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  1. Player edge in Black jack
  2. Understanding Poker Equity
  3. Help me with this EV problem. AKs 3 way pot (X-post from MTT)
  4. Super Sevens in Black Jack - EV?
  5. Simple (hopefully) probability question
  6. Obvious Observation
  7. How often will I go bust???
  8. basic question
  9. Odds of improving floped trips to a boat or quads.
  10. Using probability to solve other types of problems
  11. math equation
  12. What are the odds?
  13. Can you help me make an estimation...
  14. Stupid question, Stupid game - Roullete.
  15. A double hand-series question
  16. Question about Poisson Distribution (not poker related).
  17. can anyone tell me the probability for winning this game?
  18. chances of this draw poker hand (from Theory of Poker) (big problem)
  19. Real # of outs for flush draw
  20. hitting a full house after the flop
  21. Would like a formula for MGR
  22. Which puzzles/games help sharpen poker skills?
  23. Odds for hitting openenden straight- or flush draw on the flop.
  24. Understanding Poker Equity
  25. A Geometry/Perspective Question
  26. Can a casino make money on a 0% house advantage?
  27. odds of quads getting beat by quads
  28. Bad Beat Marathon
  29. Probability Question
  30. Odds to be dealt specific hands...
  31. Wild Cards...
  32. Odds vs. Bankroll.
  33. played 1130 hands of holdem today....
  34. Which Twin has the Tony?
  35. Book recommendations for Probability
  36. Calculating Omaha Probabilities Help
  37. Neteller Cash Giveaways
  38. Runs
  39. Probabilities
  40. Function relating SD,EV, and probability of random event? Long
  41. odds of this runner runner
  42. flopping a straight draw
  43. Connectors that can only make nut straights(besides JTo)
  44. Probability of stacking someone with T9s in NL
  45. Foxwoods 5-10 w Full kill - luck aspect
  46. Pocket AA - chances of winning vs. # of opponents?
  47. odds that a particular number will fall on flop
  48. KK vs KK
  49. Estimated Value, Bankroll Management and Who Wants to be a Millionaire
  50. Aggression formula
  51. Three Doors Solution is incorrect!
  52. Calculating Hold'Em Odds
  53. max of independant uniform random numbers
  54. Four 4 of a kinds in 1700 hands...are those slim odds?
  55. Standard deviation and upswings/downswing
  56. Odds question...
  57. I don't get this
  58. Generic Probablility Question
  59. Odds of a Bad Beat and Royal Flush
  60. Guesstimate
  61. Interesting Ace King question in holdem
  62. OUt of curiosity
  63. Which two hold 'em hands have the closest chance to win?
  64. Lottery EV
  65. +EV calling range for a tilter who is pushing every hand.
  66. Where are you?
  67. Optimum Strategy in this "game" (not poker related)
  68. Can somebody smart help me with how to do this math?
  69. odds on floping a set in hold'em
  70. Mathematical probability of getting a low, challenge
  71. Pockets
  72. SD/100
  73. Strange Question about Varience
  74. Odds of being dealt 2 pair
  75. yall are the numbers people, can you help?
  76. Flop odds
  77. Pocket Aces Wining Probability
  78. Raising from the dealer position.
  79. Probability of loosing 3 straight coinflip or better situations
  80. Jigsaw puzzle puzzle
  81. Optimal "Price is Right" strategy
  82. edit
  83. simple question on implied odds and effective odds
  84. Odds on this please????
  85. big pair vs. big pair 6-handed?
  86. Is knowing the true odds that important
  87. Likely ahead, outs if you're behind
  88. beginner trying to learn "pot odds" and implied odds
  89. ..not exactly probability, buttt...(wsop)..
  90. EV of Solitaire
  91. Probalility of a set when holding a pair.
  92. Beating Fantasy WSOP ME, semi x-post
  93. Upswings, Downswings, & the Normal Distribution
  94. Prop bet
  95. How many multi sng's till good guess on ROI?
  96. Resolved: Holding a pocket pair what is the expectation of only a set.
  97. Hitting both your pocket cards on the flop
  98. percent please
  99. (Big) Sucker bet?
  100. The lottery. The odds.
  101. Odds calculators
  102. Odd betting amounts - how loose do i get?
  103. What are the Odds of Flopping Quads w/ a Pocket Pair??
  104. Lottery Debate at work! Please verify.
  105. How would you calculate hitting a King or Ace Flop if you're have AK
  106. Variance in ring games (statistics experts out there?)
  107. Cheaters in our Midst?
  108. There are only 10 kinds of people in the world...
  109. ratio questions
  110. How often do you flop 2 to a flush of the suit you hold?
  111. A Question about overall odds and pot odds
  112. Weird observation.
  113. what are the odds?
