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  1. Playing Marginal Hands vs. Possible Draws (Cross-Post)
  2. stats and prob Q for the brilliant minds
  3. Good Flop Index
  4. Hold'em starting hand questions
  5. Shortcut for N! ??
  6. something that happend to me today
  7. New Jackpot rules at the muck
  8. Starting hands - what am I missing?
  9. Straight Possibility
  10. looking for poker probablity sourse
  11. Odds of three sets on the flop?
  12. Pocket Aces Odds
  13. Set Odds
  14. Why is a low pair a fav vs. 2 overcards, but a DOG to two such hands?
  15. Simple Birthday Problem
  16. "more than 1 opponnent" vs. "at least 1 opponnent " odds
  17. AA vs. AA - how often?
  18. Mean Positive/Negative Session
  19. Non-poker probability question - 'Find the lady'
  20. Hand combinations
  21. Implied odds calculations
  22. Both Flopping set
  23. Looking for odds charts, etc
  24. Flush probability
  25. Marginal pot odds Calculations
  26. stupid bonus/jackpot question...
  27. How many coin flips to get to nearly exactly 50% of each?
  28. Basic statistics theory
  29. am i crazy? baccarah house edge?
  30. Am I flawed, or is Phil Gordon and the calculator...
  31. Running it twice
  32. Probability classes related strictly to poker...
  33. Too much time on your hands? Stupid HE probability question
  34. Can't wrap my mind around this...
  35. Please help me - probability problem
  36. The Setup Change...
  37. If player 1 holds AA, the probability that player B has AA is?
  38. Would you be interested in a weekend workshop on poker theory?
  39. A-K question
  40. Question about Risk of Ruin
  41. What is probablility of hitting runner, runner on turn and river
  42. Absolute's 100 millionth hand promotion
  43. Omaha
  44. Is this normal?
  45. Multi Tabling and Variance
  46. AA vs 76s drawing ability
  47. Probability of straight flush at full table
  48. Sklansky's Billion Dollar Freezeout Additional Question
  49. What are the odds of this?
  50. Question
  51. 3-flush in omaha
  52. EV of calling to hit a gutshot
  53. Don't know where to start...
  54. Posting the blinds
  55. Probability of flopping a straight draw with a connector
  56. Odds Against Any Pair 16:1 vs. A Specific Pair 220:1?
  57. Was the WPT correct?
  58. Odds for picking up a better hand
  59. AK vs KJ on KJx board
  60. Forget Probability
  61. pot odds question about Poker Essays hand....
  62. Hold'em probability-help a fool.
  63. general calculations questions
  64. Are you a winning player?
  65. How would I solve a problem like this?
  66. What are the odds of this bad beat?
  67. Chance of being dealt a range of hands?
  68. Coin Toss Challenge
  69. probability winning / losing
  70. Number of Essay questions that I have to do.
  71. Practical help!
  72. AK offsuit
  73. Probability of a low flop in Omaha
  74. Confidence interval question
  75. Flipping a coin
  76. Multiplayer Games and Adaptive Convergence to Nash Equilibria talk
  77. Buried in Variance?
  78. A very simple problem
  79. Where can I find all 169 hold 'em hands??
  80. "choose"- another question from a math illiterate
  81. Running 'em three times
  82. HItting a monster with Suited Connectors
  83. Normal distribution questions
  84. Simple Pot Odds Question
  85. Unbeatable Hand
  86. Always pick a 12 seed to beat a 5 seed
  87. AK vs. AA or KK
  88. Basic Normal Distribution Question
  89. Bracketology
  90. Combinations
  91. TP + Flush draw vs. bottom two?
  92. Probabilty of any given hand in Texas Hold Em
  93. How long for SD to be accurate?
  94. 3 consecutive hands: KK,AA,AK
  95. probably of hitting two pair or better ?
  96. Scuited connectors
  97. Specific Hand Probability
  98. You have KK so the chances of villain having AK...
  99. How confident can Little Johnny be in Confidence Intervals....
  100. Pot Equity Confusion Continued
  101. a probability brainteaser from OOT
  102. Text Recommendations
  103. Random walk with two thresholds
  104. ?? probability of future results ??
  105. Probability of set over set over set?
  106. Party Poker Jackpot Question
  107. Odds of two people flopping a flush?
  108. pool game problem
  109. math and strategy for a strange structure.
