Hold 'Em"
  123. "X combinations of being dealt...XX"
  124. "i got an idea...how bout n-1!" (nerds rejoice)
  125. Help! Stochastic Processes
  126. Standard Deviation and Confidence Intervals
  127. Short handed poker, Ed Miller, Bunching Effect, The Price is Right
  128. 2 players with 4 suited on the board. Odds neither has the flush?
  129. Can someone explain/confirm this please.
  130. Have I made a mistake?
  131. Three-handed odds
  132. RoR plug-in link
  133. Pocket question
  134. Calculate your winrate and bankroll requirements with this
  135. time permitting, can a winning player never book a losing session?
  136. Various Head to Head Preflop Hands Chart
  137. any solutions to a 3-handed game?
  138. stats majors
  139. Question for BruceZ (or others) regarding streaks
  140. Simple Query: Pocket pairs/X hands
  141. Odds for this?
  142. Odds to hit a straight flush
  143. how much do you bet?
  144. Question for the whizes.
  145. Pot Odds (Hold'em)
  146. third time lucky
  147. All-In every hand, how big of a stack do you need...
  148. Where is the betting margin?
  149. bad beat
  150. I didn't pay attention in school, anyone want to help with some math?
  151. Blackjack: Multi- v. Single Hand
  152. ok help me with this call
  153. have i calculated the odds correctly?
  154. Game theory football
  155. Standard Deviation questions.
  156. 5 Card
  157. odds of getting KK vs. AA in Holdem
  158. Straight or Flush from Pre-flop to river
  159. Picking 13 random cards from a full deck
  160. checking a probability in Super System II
  161. hmmm??
  162. 7 pocket rockets, 1 game
  163. Klondike
  164. Sklansky: What's the odds on you helping me with the odds?
  165. i need some help
  166. short cut to Standard Deviation
  167. Poker Math
  168. Odds house vs. four of a kind
  169. odds terminology, does a bet pay 1:1 or 2:1
  170. Hands to the river
  171. LetMedown, does this look correct to you?
  172. AA v KK v QQ at a five handed table
  173. LetYouDown and Aaron would you have time to comment.
  174. 2 to 1...automatic call ALL THE TIME?
  175. About swings - semi serious post
  176. calculating correct pot odds
  177. Statistics Question
  178. A Stupid(?) Question
  179. Pokerstars shuffle sources
  180. ? about ed millers book
  181. flush over flush or set over set - which is rarer?
  182. Simple stud 8 calculations.
  183. Roulette 3 Sigma
  184. Standard Deviation Question, How to do it?
  185. What your opponent has
  186. Crazy Hand I had Two nights ago!!
  187. Odds question
  188. Compensating for split pots.......
  189. What are the chances...
  190. quads question
  191. Luck Metric
  192. Making change probability question
  193. Monopoly Question
  194. Bad Beat Jackpot or Royal Flush Jackpot!?
  195. Probability
  196. Break-even stretch
  197. Quads - Expected Abberation?
  198. I don't get Stats- Homer's Streaks Spreadsheet - Xpost
  199. Flopping top FH against quads
  200. learning
  201. What are the odds of this happening?
  202. great player VS bad streak of cards???
  203. over pair on suited flop
  204. Poker standard deviation, with a twist
  205. What are the odds...
  206. JJ folded to you in the CO
  207. hold em odds questions
  208. Beating the Casino Edge with a Solid Betting Strategy?
  209. Math problem
  210. Poker Odds Calculator
  211. Some basic questions on winrate probability
  212. A slightly unusual Risk-Of-Ruin question
  213. Winrate Confidence Interval, Can Someone Check My Math
  214. staring hands ranking
  215. amarillo slim's favorite bet
  216. what type of hands win more often?
  217. Blackjack odds question.
  218. Random Cards???
  219. probability to be beat here?
  220. Hold Em hand types
  221. Can someone solve this probability question ? Slot machine
  222. Probability for dummies
  223. Having trouble coming to terms with Pokermods.com's odds tables.
  224. Probability for flopping OESD/straight with connectors
  225. Variance formula
  226. reducing relevant sample size for analysis (long)
  227. Chances of flopping a boat
  228. Blackjack
  229. Anyone ever play the game 31?
  230. flopmath
  231. KK Quad vs AA Quad-- probability???
  232. Poker Range of Hands Math
  233. What are the odds !?!
  234. quads
  235. Need some help with drawing odds
  236. A Couple Stud8 Questions
  237. Winrate Question
  238. Cards help wrong flop
  239. 10,000 hand of bad beats, whats the odds?
  240. VPIP - PFR - AF Question
  241. texas shootout: A beatable game??
  242. EV of a four-flush: intro
  243. 2:1 on a flush draw??
  244. Dual pocket pairs probability
  245. HoH, pg 423, chances of qualifying for big real money tourney
  246. StdDev/Probability question:
  247. Anything that can happen will happen?
  248. Probabilities Website?
  249. Overcard Probability
  250. Help me with "advanced" calculation please.