  114. Stock Trading Competition (a probability exercise)
  115. Pot equity
  116. Would the Martingale work in this situation?
  117. Another What are the Odds?
  118. Learning the math, have a question.
  119. Flop all-in calculations
  120. Random or sequence does the math change?
  121. What are the odds of Ad5c beating an Ah 5s?
  122. calc odds Set vs Set
  123. someone with a poker sim, little help please
  124. expected standard deviation question
  125. % of Hands played
  126. Mathematical possible to flop sets and turn quads....
  127. A stupid martingale going bust question.
  128. Odds of the mother of all bad beats please
  129. Odds of flopping royal straight flush
  130. Craps
  131. Help with theory
  132. What Additional/Different Data Format Would You Find Usefull?
  133. Best Hand Odds Calculations
  134. Looking back at a hand, please help( a little long)
  135. XY, XY, XY, ZZ, flop comes XYZ - odds?
  136. AA vs. KK
  137. probability question
  138. Confidence Intervals
  139. The stupid 3-doors problem
  140. prob of 2 pair on Omaha flop
  141. Suckers game?
  142. What is wrong with my calculations?
  143. 3 Four of a kinds in 24 hours.
  144. Calculations vs. Simulations
  145. Probability in Multi-way Pots?
  146. Is there a tick to calculating post-flop odds in Omaha?
  147. odds of no one having an ace at 6max game
  148. pocket aces probability
  149. understanding outs shouldn't this be a 4% chance to win?!?
  150. Worst Omaha 8OB hand
  152. Coin flips
  153. Quick Rando Question : Fair Coin
  154. Odds on hands
  155. same birthday
  156. 1-4-24 Just for Fun
  157. 15,289,187,238,270,005,827,374,670,998
  158. Flopping Multiple Sets..
  159. VP$IP Variance
  160. Hand value-- ROI
  161. Probability of one OR more person getting dealt hands XX-YY
  162. An Example from my Probability Class I Need Help w/
  163. Multitabling Risk of Ruin
  164. Idiot Question..
  165. Zen and the art of the bad run......
  166. Odds of flopping 2 pair or better with an unpaired hand preflop
  167. Calculating the dog.....
  168. 2c 2s 5c 6c vs. 5d 6h Ac Js
  169. Overcards on the flop
  170. Question for stats gurus - odds of KK vs. AA
  171. here's a pretty tough one :
  172. Is this rake unbeatable?
  173. Calculating EV, some questions.
  174. Probability of AAxx in Omaha
  175. Entering a contest
  176. Holding a pocket pair what is the probability of flopping a full house
  177. draw poker odds
  178. Poker problem
  179. Slot Machine payout?
  180. Running It Twice: who does it favor?
  181. Poker Probability Problem Post
  182. What`s the likelyhood?
  183. Flush draw odds
  184. How do you calc probability of any 2 card holding at Hold'em
  185. Question for when u put opp on high pair.
  186. Simple flush draw question regarding EV.
  187. Set over Set
  188. Blackjack
  189. Multitabling Risk of Ruin
  190. NHL Draft Lottery Probability, Please help
  191. Balderdash EV Quiz
  192. general probability concept
  193. How to count C(47,20) / C(49,20) on my comp?
  194. Inclusion/Exclusion Question
  195. What exactly is standard deviation?
  196. Back to back
  197. Straight Flush Draw Favorite Against Top Pair?
  198. Call the overbet?
  199. A weird thought about bet/raising
  200. VP$IP and win rate
  201. flush draw
  202. What is spread limit holdem?
  203. Are The Odds Identical Here?
  204. Cost of folding
  205. a question about asking a question about Omaha
  206. Risk of Ruin
  207. A birthday puzzle
  208. Help my figure my winrate (B&M player)
  209. How often will you flop a hand worth playing holding QTo?
  210. How accurate is Clonie Gowen's estimate?
  211. False positives
  212. Another theatre line problem
  213. Odds of hitting Broadway...
  214. Pot odds v Implied odds
  215. quick question - dont know how to figure this out
  216. Odds of going 200 hands....
  217. Dilbert and EV
  218. quads 7/300
  219. How important is Probabillity? (In Poker)
  220. Odds of catching 2 outer?
  221. Google calculator.
  222. Table VPIP to Seen Flop %, math question.
  223. what are the odds?
  224. Shoelaces Problem
  225. Spaghetti Problem
  226. Flopped FH vs. Flopped Quads
  227. On Equity
  228. Figures this out dare i ask.........
  229. "Guts" strategy
  230. Odds of flopping 2 pair or trips?
  231. The Rake's BB/100
  232. stats homework help
  233. Boxing Match
  234. Odds for flopping a two-pair or trips?
  235. math
  236. 2 pair more likely than nothing! Am I reading this correctly?
  237. Flopped Flush - A vs. K
  238. Holdem - Flop problem
  239. if u have some spare time
  240. EV+?
  241. Fun Hand, Odds Approach?
  242. Odds of hitting trips on the flop from a pair
  243. Pure probability question
  244. Combinations of Pairs of Gloves..halp
  245. Here's a fun one
  246. Is poker the best game for a casino?
  247. when do I want my opponents to call or fold?
  248. Counting Pot Odds
  249. Fflopping straights with connectors, one gappers, two gappers,etc
  250. What's the probability of not winning a single hand in 72?