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  1. Catalin Barboianu' s book on Hold'em Odds.....
  2. A, K or Q on flop.
  3. Is there an easy way to figure out...
  4. HOLY JINKES what are the odds of that?what are the odds?
  5. More than 4 tables
  6. Odds of a blackjack
  7. omaha odds
  8. Something I heard about pocket aces
  9. # of Omaha Starting hands
  10. monty hall problem
  11. Variance
  12. Questions that I'd like to have answered -- book/article recs?
  13. The master probability list?
  14. Whats the most insightful probability post ever posted on here?
  15. How your hole cards affect the flush chances in Omaha.
  16. How to find out if you are a winner in tournaments?
  17. Choose Wha!?
  18. odds of doubling up in NL when shorstacked
  19. Question About Favorable Flops
  20. Want to learn more
  21. Pairs, Two pairs on the flop
  22. Probabilities of hitting a flush draw on the flop
  23. Charts?
  24. AKs Question in Holdem
  25. What are the odds?
  26. Stuck on this problem
  27. once the cards are shuffled, arent the odds just the same
  28. Please figure this out
  29. Probability of flopping 1 card flush draw?
  30. Set over set WSOP (main event)
  31. Check my work....
  32. Website for odds of opponents' holdings?
  33. How do you Add Percentages?
  34. TT better vs. AKo than QQ ?????
  35. Fundamental odds/math calcuation question I don't get
  36. Pot odds when you think you are a head in the hand?
  37. A book for hold'em odds?
  38. Which method would yeild the greatest net result?
  39. Calculating pot odds.
  40. Have I been wrong in calculating my outs.....
  41. Expertise requested
  42. Help w/ probability calculation regarding flopping the nuts
  43. RNG Test Questions
  44. Easy question
  45. 3 card poker problems....
  46. behind the glory: hand rankings
  47. Simple way to find combinations of hands?
  48. Combinatoric Homework Problem
  49. Odds of four of a kind
  50. Race Probability
  51. Measuring the randomness of online shuffles (esp with regard 2 bridge)
  52. 120 Days of Roulette
  53. Generating Random Numbers at the table
  54. ... so i have to teach standard deviation and variance tomorrow
  55. Fishes
  56. SNG Probability Question
  57. Drawing to a drawing hand. How to calculate the odds?
  58. Party Poker High Hand Jackpot, anyone know the odds?
  59. pp preflop
  60. Am I stupid? Answer this question....
  61. What is a downswing?
  62. 3-player push problem. Collusion?
  63. flush draws
  64. Aces!!!.........to aces
  65. Will Bobby Fisher play chess again?
  66. AA 500 times
  67. Is this luck? is it varience? or is it normal!
  68. # of possible flop combinations
  69. OT but slightly poker related
  70. odds of flopping.. (need a math solution)
  71. Just wondering.
  72. high hand royal flush odds
  73. Coefficient of variation
  74. Will somebody double check my math on this
  75. BBJP probability thoughts
  76. 4 to the straight
  77. Probability Help!
  78. Simple coinflipping problem.
  79. Fear Factor: Kh vs. 7h4h
  80. What effect does lowering the rake have? (crosspost)
  81. Odds of repeat final table.
  82. Can some one do the math on this in this situation
  83. "Coin-flipping" situation
  84. Possible Hand Combinations
  85. Looking For Formula
  86. Struggling with a problem
  87. ROI vs. DJIA
  88. Hypothetical Situation
  89. Wake me from this Nightmare ......please!!!!
  90. easy dice problem, please quickly help me.
  91. Restaurant wait time question?
  92. Heads Up Matches situation
  93. Odds of set over set
  94. Probability of rolling a double with n dice
  95. A question about Standard deviation
  96. odds of under pair to jj
  97. what are the odds
  98. Straight flush odds?
  99. Avg Finish question for "Higher" STEPs
  100. Calculating Equity
  101. Need Stats/Regression HW Help...Will Pay $$$
  102. Probability hitting a Royal Straight Flush
  103. Quick question: What's the formula for calculating a weighted SD?
  104. AA vs KK odd question
  105. Using PT to see if my cards truly have been especially awful
  106. Max ( E(winrate | lost 750 or 1500 bbs in 3 days))
  107. Pot Limit Omaha Hi odds...
  108. Looking for a formula
  109. draw poker ?
  110. Online Algorigthm Debate - Burn Cards
  111. Odds calculations in "Encyclopedia of Draw Poker", by Anno
  112. Betting Any Two Hole Cards
  113. Pot Equity??
  114. Probability as it relates to bankroll
  115. Bonanza Hand` (What are the Odds)
  116. Odds for a flush
  117. Confidence Intervals
  118. gambling for a card
  119. Calculating Card Combinations and Weighted Averages
  120. Induce a bluff or take the pot down now??
  121. Hitting a straight flush on the river twice in a row?
  123. AA vs. KK twice in a row
  124. 5 Yellow Starbursts with 1 pull
  125. Tournament bankroll and variance hypo
  126. Neteller drawing +EV?
  127. math on the flop
  128. Paired flop
  129. how likely am i to hit the flop?