  110. Calling all number crunchers!!!!
  111. Working with non-normal distributions - good website needed
  112. easy one - prob of trips from one card
  113. Figuring out quick odds
  114. What are the odds of someone getting quads in 7-card Stud?
  115. Pot odds
  116. Omha8 Probability Q
  117. How do I calculate the statistical significance of my stats?
  118. Probablility of getting a pocket pair preflop
  119. Stupid Question that Shows How Bad I Suck at Math
  120. I'm on a Straight Flush Rush
  121. Doofus Roulette Player Thinks He Can Get 3% Advantage
  122. Useless probability question - redrinking water
  123. Hello,Mathematicians! Let's assume U have....
  124. Sklansky and Malmuth's starting hands
  125. Theory of Handicapping Odds
  126. 3 others with the same 2 outs
  127. Puzzle: worst luck holding AA
  128. Bayes' Theorem
  129. How much should i bet?
  130. Taking a shot
  131. Bayes Theorem
  132. Odds you have only pair
  133. Calculate effective odds..
  134. reading Roy Cooke -- pairs vs. combination number question
  135. No-Limit Hold Em Math...How often does he have to fold?
  136. How much does this screw up my SD calculations?
  137. Need Help in Calc. ways I can be beat.
  138. Easy probability question...
  139. Set over Set over Set
  140. + EV Bet Assumption
  141. Game I Made Up
  142. Odds Methods DEATHMATCH: Percentages v. Ratios v. Fractions
  143. sick of the drop in the bucket answer
  144. What are the odds of someone flopping a flush when you flop a set??
  145. Making inferences from an opponent's fold
  146. Estimating the accuracy of an opponent's VPIP value
  147. Basic probability question...
  148. Pot Odds odds of hitting your desired card?
  149. basic probability q's
  150. Beaten by Quads 3 times in 80 hands...
  151. Losing with 21 str8 Flopped Sets
  152. Help me choose a paper for my stats class
  153. Odds question
  154. simple, maybe drunk odds question
  155. Same 2 pocket pair
  156. Why is 10,000 hands too small?
  157. Questions Re: Outs/Probability/Percent Chance
  158. please comment on my methods
  159. Calculating odds
  160. When should you not chase a flush in HE?
  161. O great minds -- flush Q
  162. probability charts?
  163. What are the odds of 2 people flopping a flushin Hold'em?
  164. another easy q?...
  165. Sample Size with Expert Observation
  166. + EV on keno. With A progdessive JP
  167. A little math help?
  168. Raising with AK, missing the flop and folding
  169. more difficult question
  170. What are the chances?
  171. Realistic win rate at small stakes?
  172. Found a full pay VP Ms=achine ??? 105%
  173. KK vs AA 3 out of 5 times
  174. VPIP SD / Orbit
  175. Odds of same hand in a row?(As,Jc)
  176. "Typical" statistics in limit vs. no-limit
  177. Backgammon Math
  178. Shuffle machines
  179. Pick A number
  180. Odds for flopping two pair?
  181. Standard Deviation w/ Poker tracker
  182. march madness probability?
  183. Exchange Paradox
  184. How Many Outs Do You Consider A Two Pair Draw?
  185. Percentages?
  186. Sklansky Carlson chart
  187. Probability after 1,000 hands and 2,500 hands for average player
  188. using pot odds to determine the range of value for a check raise
  189. Using Math to Beat Poker
  190. Probability question about the $80Million game with Beal
  191. Quick Omaha 8 question.
  192. Probability of 100BB Downswing
  193. help me out with a math/odds question
  194. simple Q for you math geniuses
  195. When your opponent is correct to call (TOP)
  196. N00b <---
  197. Pot Odds Question
  198. How many hands on average between flopped straight or better?
  199. Calculating combanatorials on a calculator?
  200. Confidence interval calculation has me concerned
  201. Preflop odds question...
  202. Royal Flush frequency - Texas Hold 'Em
  203. UNBELIEVABLE hand, What are the odds?
  204. Probability of my aces losing 4 straight times?
  205. Calculating outs for Turn+River
  206. Probability of flopping a pair or better for two people HU
  207. Don't you consider opponents cards in estimating odds?
  208. Prob of.....
  209. The purity of probability?
  210. AA vs KK preflop
  211. Whither Abdul Jalid?
  212. Any math whizzes out there?
  213. Risk of Ruin over 500 hands
  214. RoR simple question
  215. straights
  216. 8 Folds to the SB
  217. Improper shuffling - how to exploit?
  218. Dominated Hand
  219. Simple Probability Question
  220. Odds to call preflop with these hands
  221. basketball probability question
  222. Probablity Question for Advanced Players
  223. Tricky and Confusing Question
  224. Texas Holdem Hands Probability
  225. Expected Value Question
  226. Pot Odds Question
  227. Naked before God: HELP ME SKLANSKY!
  228. help me with pot odds...does my bet count in the total?
  229. Multitabling and bankroll
  230. Excel Bankroll Worksheet
  231. Mike Petriv's Hold'em Odds
  232. Probability of a royal in texashold
  233. Probability of Winning Bad Beat Jackpot?
  234. help to calculate the best hands in 3 card Guts
  235. My kings to his aces.....what are the odds?
  236. Two live quad beats both runner, runner in 22.5 hours of live play
  237. Ed Miller's Russian Roulette i'view question revisited...
  238. Q2s... Odds to call preflop for a flush draw
  239. preflop ques. 5 limpers how many pp's?
  240. Adjusting Aggression Stats For High VPIP
  241. A counting problem!
  242. Intresting proposal
  243. ATs, fold to a raise or... Play with odds?
  244. What will you win more often
  245. Bad cards -- or just unpromising winners?
  246. Thanks BruceZ et al.
  247. A Little Odds Help
  248. BBJ vs Royal Flush
  249. Learning Probabilities of Poker
  250. Flopping A Royal