  130. How probable is this
  131. how do you calculate probabilities???
  132. Bankroll, risk of ruin, etc.
  133. Calculating odds on the flop when 2 cards are needed
  134. KJs vs QQ
  135. Repost: Unbeatable Hand
  136. EV of bubble fold
  137. Odds question
  138. KK loses 5x in a row
  139. Everyone folds, what is the BB's range of hands?
  140. Couple of problems I am struggling with...
  141. Omaha wrappers, 3 or 4 cards
  142. NL Variance
  143. Math behind Mark up %(non poker)
  144. How much does Party Poker make?
  145. Three card Poker Element of Risk
  146. perpetual game played in the dark
  147. figuring out my odds.
  148. Conditional Prob: Estimating % of Turn Raise Bluffs
  149. What are the odds FH vs. FH vs. FH?
  150. probability question.
  151. could someopne explain implied odds, and pot odds?
  152. Probability of running down over 10k hands
  153. Probability question...
  154. Expected Value Question
  155. Getting the same 2 hole cards
  156. Confidence Interval Spreadsheet
  157. Four of a kind
  158. a priori probability
  159. How often will the board pair
  160. Chance of going broke
  161. Higher flush on a 3-flush board
  162. Shuffle Algorithm
  163. Odds of open-ended straight improving
  164. Books for poker probabilities?
  165. Having a problem figuring out values of actions on a hand.
  167. Probability of getting the same pocket pair 4 times in a row?
  168. Odds
  169. paradise (aka pair'o'dice)
  170. quads vs quads vs 5 of a kind?
  171. Looking to buy a computer program
  172. Partypoker Bad Beat Jackpot
  173. Figure out my odds mistake in a black jack lucky ladies game
  174. Density/Distribution Functions
  175. Odds sites
  176. Proposition bet
  177. Hand statistics
  178. Uniform distribution help
  179. what are the odds of 4 card straight or flush out of 5 cards?
  180. bankroll, bonus whoring and risk of ruin
  181. Mason's/BruceZ's ROR formula.
  182. Trying to catch a set to stack someone with a big pair in nolimit.
  183. odds in poker
  184. The chance someone has AA if you have KK at a 9 person table
  185. multiple hand BJ
  186. More on the bunching phenomenon
  187. Finding amount of different 5 card hands
  188. All righty Fellas...Stupid Probablity Question
  189. Probability of a 5 card hand containing exactly two spades
  190. 50k hands, and I am still losing with 2 pair!
  191. Keno EV Question
  192. a question on probability from Sklansky Hold Em Poker
  193. Re: Odds on Flopping Open-End Draw on Flop
  194. whats the math on this!!!!
  195. OOooh boy, stupid question
  196. How often should you lose to set over set? (N/L)
  197. Busting pocket Aces with A/2 suited
  198. 10K Hand Break-Even Stretch for 2.25bb/100 Player
  199. Poker Combinatorics.
  200. Aces' equity
  201. how valuable is one overcard?
  202. What percentage of hands should win?
  203. What are the chances of.....
  204. wasn't this a fold, right?
  205. Entertaining improbable 3 way split
  206. Game Theory Quiz
  207. X
  208. Exacta
  209. Woman hits "trillion to one" shot
  210. figuring percentages for favorite and underdog
  211. Joint distribution struggles...
  212. After flop odds of a straight.
  213. Basic Suited Connectors question.
  214. Hold'em Poker Puzzle (hand with most outs)
  215. 2 problems strugglin with
  216. Odds on proving softplay
  217. Odds of 3 sets being flopped and quads being hit on the turn?
  218. Website with probabilities?
  219. Cancer odds
  220. hand analysis in holdem
  221. number of omaha starting hands, ignoring suits
  222. General Probabilty Questions
  223. how not to run a cat over?
  224. Wired 6's VS. 4 callers?
  225. Odds on hitting 4 flush?
  226. Brain Teasers wanted
  227. Are there any good statistics books for poker...probabilities, etc.?
  228. Why????
  229. Estimation
  230. Probabilty Riddles
  231. Any hand more 50/50 than 55 vs KJs?
  232. Odds question
  233. what is the 1/2 way poin of 2 pair?
  234. Is this game solveable?
  235. EV charts
  236. Atlantic City craps EV
  237. Probability of making a full house
  238. pot odds question
  239. More 5Draw Probability Questions
  240. flush over flush
  241. W. Lawrence Hill AKA Barbara Yoon 1944-2005 R.I.P.
  242. KK running into AA
  243. in holdem if you flop and open ender
  244. An interesting game I found
  245. A K vs pair lower than K K
  246. Advanced Risk Management (long)
  247. Paradox of the wallet
  248. poker odds?
  249. calculating probability and odds for flush draws
  250. Prob of A on Flop when holding KK